The Secrets of Attraction

"All the powers of the universe are already within you. It is you who have covered your eyes with your hands. You complain that it is dark. Know that around you there is no darkness. Remove your hands from your eyes and the light will appear, which has been there from all eternity."


Christian Godefroy, author of "Secrets of Attraction"

"How to mobilize
some secret forces
to attract everything
you want life"

Chesieres, Switzerland
by: Christian-Henri Godefroy

One day, a millionaire who befriended me introduced me to the "secrets of attraction". My life has changed completely.

In just one time.

Instead of being in the effort, I triggered certain "secret forces" which literally propelled me towards success.

And, the most incredible thing is that before I ran after what I wanted and that as soon as these secrets were applied, everything came to me much more easily, as if by magic .

House, luxury car, money, love, relationships, hidden knowledge...

How can you achieve this too?

Start by flushing out the forces that are "pulling you back".

"Transform your brain
into a super strong magnet"

"Money can not buy happiness"
"Everything comes to those who wait"
"The rich are all dishonest"
"Success has become impossible with this crisis"

Haven't you heard these reflections dozens of times?


1. Money can bring happiness - in any case largely contribute to it -.
In our society, what is certain is that the lack of money does not make you really happy... and that if you think that money is "dirty", you will avoid it, repel it unconsciously !

2. You can wait for a promotion...the partner of your dreams...the jackpot...ALL YOUR LIFE and receive nothing. If you do not know how to mobilize the secret forces of Attraction, not only does all this not come to you, but you repel it!!!

3. There are certainly dishonest rich people. And there would be no poor dishonest? Honesty has NOTHING to do with wealth or poverty. This story of the systematic dishonesty of the rich is an excuse invented by those who are not rich to justify their failures or their immobility. You can be rich AND honest.

4. Immerse yourself in history. Crises are opportunities . There are, as you read this, thousands of people getting richer beyond their wildest dreams -- despite the crisis. You'll see why in a moment.

From your earliest childhood, people around you have put ideas of this kind in your head to "protect" you.

But I ask you: are these people rich? Happy? Loved? Are they the proof of what they advise you? I bet not.

The ideas they have planted in your subconscious limit what you can accomplish .

These ideas are like weed seeds in the garden of your mind. Just one is enough for them to grow, choke and kill your most beautiful flowers.

You have to know how to pull them out as soon as possible.

Secrets of Attraction will do that for you. You will be safe from these bad seeds. They will no longer be able to limit or harm you.

True or false ?

Take the mom who says to her child "Don't cross the street alone, or you'll get run over".

Is it true ? FAKE ?

It is a dangerous idea. Many motorists testify "He almost threw himself under the car, I couldn't avoid him". These children crossed alone, and their subconscious obeyed the idea of ​​the accident.

It would have been enough for this mother to teach her child what to do to cross safely, and he would have become independent.

Crossing alone does not cause an accident: it is crossing without looking right and left , not knowing how to assess the risks, which leads to an accident. At 7 years old as at... 77 years old.

How many misconceptions have you buried deep within yourself, which reflect the fears of your loved ones, and which prevent you from moving forward?

How many were useful in your childhood, and have become useless, even dangerous today?

How to flush them out? Delete them permanently? Replace them with mental commands that automatically bring you what you desire?

This is one of the Secrets of Attraction.

Wanting is not enough

It is not enough to want the man or the woman of your dreams to meet them.

It is not enough to want to be rich to become one. Otherwise you would have been a long time ago!

There are secrets .

To magically attract what you long for: car, house, success, love etc., there are 12 secrets . These 12 secrets turn your brain into a super-powerful magnet that draws whatever you mentally command to you.

They are known to those to whom everything succeeds. But most are carefully hidden from the general public and only revealed to a few insiders.

Do you want to know these secrets? - Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Does something pull you back every time you think you're successful?

Are you tired of working hard - and continuing to "row"?

Do you know what you want but don't see it materialize in your life?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the 12 Secrets of Attraction will transform your life.

Why ?

You may have seen an electromagnet before. Pass the current in one direction, and it repels the other magnets. Change the direction of the current, and it attracts them!!!

Your brain is a giant magnet, using secret forces to attract what you desire - or repel it.

Louis B. wanted to be able to access his house by car, and his neighbor on the right systematically refused him to pass on his land.

Every day he had to carry his provisions or his parcels on a small, arid path.

One day, he discovers "the Secrets of Attraction". He sends the mental command "access to his house by car".

The same day, his neighbor on the left, who had never spoken to him about this, offered to share the costs of a road that would pass through his land.

Today he arrives quietly home by car.

Certain secret forces naturally attract luck

Grab instant lottery tickets. Can we use these secret forces to win? Or is it just the law of probabilities? I let you be the judge:

J.Tarquinio, real estate agent, has won 13 times $1000 or more, 2 times $10,000, and recently... $250,000!

Debra Bitler has won over $1,000 38 times in a row !

B. Goeppert, scratched two tickets to... a million dollars !
There were 7.2 million tickets given out -- and only 5 million tickets. The same person got two winning tickets!!!

I'm not telling you this to encourage you to play. But I simply want to illustrate the fact that secret forces exist , that logic is powerless to explain, and that some know how to use them.

What are
these "Secret Forces"?

The subconscious part of your brain, when magnetized the right way, can auto-ma-ti-cally tune into secret, almost supernatural forces.

The Secret Forces of Ideas

Are you looking for the idea that will make you rich? Or the idea of ​​a solution to a pressing problem? Or the inspiration for a successful novel, for a musical or artistic work?

Take Joanne K. Rowling, for example. In 1994, she suffered from a nervous breakdown and wanted to commit suicide. She lived on public assistance, and had no more hope. In 2009, she is richer than the Queen of England, smashed all sales records by selling 11 million books in 24 hours... thanks to her "Harry Potter" series.

Where did his inspiration come from?

- Of the secret forces of Ideas.

All the ideas in the world will be yours when you know the secret to accessing them. Never again, whether in conversation, facing a blank sheet of paper or in front of an attentive audience, will you be "dry", out of ideas.

The "miraculous" forces of healing

According to the famous Mayo Clinic, 80% of diseases - including some serious ones - are psychosomatic. The staggering origin of these illnesses is... a set of misconceptions about you, your unresolved emotions, the stress caused by recurring negative thoughts.

Your natural defenses are inhibited, and the disease takes over.

Maria P. wakes up one morning with spots on her body. They fade away little by little during the day. It recurs day after day, but with more and more spots.

She consults a doctor. Despite the creams, the drugs, the cortisone, his spots multiply and reach the face. His life becomes hell.

She goes to see a professor of dermatology who diagnoses a rebellious giant urticaria. He is surprised that the drugs prescribed by his colleagues have no effect.

She hears about the secrets of Attraction and decides to apply them.

The spots diminish, then disappear... completely!

By tapping into the "miraculous" forces of healing, your thoughts will attract what is good for your body, and it will repair itself. Your old emotional wounds will heal quickly.

A just-released program, "The Secrets of Attraction," reveals a simple exercise that relieves you of any worries or ailments that might be eating you up from the inside -- a near-immediate "healing."

The Secret Forces of Prosperity

My father used to tell me, "If you don't get good grades at school, you'll end up sleeping under bridges."

I didn't get good grades, and I don't sleep under bridges. But I had to fight for a long time against this negative suggestion.

How many ideas of lack, poverty, rarity do we drag around in our heads like this?

Jean-Claude S., a self-employed representative, narrowly escapes bankruptcy year after year. Whatever his ideas, his efforts, nothing helps. He just earns enough to survive.

One day, he follows a course of personal development which reveals several secrets of Attraction to him. He decides to apply them. Instantly his profit takes off... to soar, and make him one of the richest in his profession .

His grandparents, who had raised him, assiduous readers of the "people" press, had repeated to him during his childhood: "Look, those who are rich accumulate misfortunes".

Who wants to accumulate misfortunes?

One of the Attraction's secrets gave him the secret path to his fortune.

By listening to "The Secrets of Attraction", you will access your Prosperity. You will break the secret code of those who get rich at will.


I want to attract prosperity and success in my life

Attract money to you instead of chasing it. A friend owes you money? Mentally order him to reimburse you and he will come to offer you a solution himself.

Mentally order the sum of your wish and it will come to you bewilderingly and easily.

The Invincible Forces of Love

The more love you give to a task, a project, a person etc. the more you will receive.

But we are also used to thinking in terms of lack . Use the Secrets of Attraction, and love will come to you effortlessly .

Instead of inspiring criticism, jealousy or mockery, you will be appreciated, loved. You will be surrounded by allies, spontaneous help, support and love. You will be given gifts, you will be granted favors, you will be admired and respected.

Annie L. went from one-night stands to an unhappy marriage. Her husband brazenly cheats on her and she decides to leave him. She "consoles" herself with friends who don't really like her. At least not as she would like to be loved.

One day she discovers "the Secrets of Attraction". She places the mental command "To be truly loved for herself". A new colleague, who is not really her "type", picks her up. She resists for a long time, doubting that he is the answer to her mental command, then breaks down.

He becomes the love of her life. They get married, have a child, and 10 years later still love each other like the first day.

In the process of seduction, you may be the one asking - and constantly getting the wrong number. The Secrets of Attraction will bring to you the partner that is right for you , the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Why haven't you yet
all you want?

We've talked about reverse magnetism, about those misconceptions that repel success like a magnet repels another that opposes it.

But it's not just that.

1. You need to free yourself from your fears

Are you worried about losing your job? To lose your money? To fall seriously ill? To have an accident? To be the victim of a theft or an attack?

Remember the days when you forgot to learn your lesson at school. You were there, trying to escape the gaze of the teacher so as not to be questioned.

And "bing!" "Come to the board!" You were chosen - because it was your fear !

The "Secrets of Attraction" reveal the secret to you to never again harbor these fears which can attract diseases and misfortunes.

2. You have to make room for what you want.

Currently, routine, concerns, obligations fill your life.

While you could make your life an exceptional story, you say to yourself "I don't have time", "I'll see later", "I'll try".

This is also what 45 passengers on a plane flying over the Andes said to themselves on October 13, 1972. Their plane crashed. 13 dead.

They are in a huge snow desert. An avalanche takes 16 more passengers. The army patrols... no trace of them. After 10 days, they learn with the help of a small transistor that the research is abandoned.

There they are with no food, no equipment, and tons of snow is falling. The 16 survivors will feed on human flesh and cross 3/4 of the Andes chain, 70 km on foot, in 10 weeks.

These 16 survivors were originally ordinary people. This ordeal, by making them go beyond their limits, made them extraordinary.

All have extraordinary destinies. Take Roberto Canessa, he became Chief Pediatric Cardiologist and won the National Medicine Award.

Or Nando Parrado. He was a Rugby captain.

Today, a famous speaker, he is also the CEO of a large company: Seller Parrado SA He founded 2 TV production houses and another specialized in cable TV.

All of them have become exceptional people both in their careers and in their personal lives.

With "The Secrets of Attraction", no need to go through a dramatic experience to achieve your dreams. Make room, send your mental commands, and what you dream will come true.

3. Check it's right for you

An example: as a young adult, I wanted a woman like "Top Model". I got her - she thought only of dresses, jewelry, money and the admiration of others. She ended up filing for divorce saying "Christian, I know you're going to make it one day, but I don't have time to wait".

It wasn't really what I expected. It took me a long time to discover what I really wanted: a woman who loves me for me and not for my money, a family that I can cherish and that surrounds me.

It's done.

"The Secrets of Attraction" reveals a secret that, in 1/10th of a second, tells you whether your intention is right for you -- or not .

12 secrets, 12 recordings, almost 4 hours of secrets revealed

Do you want
more abundance
in your life ?

Our pensions are in jeopardy. Governments make "Madoff" - a Ponzi scheme - by paying pensioners with what those who work pay - and there are fewer and fewer of them. Many retirees are forced to work to supplement their retirement.

On the other hand, it has never been easier to become a millionaire. There are 10 million millionaires in the world (excluding main residence): twice as many as 10 years ago.

And you?

How is it that no matter how hard you work, it never seems like you have enough left over at the end of the month to do the things you want, pay yourself what you want, give your family those little "Extras" that are so much fun?

Comfortably seated in your armchair, let "The Secrets of Attraction" replace your beliefs of lack, limitation, scarcity that attract failure with seeds of success.

Ensure financial independence that protects you from the hardest blows.

Bruno R. is forced into bankruptcy. His business no longer earns him enough to live on. He remembers a secret of Attraction taught to him by his Tibetan spiritual master years before.

He places the mental command “money comes to me freely”. The same day, one of his friends gives him the address of a mentor. In one week his business is saved. In 2 years it exceeds half a million euros per year... and it's not over!

Imagine all that wasted time while he had the secret at hand!

"The Secrets of Attraction" is a concrete, practical program that will
success in all areas of your life a habit rather than an exception.

A big check

"I asked for money, 3 days later I get a big check
from my former employer"
"Before I saw life in black and I never saw the opportunities.
Now my life is about what I want and not what I don't want"


A better paid job

"Money comes easily to me without effort. My clients let me
now big tips, and, in a week,
I'm starting a new better paid job"


Let your brain bring you all the abundance you deserve!


I want to attract prosperity and success in my life

What will bring you
the "Secrets of Attraction"?

Here are some examples of what you will discover:

    • The 3 ideas that will make you the one and only master of your destiny. Do not allow your future to be dictated by circumstances or by others! (Audio #3)
    • The secret to permanently stop underestimating yourself, and fully appreciate your personal value. Replace doubt and fears with certainty, an invincible inner personal strength (Audio #9).
    • How to be part of the group of those who take control of their life - instead of being subjected to it. Stop waiting passively - place mental commands! (Audio #6)
    • How to use your emotions as a "turbo" that multiplies your energy to make it an infinite source of profits. In 1/10th of a second, turn a depressing thought into creative thought, anger into money, fear into serenity and inner confidence (Audio #8).
    • The little-known secret to moving much faster than those around you. It takes time to succeed, doesn't it? - FAKE! Don't let yourself be hypnotized by these misconceptions that are holding you back. Suddenly see the shortcuts, the tricks, the immediate and easy solutions that were reaching out to you --- but that you couldn't see before "The Secrets of Attraction" (Audio n° 10).
    • What you need to do immediately when a deep desire comes to mind - and your chances of attracting it into your life will be 100 times greater. "The Secrets of Attraction" shows you what to do and how to do it, without boring theory or bla-bla. It's concrete, practical (Audio n°10).

Very concrete

"This is a very concrete program - unlike
other books or systems that remain too theoretical
- after only two weeks I already have results!"

Fill up on energy

"The major effect is this energy, often sought after
and rarely found, that energizes us."


  • The 7 secrets known to all those who manage to achieve their dreams , without moving mountains or revolutionizing their lives. It's easy, in any case much easier than you imagine. Some have always exceeded their limits, made their life a success, marked their century with their seal. Be one of those . (Audio #3)

Have you ever had one of those days where everything works out for you?
Enthusiasm carries you. New ideas flow. Everything comes to you even before you expressly ask for it. Others obey your mental requests without you having to say a word. You are insolently lucky.
It's like having a remote control that grants all your wishes.
With "The Secrets of Attraction", these days will multiply, become your daily life, positively surprise you day after day.

    • How to materialize more money into your life -- easily.
      There are always 2 ways to get something. One in effort and difficulty, the other in ease, speed, in a "miraculous" way. "The Secrets of Attraction" gives you access to the second, almost instantly (Audio n° 7).
    • The "jinx" is not a fatality. It finds its source in the poisonous ideas that repel what you most desire in the world. Discover the secret of the "lucky catcher", and free yourself from all bad luck (Audio n° 6).
    • The behavior that "it is urgent to get rid of (see how) if you want to attract everything you want in your life".
      You will see with surprise that it is the opposite of what you want to do (Audio n° 6)
    • The secret to making a dream that seems "too good to be true" finally come true. You impose limits on yourself. Limits are imposed on you. "The limits of our achievements of tomorrow are (...) of today" said Franklin Roosevelt. See how to get rid of it permanently (Audio #11)
    • How to Get Out of a Negative Situation You Can't Get Out of --- Amazing Results! It's easy and almost instantaneous . You Won't Believe Your Eyes (Audio #8)
    • The secret to moving from ordinary work to exciting – and rewarding – work. If you happen to be bored in your job, to put off thankless tasks until tomorrow, you will love this secret (Audio n° 9)

That works

"Now I am optimistic, positive, I have confidence in myself,
I ask for the achievement of objectives and it works"

"That I would never have dared to do before"

“I do things that I would never have dared to do before.
I use the attraction everyday to find my keys,
parking space etc."

  • How to erase fatigue and have abundant energy at will. Have you noticed that chatting with some people is exhausting and with others invigorating, uplifting, energizing? This is one of the secrets that will be revealed to you (Audio #8).
  • The secret to improving or repairing any relationship. Why do some people around you seek conflict? How to defuse them? How to turn a friend into an ally? How to find a lost love? These are some of the secrets you will discover (Audio #9).

should you believe
to efficiency
of these secrets?

If you look around you, the truly successful people are not smarter or more educated than you. Some are even downright rustic, even naive.

Often they started from nothing in life.

So there is a difference between you and them: they apply the Secrets of Attraction . The Secrets of Attraction program will put you on a level playing field with them through the power of spaced repetition.

The 12 audio recordings will act as a guide, a sage who influences you and shows you the way.

Upon listening to this program, the revelation of these easy secrets will transform your mental process. You will feel the enthusiasm flowing through your veins. What previously seemed impossible to you will become possible, easy. Each inspiration will bring you a confidence, a faith in you without similar. Your life will be completely changed:

An extraordinary program

“People approach me and talk to me spontaneously”
"This program is simply extraordinary"


The right people will come to you

"Good people come to me
as if everything was organized "from above""


1. You will feel a freedom you have never experienced before . Limiting beliefs and self-sabotage will disappear forever.

2. You'll feel "good" permanently . No more "blues", no need for coffee, chocolate, alcohol or artificial means to feel happy and good about yourself.

3. Opportunities, new occasions, creative solutions will present themselves to you every day . No more dream breakers, project breakers, buried hopes. Incredible possibilities will open up to you, come to you easily and without conscious effort.

4. Problems, conflicts, worries will almost completely disappear from your life . The problem will come with its solution. The conflict will be resolved quickly. You will be able to erase any obsessive worries in just a few seconds.

5. You will dictate your future . Your repeated successes will give you the confidence and self-confidence that lead to success.

6. Your work will become a game . You will no longer have the painful impression of "working" but of always bringing more to others. Your ideas will turn into wealth for you and yours.

7. All the best that life has to offer will be yours . The entire universe will conspire to make your wishes come true, often in very amazing ways!

You have 365 days to experience these benefits in your daily life. If for any reason you feel you did not get what you paid for, if you did not get back 100 times more than your investment, at any time ask for your 100% refund.

Don't say "yes",
say "maybe"

I'm not asking you to take my word for it. I know that "The Secrets of Attraction" is such a strong promise that it may seem exaggerated until you experience it in your daily life.

I just ask you to try .

1. You take no risks.

2. I can be wrong, OK But what if I was, like thousands of initiates before me, right? Put off till tomorrow, and you'll hate yourself one day for not trying.

3. Everything has been done for your comfort. You will have a written transcription in the form of ebooks of all the recordings. The suggestive power of my voice will help you gradually transform yourself from within.

4. If you answer within 48 hours, you will receive 2 gifts:

1. "How to Overcome Failure and Achieve Success", by Napoleon Hill, an ebook that will show you how to turn any failure into success, energize and motivate you.

2. The electronic version of a very curious and fascinating old work: "How one becomes a man" by Benjamin Franklin. The inventor of the lightning rod, of the electric machine, and one of the founding fathers of the United States promises:

I am going to give you the real secret to having money, the sure way to fill your purse and keep it always full ”.

You will discover there which precepts of life made him rich and happy during his long life of 84 years.


I want to attract prosperity and success in my life

Now, I ask you a question: do you want to continue to advance in the difficulty, or do you prefer to put the forces of Attraction and the universe at your service?

The choice is yours.


Christian H. Godfrey

PS: It took me 20 years to develop this program.
I could give it to you. I will not do it. You must show me that you are truly motivated by investing in this program.

And what if it doesn't work for you? - I'll give you your money back, and you'll keep the free gifts.

Don't say to yourself: "I'll see about this later", otherwise later you risk becoming "Never". Act while you think about it. It is important for you and for yours. Now!.


I want everything to come to me effortlessly