Club Positif methods and training

Le Club Positif is also methods and training in copywriting, copywriting, internet marketing, email management, self-publishing.

These online courses include videos, e-books and other content. You can find them on .

Among these training courses, those vi may interest you:

Kindle Bank System by Christian Godefroy, a comprehensive training to become a Kindle publisher using the power of Kindle Direct Publishing.

Become Cyril Godefroy's self -publisher, training to self-publish, from A to Z, from writing to publication in digital book, but also in paper book.

The Secrets of Internet Publisher Marketing , an indestructible training course by Christian Godefroy, specialist in distance and internet marketing, where he explains how he created the Positive Club and won hundreds of thousands of euros on the internet, and teaches you how to do the same.

Hypnotic Copywriting : How to Create Hypnotic Sales Emails, Sales Pages, and Videos That Make Your Prospects Open Their Wallets to You. This huge copywriting course lets Christian Godefroy tell you all the copywriting secrets that made him a millionaire so you too can become a sought-after copywriter and earn money every time you write something.