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Quit Smoking - Subliminal Method

Quit Smoking - Subliminal Method


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Tobacco: How
stop you
Without Medicine
and without getting fat

"Every year, 500,000 Europeans
die because they smoke"
Your heart beats 10,000 times faster every day than that of a non-smoker.
Stop smoking, and you will regain energy and health.
You would like to quit smoking, and you are right.
Not to mention heart problems, sexual problems and cancers, let's just look at when you smoke what you inhale:
Many of these products are carcinogenic. Others are simply toxic.

Result ?
  • Fatigue
  • morning cough
  • Lack of resistance
  • Impotence/frigidity
  • Gray complexion due to narrowing of blood vessels
  • Pain in the left arm
  • More common colds and flu
  • Premature and allergic children, respiratory failure
  • Difficulty in endurance sports
And how do those who quit smoking feel?
"I quit smoking 6 months ago and have since felt like a different man"
“I feel rejuvenated since I quit smoking”
"I never imagined how great it is to be tobacco free"
"My colleagues and my friends tell me that I am 10 years younger"
"My health problems disappeared one after the other"

Like all who testify, you too can become a
NON-SMOKING. You can regain your energy, your memory, your vitality.

It is enough that you listen every day, twice a day minimum, to an audio CD of subliminal impressions.

Within a few days - usually 5-6 days - your cigarette consumption will go down. Then you'll find yourself not wanting to smoke anymore .

The subliminal will prevent you from gaining weight, being nervous, suffering from lack.

How are these results explained?
Paul Teacher's book, "The Subliminal Method", explains how it all works. Basically, it's like advertising that pushes you to smoke by acting on your subconscious, except that it does the opposite!

Here is an example of a subliminal recording:
If it was just a music recording, you wouldn't see that band at the top which is the subliminal message. This is where suggestions are saved. These suggestions are mostly taken from the Club-Positif's encyclopedia of Positive Suggestions and are authored by Pr Charles Baudouin, Shad Helmstetler, Pr Karl O. Stoeber, Pr Kurt Tepperwein, Christian Godefroy and Jack Addington.

Here are the texts of these suggestions:

I want to smoke less and less. I crave cigarettes less and less. Day by day, I am getting better and better. I already smoke less. I feel full of courage and energy to continue without tobacco. I smoke less and less. I quit smoking. My body rejects this habit. My mind rejects this habit. I don't smoke and I feel fine. I feel wonderful without a cigarette. I no longer want to smoke. When I see a cigarette or imagine one, the words "I don't smoke" immediately come to mind. My voice is back to normal. I no longer cough. I am able to say NO THANK YOU when someone offers me a cigarette or a cigar. The cigarette is not indifferent, in all places, at all times and in all circumstances. The others smoke, but I don't care about cigarettes. I am freed from the habit of smoking.
I like to have fresh breath, without the smell of tobacco.

The audio CD, which you can burn yourself if your computer has a CD burner or which you can listen to on a smartphone and tablet, has a musical side and a side with the sounds of the sea.

And how much is all this going to cost you?
I would like to give it to you, but it is not possible. Why? - Because all therapy experiences show that if the patient does not pay, there is no result. It takes personal involvement, and money is a good way to prove that you are involved in the process.
How much is a smoking cessation worth? 200 euros? It's barely 2 months worth of cigarettes. 100? - No, you can have this method for only 40 euros.

In addition, as you will save money, this subliminal program will ultimately cost you nothing. In a week or less, the savings will repay your investment.

"Is it good for me?"
The subliminal works just as well with occasional smokers as with heavy smokers. It is not necessary to stop suddenly. The program is compatible with any other form of treatment or medication, as you can confirm with your doctor. (We of course authorize you to give him a copy of the book "The Subliminal Method" by Paul Teacher).

It doesn't take a lot of time. You can listen to this while working, reading, doing your usual business. The only thing you can't do is drive while listening to subliminal.

"What if it doesn't work for me?"
No problem. You notify us, you agree to destroy the program, and we will reimburse you in full. No ifs, no buts, your money back, in full. This warranty is valid for 365 days.

Now you have a choice to make: procrastinate - or take action.

If you take action, you can start listening to the subliminal program in a few moments while you download it. You can of course procrastinate, but as you know, tomorrow often means NEVER.

But it is your health, your future and that of your loved ones that is at stake. Think of a hospital bed. Visualize the regret you might one day have for not taking this opportunity. You have nothing to LOSE, you take no risk, not the slightest...

If you order right away, I will enclose an Ebook that alone is worth the asking price: " The Easy Way to Quit Smoking in 14 Days". Written by a former heavy smoker, it completes the sublimminal method well and will allow you to know:

  • Your degree of dependence
  • The 3 (surprising) reasons why you smoke
  • Precautions to take before quitting
  • How to identify your packaging
  • The 2 minutes that save
  • Aids that work
  • What to avoid at all costs if you want to avoid relapse
  • How to avoid gaining weight

This Ebook will be yours and will remain so, even if you get reimbursed.

What you will receive

Two subliminal audio mp3 files that you can listen to on your computer, smartphone or burn to an Audio CD.

"The easy way to quit smoking in 14 days" in PDF

What are you waiting for? Now is the best time.

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