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Psi Meditation Program

Psi Meditation Program


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The Amazing Powers
PSI Finally Within Your Reach!
Researcher Reveals Secrets to Most Unexplained Phenomena
Scientific research in PSI is entering a new era. Until now, his research remained secret, his applications were reserved for gifted subjects. Today, the worldwide specialist in the development of reading and the transmission of thought reveals his training methods in the form of "PSI meditation audio CDs" which allow everyone to access the Powers of the Spirit in themselves. training at home .

Have you ever thought of an old friend...seconds before he called you? Have you ever had a prophetic dream come true? Do you sometimes have the sudden impression that this present moment, you have already experienced it before? Have you ever had a feeling, a hunch that came true?
Do you sometimes feel like a victim of negative thoughts?

If you're open to the extraordinary powers witnessed by thousands of men and women over the centuries, the work of Dr. Milan Ryzl, and the possibilities it offers, will open the doors for you. of a world that is both mysterious... and exciting.

Who is Dr. Milan Ryzl?

Doctor in chemistry and physics, former professor of parapsychology at the University of California, Dr. Milan Ryzl is the author of 5 books and more than 100 scientific communications. Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, report his research as a "creator of mediums". They devote 2 chapters of their book "Prodigious parapsychic discoveries in the USSR" to him (Robert Laffont). But it is today, as the creator of "Psi Meditation", that he has acquired his international fame.

How does Psi Meditation work?

The exercises designed by Dr. Milan Ryzl allow:

1. to master the particular state of consciousness in which the functions of extra-sensory perception are stimulated.
2. to develop these psi faculties, in particular through visualization and subconscious training.
3. to learn how to apply these powers in many practical situations of everyday life: intuitions, decisions, influence, protection, sentimental relationships, etc.

What the experts think

The institute of Professor JB. Rhine, pioneer of psi research in the USA, awarded the Mc Dougall Prize to Dr. Milan Ryzl for the distinguished work represented by this research. Professor LL Vasiliev, father of Soviet parapsychology and Nobel Prize winner, said of Psi Mediation: "It is one of the most promising developments in parapsychology". Today, many parapsychologists have followed this path, inspired by the work of Dr. Milan Ryzl.

Unprecedented achievement scores

Tested, then adapted in French by Christian Godefroy, co-founder of the Alpha seminars and author of "La Dynamique Mentale" (Robert Laffont), this method has already shown its effectiveness in Russia and the United States. More than 3,000 people have successfully completed this training. One of them, Monsieur PS, has become, according to "Guiness", the "best clairvoyant ever tested".

Try Psi Meditation too without any commitment

Psi Meditation can bring you, as it has already done for thousands of people, extraordinary experiences that will enrich your life. This is why we are offering you an exceptional offer.

And you will receive the equivalent of 5 audio CDs to download with everything you need to copy them to CD with your burner.

You will very quickly be able to benefit from the secrets of this "psi" power training.
If, after a trial of 30 days to one year, you do not have proof of its effectiveness in your daily life, you will have a full and complete refund.

Click here to receive it early - for yourself or as a gift - and be one of the privileged few who own and use their psi abilities - instead of ignoring them.

Program of Dr. Milan Ryzl's MP3 recordings:

A. Explanation
of what Psi Meditation is and the results you can expect from it.

Listen immediately to the presentation (audio made by Audio Player Pro)
B. Introduction to the first exercise . How you will reach the state of serenity conducive to the reception and emission of thoughts. (7'27")

C. Psi Meditation . practical exercise that develops concentration, attention, relaxes the body and activates the psi faculties. (16'20")

D. Introduction of Deepening and Force . It is the starting phase of any goal or wish for which you want the Force to be with you. (1'31")

E. Strength. This exercise will allow you to accumulate extraordinary Strength, an energy that will help your success in all areas. You will mobilize your desire to transform it into creative power. (15'31")

F. Introduction to visualization. Few people know how to visualize well using ALL of their senses. Their 5 senses... and their 6th sense. See here how to achieve it. (5'07")

G. Visualization of the 6 senses. The psychic training of this exercise will help you visualize so strongly that what you visualize will come true more easily. All the great discoveries made by man were first visualized. There is even an aura visualization exercise. (21')

H. Introduction to Thought-Demand . The subconscious can be a slave, or a guide. Dr. Milan Ryzl explains here how to make it a guide - and a slave - who will respond to your Thought-Requests, instead of upsetting them. (5'07")

I. Thought-Demand and Subconscious Rule. Whether it's finding a lost item, solving a problem, completing a project or making THE right decision, this exercise will make it easier for you to succeed. You will reach the ideal state of consciousness and you will know how to use the full power of your brain. (9'13")

J. Self-hypnosis induction no 1 . The state of self-hypnosis will give you extra power. You know the powers of hypnosis. Use them for you! (13'43")

K. Self-hypnosis induction #2 . With these 2 recordings, you will erase the fatigue and stress of modern life. You will be able to improve certain traits of your character, change your bad habits into good ones, stimulate your memory. You will achieve your goals more easily with self-hypnosis. (13'43")

L. Introduction to Telepathic Diagnosis . You may have heard of the feats performed by Edgar Cayce, or by the participants of the Alpha seminar. Everyone has the power to make a diagnosis remotely, intuitively, and the best doctors do it -- often without knowing it. (2'10")

M. Remote Diagnosis. One of your relatives has a health problem? Official medicine does not know the cause? Use your intuition alongside medical science to find the answers. Unbelievable? Yet it is, as Edgar Cayce said, "A power that everyone has". This exercise helps you practice it. (13'21")

N. Introduction to Healing. Whether it's healing yourself or helping a loved one, when health is at stake, any help is helpful and can save a life. (1'08")

O. Mental healing. This exercise will show you how, like the greatest healers, to activate the power to heal that all the great mystics have referred to, saying "Go and heal". Express the healing force that is within you. Become a channel through which life expresses itself to restore health. The most beautiful exercise of this collection. (14'45")

P. Introduction to psi balance. Remove all traces of nervous tension. Erase the traces of stress in your body. (44")

Q. Internal balance and psi . The visualization that will take you beyond the solar system will erase all anxiety. you will come out of it calm, assured, serene. Ideal in case of temporary depression or lack of self-confidence. (16'46")

A. How to make your own recordings . Here Dr. Milan Ryzl reveals the secrets of his system and how to apply it for any goal. This recording walks you through how to speak, what to say, and in what order to get the best results. (11'18")

Why you too need to know how to read thoughts and transmit them from a distance

These powers exist. We can ignore them, and thus make ourselves more vulnerable, or take an interest in them, and thus put all the chances of success on our side.

The choice is yours. The Psi Meditation exercises developed by Dr. Milan Ryzl are a precious help that will open many secret doors for you. Behind the success of some, is there only a beautiful intelligence, or the implementation of other powers?

As you listen to these recordings, I'm sure you'll discover an underside of the cards you never expected -- and amazing possibilities for doing good for yourself and others.

You don't take the slightest risk

We totally guarantee a positive, hands-on experience - or your money back. You have a year to make up your mind. All you have to do is apply to receive your money back.

But beware! This offer will probably not be able to be maintained. If the subject interests you, take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Accept to receive this FREE GIFT

If you place an order today, 30/08/2015, you will receive, as a FREE and definitive GIFT, the Great Classic by K. Kephren, " The Transmission of Thought ".

This ebook shows you how:

ü Find numbers only thought by a person

ü Describe the nature and size of an object without seeing it

ü Tell where a person is without seeing them

ü Make yourself felt and seen mentally

ü Guess a person's thoughts

Remotely suggest any action

Mentally lure the subject to come on site

Mentally order about being calm and falling asleep

And all the precautions to take, thinking techniques to use, etc.

The author then studies the relations between the transmission of thought and love, its role in scientific discoveries, in work and among artists.

This practical study of 137 pages had become impossible to find in bookstores!

"If we were to reject
everything we can't explain,
there would be very little left in truth,
and again, would there be anything left?"
You will recieve :
  • The Psi meditation program in mp3 format that you can listen to on your computer, tablet or smartphone (after transferring from your computer). 18 mp3 files compressed into a single zip file.
  • K. Kephren's book The Transmission of Thought in PDF format.
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