Flash Reading - Integral Speed ​​Reading Method

how much money do you lose
every year because you
not reading fast enough?

Realize: While a speech heard on the radio , on TV, in a conference or in a course, arrives at the speed of oral expression, or around 9,000 words per hour, most people, by reading, learn at the speed of 27,000 words an hour !

We learn 3 times more things by reading than by listening! Reading is therefore the FASTEST way to acquire knowledge.

With the advent of the Internet, science and the speed of transmission of knowledge, whereas 100 years ago the total volume of information doubled every 50 years, today information doubles every 9 months !

That is to say that in less than a year, there will be TWICE as much information available as today! And we already have about 230,000 new books coming out every year!

The direct consequence of this "boom" of knowledge is that those who want to succeed must keep abreast of the evolution of their profession constantly, and take note of information more and more quickly to stay at their level . .

It follows that those who read faster than the others arrive even faster than before to rise above everyone...

And... don't wet it with your tears, but young people coming out of school soon know 2 to 3 times more than you do about YOUR own profession , whatever it may be!

Well, don't worry anyway, you have the advantage of experience (we always have the advantage of experience AT THE START ) but if you don't keep up to speed and quickly, then you will unfortunately quickly be overwhelmed!

That's why it's in your best interest to become a Super-Reader .

But maybe you think you have to have special gifts or talents to master "Super-Reading"?

Hopefully not !

Speed-reading and super-memory techniques do not require a higher-than-average intelligence quotient or special vision.

To tell the truth, one of the best super-readers the earth has ever had, Jacques Bergier (he read nearly 2,500 words per minute with perfect comprehension) was myopic and astigmatic, and could not read at more than 30 inches from his eyes!

In fact, anyone can learn to read faster! Whether you are a student, secretary, doctor, lawyer, commercial, you can easily DOUBLE your reading speed in a very short time...

Everything is a question of method, but above all of TOOLS.

Because nowadays, thanks to the evolution of science , but also thanks to computers, we can learn much more easily than before to read faster.

Did you know that it was the US Air-Force in the 1950s , which for the first time developed a speed reading technique? They realized that by projecting sentences at the speed of 4 words every 500th of a second, we could read just as well, while understanding and retaining the information better!

They created a device, the "Tachistoscope", which is in fact the very first machine that facilitated the learning of speed reading... and which made it possible to increase its reading speed from 200 to 400 words per minute!

And then over time, the techniques have evolved, and nowadays, there are techniques, used by the largest companies in the world to train their executives, which can go up to 1,000 words per minute!

The cost of these methods being relatively high, few people could take advantage of them. This means that a few years ago, if you did not belong to a large company, it was out of the question for you (but especially because of your budget) to access these techniques!

But recently, all that has changed.

And I am proud today to present to you the pack " Eclair Reading - a complete program for speed reading in French and which benefits from the latest discoveries of this science. ":

The "Quick Reading" pack finally puts speed reading within everyone's reach

Yes ! I want to learn how to become a Super-Reader

You can now take advantage of one of the best lessons that exists to learn to read 2 to 5 times faster. To do this, you must start with the manual: A real guide that contains a method that can make anyone a Super-Reader in a few weeks :

The "Lightning Reading" manual, in pdf, Kindle, iPad and Kobo formats,
will break all blockages
that prevent you from reading at the speed of super-readers

Taking up the latest findings in light reading, it has been enriched and improved over the years, based on the experience of hundreds of thousands of executives and business leaders around the world, and the copy you have there (available in pdf, Kindle, iPad and Kobo formats) contains real gems in terms of learning to read quickly.

Here is a brief overview of what you will find in this program. Some business owners would be tearing their hair out if they knew you could get access to this at such a price:

  • 2 fatal mistakes that can dramatically slow your reading speed and how to overcome them (page 4)
  • The 4 questions you must ask yourself before you start speed reading and you will assimilate much faster! (page 5)
  • The different types of speed reading and how to use them all ((page 7)
  • The 3 types of information you should always collect in a book before reading it to assimilate it 3 times faster! (page 7)
  • How to find the “key words” that will allow you to read much faster? (page 8)
  • Who are always the fastest readers and how can you become one too? (page 9)
  • Explosive and unique: You don't need to read… to understand a text! See why on page 9...
  • The awesome exercise that all speed readers started with (page 9)
  • There is a way to stand to read 2-3 times faster NATURALLY. Find out what it is on page 10
  • The 6 essential tips to become an Ace of reading – and comprehension – quickly (page 10)
  • The way you always have to read difficult passages to be sure you understand them! (page 11)
  • The way you should read – in 3 steps – when you only need minimal information! (page 11)
  • A trick to never again waste time reading useless passages of a text – or a book! (page 11)
  • The structure of your mind that allows you to do things millions of times faster! (page 12)
  • The little exercise that will make your eyes "advanced weapons" in speed reading! (page 12)
  • A brilliant trick to prevent you from pronouncing the words you read and thus read 3 times faster! (page 12)
  • What fast readers do unconsciously that you need to learn to boost your reading speed! (page 13)
  • The way you must never read or you will never remember anything! (page 14)
  • The 3 secrets to learning any subject very easily! (page 14)
  • How do some people manage to read and understand a large number of words in ¼ of a second? (page 14)

  • What always depends on the correct understanding of a text – regardless of the reading speed! (page 14)
  • The disastrous habit that drastically reduces your reading speed and how to get rid of it! (page 15)
  • How do you avoid wasting considerable time re-reading what you have already read? (page 16)
  • "The 5 types of reading" of the best readers in the world! (page 16)
  • A great reading technique when you just need an overview of a topic and you don't have much time! (page 16)
  • How to learn a lot of vocabulary in record time? (page 17)
  • What 80% of paragraphs start with is what you shouldn't "miss"! (page 17)
  • What you should always read in a text: This part very often contains the gist of the gist! (page 17)
  • How to find the information you need in a text in a minimum of time? (page 18)
  • The best way to read information to prepare for a competition or an exam (page 18)
  • The secret to understanding a text in depth without wasting time! (page 19)
  • The most effective tips to "drastically increase your reading speed"! (page 21)
  • How to improve your skills – even if you already read very fast? (page 21)
  • The technique used by the fastest readers – to never tire their eyes! (page 21)
  • A "trick" that will make you love reading, even if today it seems difficult to concentrate on a text! (page 22)
  • How to hold a book – to read much faster – a tip from the pros! (page 22)
  • What all professional speed reading courses teach you. Simple, powerful and devilishly effective! (page 22)
  • One of the best ways to increase your concentration and comprehension of what you read! (page 23)

The amazing technique
of the "bounce of the fingers"
which makes it possible to read 1.5 times faster
since the first day ! (page 23)

  • 19 great tips to make speed reading a real habit! (page 24)
  • An excellent "trick" to easily find the information you need on any book! (page 24)
  • The IN-DIS-PEN-SA-BLE tool that you must always have “at hand” when reading a text! (page 25)
  • How to read – fast reading – on a computer screen? (page 25)
  • An excellent trick to fix in your mind the important information you read! (page 25)
  • How and why a simple Stabylo can help you become more and more efficient! (page 25)
  • The 12 errors that cause slow reading and how to avoid them all? (page 26)
  • 15 minutes a day of the exercise found on page 26 will make you a turbo-driver before the next full moon!
  • What you need to do today if you find it hard to concentrate on reading for long! (page 27)
  • The way the best readers literally interact with the author of a text – and how to do the same! (page 28)
  • Ultra-fast reading in 6 fundamental points! (page 29)
  • The 2 factors that should never be overlooked determine HOW to read a text. (page 29)

OKAY ! teach me the secrets
of the best readers in the world

  • A great thing when you have a "stroke" during a reading! (page 30)
  • The very powerful intention that will boost your visual memory enormously! (page 30)
  • The "reading news method of the day" - so you don't waste time! (page 30)
  • How to read a report, a newspaper, a magazine or a newsletter without wasting a single second unnecessarily? (page 31)
  • A strategy – in 3 steps – to read a newspaper extremely quickly! (page 31)

Special section for
children and students:

  • "The essence of school learning" - or how to read to learn! (page 31)
  • The vital stages of careful reading – when you have to remember a lot of details! (page 31)
  • There is a formidable trick to use BEFORE reading a difficult text to mobilize all your concentration! (page 31)
  • The leisure reading method par excellence or how to learn with pleasure! (page 32)
  • The Most Powerful Academic Reading Strategies or How to Get A's in Any Subject! (page 32)
  • The 6 essential steps to read computer books! (page 32)
  • How to read textbooks and research reports very easily? (page 33)
  • The secrets of reading novels for school purposes or how to combine pleasure and learning! (page 33)
  • How do you write compelling novel reviews – in the shortest amount of time? (page 34)
  • The 5 super-important factors for reading math books! (page 34)
  • The powerful method of activation or how to read with maximum concentration! (page 34)
  • The areas of your brain that slow down your reading and how to control them! (page 35)
  • Which never helps to study better even if you've heard the opposite 100 times! (page 39)
  • Why does school teach us to read slowly and how to make up for this error? (page 39)
  • How to "embrace" the main idea of ​​a text instantly? (page 41)
  • The secret to remembering any text very easily! (page 42)
  • The “magic” question when you absolutely have to memorize complex information! (page 43)
  • How do you go much further than other students when studying a text? (page 43)
  • The secret of reading "between the lines" - or how to understand a text in depth! (page 44)
  • How do you read to prepare for a very difficult and unfamiliar course? (page 45)
  • The best methods to save a lot of time during your research projects! (page 45)
  • How to prepare your children from an early age to become turbo-readers? (page 46)
  • Which can help you read quickly in a language that is not your mother tongue! (page 46)
  • How to immediately detect a reading problem in your children to solve it more easily? (page 47)
  • 3 very powerful stressors in children - that prevent them from concentrating! (page 47)
  • The healthy habits that you absolutely must instil in your children when it comes to computer use! (page 47)
  • The skills to develop in young children and you will prepare them to become effective readers! (page 47)
  • What you absolutely must do to be at the forefront of your industry and become excellent! (page 50)

Yes ! I want my children
learn to read faster and better!

As you can see above, this guide will allow you to benefit from highly sought-after techniques, some of which are brand new, and did not exist 10 years ago.

And I haven't told you about the software yet:

With this software, you will transform your computer
into a "speed-reading teaching machine"

With this program, you will be able to carry out at home, quietly, in front of your computer, the exercise that all students and pilots of the US Air Force did.

And in addition to the basic exercise, which allows, as I told you above, to display the sentences of a text every 500th of a second (or more or less, it is adjustable according to your level of reading ), this program contains an additional feature that I NEED to tell you about in more detail.

Super-readers, in order to reach a speed of 1,000 words per minute, hardly ever move their eyes horizontally. They only move them up and down because they can...read a whole line with their peripheral sight.

You, when you read, you scan the line from left to right. This causes your eyes to move, and not content to read more slowly, you gradually tire your sight and your eyes.

Because don't think your eyes are actually scanning the line. In fact they "jump" from one word to another. Indeed, you can only see with your eyes if they are... fixed. So when you read, your eyes do a kind of dance from left to right, and over time, fatigue sets in, concentration drops, and comprehension and memorization of what you read drops to 50%: You only understand one out of two pieces of information!

By developing your peripheral sight, you put your eyes in the center of the line (not to the left), and you "embrace" the entire line with your eyes...

This is what the "Eclair Reading" software offers you as an exercise: You can gradually increase the width of the line to be read. When you have practiced this for a few weeks, you will be able to scan an entire line in a few tenths of a second...

So, this unique software alone allows you to multiply your reading speed by 2 to 3 times! By simply practicing 15 minutes each day, and combining it with the revolutionary techniques found in the guide, you will gradually increase your reading speed until you reach the speed of Super-Readers...

If you haven't clicked on the link above yet, maybe you haven't yet understood what reading faster will do for you? Well, let's do a quick recap:

Time and efficiency in the office

Are you a secretary? Commercial assistant ? An accountant ? Have you ever counted the number of pages you read each day? Emails, letters, reports, minutes, orders, delivery notes, quotes, technical sheets... Hundreds of pages, and dozens of hours a week that you spend reading, assimilating, understanding, and reacting!

For example, in your job, how many emails do you receive and manage per day? Dozens, hundreds? And how much time do you spend reading them? An hour a day ? Two o'clock ?

According to an American author, Christina Cavanagh , in her book “ Managing Your E-Mail ”, when you receive 25 emails, only 16 of them are read. It takes about 2 minutes by email. But as 4 of these emails generally contain information that is useful to you, on these emails, the reading time increases to 8 minutes.

Do the math: 25 emails take roughly ONE HOUR of your reading time! And in general, we receive well over 25 emails a day! It is therefore 2 to 3 hours of reading ONLY for your emails! And what about reports, memorandums, technical sheets or other?

Learning to read faster would allow you to do much more interesting things. Or to be much more efficient in your work: To read faster is to understand faster and thus, you have more time to step back and analyze.

You would be less stressed , too! Because you know it well: The big problem these days is to manage everything at the same time! The phone ringing while you're deciphering your mail... And always less time to do things as it
should !

Admit it: You're being asked more and more these days, aren't you? And the longer you go, the more overtime you work, and the later you go home!

Come to think of it, I'm sure you'd really like the opportunity to save 1-2 hours a day... You CAN make it happen by reading faster:

I want to save time at the office

If you are a lawyer, or a doctor, or an executive, or a company director, reading faster can allow you to reduce your reading times for technical documents, rulings, and other documents by 2!

You are more efficient, you read all your documents in half the time, which allows you either to be more available for something else!

better understand and
better remember what you read

But above all, it allows you to BETTER understand and RETAIN information better. Hard to believe ? And yet, it is all that is most logical!

Indeed, by reading faster, you feed your brain at its preferred speed!

Because - did you know? - your brain thinks at an incredible speed! Much faster than your fastest action!

When you read each word one by one, or two by two, your brain goes much faster, and sends you a whole bunch of thoughts that distract you and make you lose track of your reading!

Result: You no longer understand what you are reading, and you are forced to go back...

Whereas by reading faster, encompassing words , and increasing your reading speed, you get closer and closer to the speed of your thought .

This way you're much less distracted when reading, and the data sticks in your head much better!

It's like your brain FINALLY finds someone who can talk to it at the speed it REALLY understands things!

It is therefore in your best interest to radically increase your reading speed , because not content with saving a lot of time, you assimilate the information in a better way.

But that's not all: Reading faster also allows you to REMEMBER much better what you read , but in addition, gives you a better memory.

We saw just before that the brain has an avid thirst for information.

Thus, when you give him "to eat" quickly by reading a text at high speed, you better embrace the author's thought...

Your brain makes connections faster with what you've already read, and each new reading adds new references to your head.

The faster you read, the more information you store, and the more new can cling to old.

What is new is more difficult and takes longer to understand unless you already have references in your head.

More success in exams
and less time to study

Are you a student ? When you study, you spend your day reading! From morning to evening, handouts, books, articles, judgments, studies, theses, dissertations, copies... Hundreds and hundreds of pages to read, reread, understand, learn, but above all REMEMBER.

Reading faster when you're a student means spending less time learning things, and more time relaxing.

It's also being more efficient. Because when we are no longer stressed to read and learn, we have clearer ideas. We are better organized... We save time... on everything...

Let's summarize:

1) By READING faster:

You almost instantly find the information you are looking for in a book or in a professional journal

You read contracts, insurance policies, administrative forms, manuals, technical manuals, courses or reports 2 to 3 times faster , without missing important details

You learn much faster : Foreign language, IT, sport, games, economy: The majority of our knowledge comes from reading!

You save time to be with your family and have more leisure. You can read more novels, books of personal inspiration, newspapers, articles, magazines... More interesting things in 2 to 5 times less time ...

2) By UNDERSTANDING better what you read:

Your work or learning will be more precise, smarter.

Your colleagues, your friends, your children, your husband (wife) will address you with more respect and more esteem, will ask you for your opinion, will follow your advice...

Your life will be transformed. You will distance yourself from the problems. You will solve them easier and faster. You will worry less, and you will be much less stressed!

3) By MEMORIZING more easily what you read:

You will constantly enrich your vocabulary (from 2 to 3,000 words per year) in French or in other languages.

When you walk to a meeting or a dinner party, people will gravitate towards you. You will easily come to mind the anecdotes, facts, figures and humorous words that give relief to a conversation and delight your guests.

It will be easy for you to learn new information in your work, to be THE best expert in your profession (or in any case one of the best), to extend your knowledge in other fields...

In conclusion :

When you can read faster, you will automatically earn more money.
Which brings us back to the question sentence at the beginning of this page:

How much more money are you going to lose before you decide to learn to read faster? I hope you're not going to wait another minute and that you're going to start moving towards a professional situation that is REALLY what you want in your heart.

Learn to read faster, and the doors of success will open for you:

OK, I got it: I want to learn to read faster

With this pack, you will be able to benefit from all the experience of the best readers in the world. And while speed reading seminars normally cost thousands of dollars, this homeschooling package comes to you for $199.97 only. Even better, if you are an individual, you can get it for only 27 € . Compare the $27 to all that FlashReading can get you!

Especially since in addition, I am so certain that this program will allow you to increase your reading speed even beyond what you can imagine, that I offer you an exceptional guarantee of a full year:

Here's how it works:

You try the Quick Read pack for a year. If in 365 days you believe that these techniques, used successfully by hundreds of thousands of executives and managers for years, do not work on you, then you write to me, and I will refund you the full amount paid.

Admit that it is quite rare to be able to benefit from such an education without taking the slightest financial risk?!

OK, I understood: Without taking the slightest risk,
I want to learn to read faster

Then it's not over. Indeed, I have presents for you.


To start, a question: are you a reactive person, who makes decisions quickly? If so, then this #1 giveaway is especially for you.

It's a real bomb, as there are few on the Internet. This gift, by itself, should cost 10 times the price of the pack above . Why ? Rather judge...

Imagine picking up a 100-page book, and being able to read it at TWO PAGES PER SECOND ? Not 2 lines, no:


Do you understand that? You turn the pages quietly, and in less than a minute, you have read and memorized a 100-page book! As if you took a picture of each page, and etched it inside your memory forever.

This is called Instant Photographic Memory . You record, like a real machine, everything you read...

Hold on tight: There's a highly confidential report I've been keeping close to hand for years that walks you through the A-Z of how to acquire Instant Photographic Memory:

You learn to put yourself
in a "special" state of consciousness
where everything registers in your brain automatically

I decided to give this report as a gift to the first 200 people who decide to order the "Quick Reading" Pack... Just to reward the 200 most responsive!

Do you realize what you can do with a photographic memory? You must have seen a few films where this was discussed. Like Will Hunting, for example, with Matt Damon, where he reads all the books written by the therapist he has to see IN HIS WAITING ROOM.

Whatever your profession, having and using a photographic memory will make you seem like a genius to everyone you know... It's quite impressive to experience... and quite inexplicable, too...

You MUST see the amazed and amazed looks of your guests, or your colleagues, when you cast a distracted glance on a page (for a second no more) and you are able to answer any question concerning what you have scanned...

And if you are a student, then, or if you follow a training to evolve in your work, imagine, beyond the "magical" aspect of the thing, the speed and the efficiency with which you can read and assimilate your lessons with a Photographic Memory?

It doesn't come on its own... It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's really instantaneous and... mind-blowing!

Today, you have the chance to benefit from this "TOP SECRET" report if you decide NOW for the "Quick Read" pack:

I won't make this offer to you twice, and it's a safe bet that this gift will no longer be available the next time you log on to this page... So, you must decide NOW!


Then, as with the software included in the "Quick Reading" pack, you need texts to read, here is a second gift for you that will teach you something quite unusual.

Everything is in the title :

Reading is good
but getting the most out of your reading is even better

Indeed, there are many ways to read a book. You have the common way. The one that almost everyone uses. And then you have the "intelligent" or "open" way...

Reading a book in an intelligent way is already reading it faster, and understanding it much better. Indeed, with a well-oiled technique, you come to understand the way of writing of the author quite quickly when you start reading the book, which opens your mind to understand the rest. Somehow, you can almost guess what the author is going to talk about BEFORE they write it.

This is what this book teaches you.

You will discover plenty of amazing recipes to understand even better what you read, which will allow you to frequently refill the books you read for other actions. Games, evening, to find ideas, for writing memos, reports, books or ebooks, even...

For example, you will learn:

  • How to get the essence of an idea so that it benefits you throughout your life (page 6)
  • How to organize yourself in the best way so that reading a book is more profitable for you (page 9)
  • How to put yourself in an " expectant " mind before reading a book, so that you read as if you had the author in front of you (page 11)
  • A form of reading that allows you to constantly find new ideas for the rest of your life (page 13)
  • The magic formula to deduce with near certainty what the author is going to say in the rest of the book (page 16)
  • The way to read a book on a technical subject that allows you to find what you are looking for very quickly and retain it for life (page 20)
  • What to always do AFTER reading a book, to remember it and enjoy it all your life (page 22)

This book is a real gold mine that will allow you to reinforce a little more the achievements that you will obtain by following the Speed ​​Reading method.

If we summarize everything you will receive by clicking on this blue link above, you will have:

  • A practical book that contains all the techniques to multiply your reading speed by 2 to 5.

  • Software that allows you to increase your reading speed automatically, with just a little practice, and will perfect your teaching of lightning reading

  • If you are quick, you will also receive an explosive report that explains to you in a few pages how to acquire Instant Photographic Memory, and thereby be able to read and retain a 100-page book in less than a minute.

  • And finally a book to teach you how to better understand and use what you read.

And all this for only 199.97 to 27 € depending on whether you are a private individual or not , and without the slightest risk since if you cannot double your reading speed in the following year, then you can ask reimbursement at any time.

You have all the cards in hand to become a faster reader!

Act now!


Cyril Godefroy

PS: With "Lecture-Éclair", you will have a fabulous tool to read 2 times, 5 times faster than before! But what are you going to read?

What texts will you practice with?

And how about having 100 books in your computer?

Or even 1,000 pounds?

Come on, if you place an order for the "Reading-Eclair" program, TODAY, I put at your disposal not 100 books from the best authors, nor even 1,000, but
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But beware ! This offer is only available to you if you order this program TODAY! Tomorrow will be too late!

OK: I want to multiply my reading speed by 2 to 5 times
plus benefit from 1,421 books for FREE to train!

The "Quick Read" pack not only includes a practical manual
in pdf, Kindle, iPad and Kobo formats, and training software,
but also audio lessons that will help you,
effortlessly, to master these techniques for life.

PPS This program also includes several audio recordings that you can put on CD or listen to on your MP3 player. The emotional power of the voice, its influence on your subconscious are vital for this program to trigger the mental "click" in you. good time.