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Think and grow rich - paper

Think and grow rich - paper

de Napoleon Hill

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You may have already heard of this personal development book for achieving success. It's the book that all successful people have in common, the book that has helped hundreds of people transform their lives and become millionaires.

Napoleon Hill devoted 25 years of his life to discovering the secrets of the richest men, who had started without special studies, nor without being heirs to fortunes and who succeeded, by dint of perseverance, burning desire and by implementing the principles described to increase their wealth phenomenally.

You too can benefit from the knowledge of Napoleon Hill and follow his 13 steps to becoming rich.

You will have all the principles and concrete applications to develop your success. Discover in audio in this book

  • How to turn thought into material wealth P. 18
  • What you must not do when you encounter failure P. 22
  • The mindset that replaces hard work P. 25
  • The main cause of failure
  • The principles of getting something you want
  • Why Your Thoughts Can Bring You Success Or Failure
  • The starting point of all achievement
  • 6 Precise Instructions To Turn Your Desires Into Cash
  • How Your Subconscious Helps You Realize Your Wealth
  • 5 rules to follow to have self-confidence

This book will transform your life. It has been read and adored by millions of readers, and is still the bedside book of the most successful people.

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