The secrets of those who have more time than others

Do you ever run out of time? You would like to do more
on the internet without having the time?

Discover the Secrets of Those who do 2 times More in 2 times less Time than the Others!


In this letter, you will discover:

  • The technique to gain 50% efficiency which was paid 50,000 euros to its author.

  • How to take advantage of decades of scientific research and millions of studies to be more effective in your personal and professional life.
  • How you too can very easily have more time to do the important things, to earn more and to be happier.

First of all, if you don't know me yet, allow me to introduce myself. After all, what gives me the authority to tell you about the weather? What proof do you have that I can tell you the secrets? And above all, why would I invite you to take cognizance of a lifetime of research on time for free?

My name is Christian Godefroy. I am the author of 13 books which have been translated all over the world, including in Chinese and Japanese, including a best-seller: "Time Management System", a course on time management which is cited as a reference by several universities. . (including Bournemouth University, and Staffordshire University)

What will happen to you when you have more time?

Time is the same for everyone. Of course, you can extend your life to have more time, but each day has 24 hours. Not a minute more, not a minute less.

However, you have noticed, some seem to have much more time than others:

  • time to succeed
  • Time to do what matters to them
  • time to love
  • Time to create
  • Time to help others
  • Time to live fully and enjoy life

How do they do ?

  1. They have a very simple "system" that sometimes allows them to do twice as much as others in half the time. The brain has a power that you do not suspect. When you use the mental "reserves", everything goes faster.
  2. They know the "time thieves" and avoid them.
  3. They apply 7 "recipes" to work more efficiently.
  4. They know how to get others to do certain tasks -- without suffering and often without it costing them a penny, quite the contrary!
  5. They know how to motivate themselves, avoid discouragement, and have a "beater" energy.
  6. They master work organization methods and apply them on a daily basis.
  7. They know how to enjoy life and recharge their batteries.

Do you also want to know the secrets of those who always have more time than others?

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What are you going to get out of it?

First your personal satisfaction and your personal happiness will increase. Remember that sense of accomplishment you get when you brilliantly accomplish what you had in mind. It's exhilarating!

Pressure and stress will decrease. You will feel in control of events instead of letting yourself be carried away by them.

You will be able to see your friends more often, enjoy your children, life and enjoy the time that passes instead of seeing it slipping through your fingers.

You will feel "in control" of your life instead of always running around feeling partly driven by events.

This feeling of control will boost your self-confidence.

Your projects will be carried out more easily, and without conscious effort.

Why ? - Because you will use the incredibly powerful forces of your subconscious to achieve your goals.

Your professional career will take a new turn. There is no mystery. Effective people earn the most. It is to them that we entrust the highest responsibilities. Your income is directly related to your ability to achieve more in less time.

Don't you feel like your life is speeding up? That time passes more and more quickly? Too fast? "The Secrets of Those who have More Time than Others" will give you the keys to lengthen your time, make it more productive, more generous, more flexible.

In addition, you will receive for free "Do it NOW", a program that reveals to you:

  • "The 5-minute plan" or how to carry out any project and overcome your difficulty getting started - PAGE 16
  • The fear that undermines your self-confidence -- and how to easily overcome it - PAGE 14
  • 7 tips to erase all anxiety almost instantly - PAGE 15
  • What to do when a problem seems so complicated that "you don't know where to start" - PAGE 19
  • The secret to starting something you don't feel like doing - and seeing it through! - PAGE 21
  • The test that reveals WHY you procrastinate on important things - and the solution - PAGE 8
  • The worst "time thieves" and how to eradicate them - PAGE 12
  • Are you afraid of being criticized? The mental trigger to trigger to get rid of this purity - PAGE 13
  • What to answer if someone asks you something you don't want to do - by saying NO but without losing the esteem, friendship or love of the other - PAGE 12

In a few days, you will wonder how you could waste all this time, these years, without achieving everything you dreamed of and enjoying it to the full.

Well, you may be saying to yourself "Speak, this guy doesn't know everything I have to do, in my place he wouldn't do better than me"

Decades of scientific research
at your service

With "The Secrets of Those who have More Time than the Others", you will penetrate into the secret of the champions of time. You will listen, for example, to the interview of a specialist in the organization of work whose job is to make employees gain up to 50% in efficiency.

He managed factories with hundreds of employees, gave seminars on time, advised entrepreneurs as an organizational consultant.

It gives you a lifetime of experience of what works - and what doesn't.

Imagine. Those who run large companies want to be more efficient. They spend fortunes on research, trials, scientific work studies.

You will be able to take advantage of all this. Apply it to your life.

Reading "The Secrets of Those Who Have More Time Than Others" is like doubling your life time. You'll do more than most, without the stress and frustration of most people.

The simple idea that brought 50,000 euros to its author

One day, a consultant, Ivy Lee, got an appointment with Charles Schwab, the king of steel.

The latter made him understand that he did not need a consultant. He and his staff knew what to do to succeed.

Lee replied, "What if I offered you a solution to make 50% MORE than now?"

Charles Schwab showed interest. "But how can you be sure that your technique works?" he asked.

"Simple. I explain it to you in the next 20 minutes, you apply it, and if it works you pay me what it's worth to you. If it doesn't work, you owe me nothing."

"Deal done!"

Ivy Lee told him her secret.

3 months later, Ivy Lee received a check for 50,000 euros. Schwab explained to him that he had asked all his executives to do this. After studying the results, he thanked him and was delighted with his soaring profits - and the time he was saving.

With "The Secrets of Those Who Have More Time Than Others", you will receive software - for PC and MAC - which will allow you to apply this method, with an explanation video.

Look what this program reveals to you:

  • What's really holding you back from achieving your goals---and how do you end it once and for all? PAGE 5

  • How 1 single second can change your whole life --- and how to direct this change towards the positive? PAGE 6

  • One of the biggest obstacles to your success---and how do you get rid of it? PAGE 8
  • The 2 things that great men know how to predict perfectly --- and which gives them a huge head start on the others! PAGE 8

  • The secret to optimizing your personal and professional abilities! PAGE 8

  • The best way to improve your ability to communicate effectively! PAGE 9

  • How do you avoid unnecessary activities that waste your time, energy and potential? PAGE 9

  • The 2 types of scenarios you should always be prepared for when planning a project! PAGE 9

  • The "magical" mental attitude of the greats of this world --- and how to acquire it! PAGE 10

  • 2 things to fix precisely BEFORE you start --- and you will succeed at anything! PAGE 10

  • Why do many people never achieve their goals? What they all forget PAGE 10!

  • The best way to manage the unexpected so that they waste your time as little as possible! PAGE 11

  • Why some remain paralyzed in the face of certain difficulties --- and what do those who overcome them do! PAGE 11

  • Do you know your working style? Find out on PAGE 11

  • How to discover your personal rhythms – and thus improve yourself in all areas? PAGE 12

  • The main source of errors in work --- and how to fight it effectively! PAGE 13

  • How can you be sure to finish your tasks on time – even when the unexpected happens? PAGE 13

  • The 4 types of priorities that you absolutely must use to become super-efficient! PAGE 14

  • The tasks you must delegate – and you will save a lot of time! PAGE 14

  • What rich people always value most---and you? PAGE 14

  • The hyper-effective question to ask yourself to know the real importance of an action! PAGE 15

  • 5 things that waste a lot of your time --- without you even realizing it! PAGE 15
  • "One of the most effective methods to manage your priorities"! PAGE 16

  • How do you never “lose” a great idea that could change your life again? PAGE 17

  • An extraordinary method that will allow you to do in a week what some do not succeed in a month! PAGE 17

  • The 7 Worst Career "Time Thieves" --- And How To Get Rid Of Them! PAGE 18

  • How can your phone - or SKYPE - save you some very precious time? PAGE 18

  • A specialist “trick” to choose between email and telephone – without wasting time! PAGE 18

  • An excellent trick to cut short a “time-consuming” telephone conversation! PAGE 18

  • When to go shopping to avoid wasting a lot of time --- a super simple trick! PAGE 19

  • How to stop wasting time in queues --- 3 brilliant ideas! PAGE 19

  • The essential break before starting a new task --- and you will become 1000 times more efficient! PAGE 20

  • The 6 most powerful methods to optimize the management of your emails! PAGE 21

  • A pro "trick" to put in place to avoid being inundated with useless emails! PAGE 21

  • The 11 words to absolutely avoid in your emails --- they would pass for spam! PAGE 22

  • How do you track down – and destroy – your personal “time thieves”? PAGE 22

  • 3 things you should never do at work --- they waste your time and money! PAGE 23

  • One question to ask yourself every morning --- and your working days will always be efficient and pleasant! PAGE 24

  • What systematically “leads” company accounts – and employee morale --- and the means to avoid it! PAGE 25

  • The fatal mistake of those who would like a promotion --- and how to get it more easily? PAGE 25

  • The mistake – that you make at night – that prevents you from staying focused at work! PAGE 26

  • How to do only the things that interest you in your
    work ? PAGE 27

  • The “main motivator” of great leaders! PAGE 29

  • The incredible force that can get you anything you want---and how to direct it! PAGE 30

  • The secret of successful people living their dreams --- and how you can too! PAGE 30

  • How to achieve your financial goals much more easily? PAGE 31

  • What to do instantly when you encounter failure---to start again! PAGE 32

  • What do men who are able to adapt to all situations --- and who always succeed! PAGE 33

  • How to do 2 boring tasks at the same time --- without getting bored? PAGE 34

  • What to do if you tend to “forget” boring tasks! PAGE 34

  • A monumental mistake that will literally stifle your planning – and prevent you from succeeding! PAGE 36

  • The words you absolutely must banish from your head --- and you'll waste a lot less time! PAGE 36

  • The 2 awesome tools you should always keep an eye on when chasing a goal! PAGE 37

  • One of the most effective ways to organize your days – without wasting time! PAGE 37

  • How to identify – at a glance – the tasks to be carried out in
    priority ? PAGE 37

  • The secret to considerably limiting unpleasant surprises in the event of a problem! PAGE 39

  • The 6 questions to ask yourself systematically when writing your action plans! PAGE 39

  • How can you make sure that you keep the commitments you have set for yourself? PAGE 42

  • The 3 best storage techniques PAGE 43

  • How to use the wonderful tools of "deduction and induction" for better time management? PAGE 44

  • How to stop wasting time during work meetings? PAGE 45

  • How to organize your workspace to minimize the risk of error? PAGE 47

  • How do you organize your work plan---to stay focused on the difficult aspects of your job? PAGE 48

  • Office furniture that will save you minutes every day --- expert advice! PAGE 49

The program "The Secrets of Those who have More Time than Others" includes:

  1. A 50-page e-book
  2. A virtual CD: the one-hour interview with a Master of Time.
  3. 3 other virtual CDs to listen to in your car, on your ipod, in your MP3 player
  4. Task management software for PC and Mac.

And you will also receive as a FREE AND DEFINITIVE GIFT "Do it NOW", Christian Godefroy's anti-procrastination program.

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Why such an advantageous offer?

  1. All of this is downloadable, which saves shipping and labor costs.
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Now you have a choice to make: would you rather keep running every day - to regret that you can't do everything you want - or to discover the Secrets of those who Always have More Time than Others?

"Read only if you have decided not to take advantage of this offer"

To read carefully

Frankly, I'm puzzled:

I know that out of 100 people who will read this web page, almost 95% will go their way and do... nothing!

Time control is vital to your success . This is what often makes the difference between success and failure.

I understand that you may be skeptical. But I'm not asking you to take my word for it: I'm just asking you to try .

You take no risk. Suspend judgment now, try and then evaluate the results .

If you don't like it, you'll get your money back, and for your trouble, you'll get my gift, "DO IT NOW". This gift is so powerful, so motivating, so effective that it alone is worth the amount requested.

I take all risks on my own.

What more can I do to convince you to try?

Nothing. It's up to you if you ever procrastinate and run out of time.

But I will not write to you again on this subject. It's up to you NOW.


With my warmest regards and best wishes,

Christian H. Godfrey

PS In his interview, Luis Robert reveals to you:

The "magical" process - very simple - that he teaches to great entrepreneurs and which gives results every time.

How to save time even if you don't think you have any.

How to be as productive as someone who gets up at 5 a.m. every day -- even if you wake up at 10 a.m.!

The worst mistake that can cost you hours - yes, hours - every day.

How to be absolutely sure that you never forget what you have to do.

An extraordinary way to motivate yourself and explode your self-confidence - with this, anything will be possible for you!

The secrets of some champion trainers to push their foals beyond their mental and physical limits.

The surest way to earn more money, and even a lot more money.

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