Invigorating Thoughts - Jules Fiaux

Invigorating Thoughts - Jules Fiaux


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To You More Life and Power!
Know how to press the button of your mood and your energy at will

All his life, Jules Fiaux collected and tested thoughts and quotations.

The result?

A 182-page book filled with energizing, invigorating, optimizing thoughts.

Open it anywhere: simple phrases reach straight to your heart or brain and get you moving.

Some thoughts can change a life

Some can change a life. Just soak it up.


Because extraordinary men have picked up their thoughts in a flash of genius.

Reading or meditating on these "Invigorating Thoughts":

- Will push you to action - PAGE 2

- Will restore your confidence when needed - PAGE 11

- Will erase your fears - PAGE 13

- Will instill faith and enthusiasm in you - PAGE 15

- Will make you master of your destiny , captain of your soul - PAGE 18

- You will progress , learn, evolve - PAGE 22

- Will make you more free - PAGE 30

- Will develop your personality - PAGE 34

- Help you find your hidden talents and express them - PAGE 40

- Will show you how to get along better with others and win their cooperation - PAGE 37

- Will give you more strength, more power, more courage - PAGE 51

It would be worth getting this book for yourself. But there is more, much more:

  • Will make you think about your spirituality - PAGE 56
  • Will show you the sources of knowledge and science - PAGE 66
  • Will help you to feel things from within, to develop your senses, because your body is the temple of your soul - PAGE 72
  • Get you thinking about feelings, love, passion, hate, and what they really mean to you - PAGE 74
  • Will help you make sense of your life - and your death. To understand its meaning and to accept it - PAGE 76
  • Will give you calm and serenity, will help you to use your desires instead of being a slave to them - PAGE 84
  • Will develop your conviction, your firmness, your will and your perseverance - PAGE 87
  • Will make you taste the moments of happiness you don't even see today - PAGE 95
  • Will give you the keys to eternal youth - PAGE 108
  • Develop in you benevolence, both towards yourself and towards others - PAGE 114
  • Will teach you the true meaning of justice and rights - PAGE 122
  • Will guide you to the knowledge of your deep soul - PAGE 125

Will develop in you joy, good humor, cheerfulness, light - PAGE 130

- Will stimulate your intelligence, your sense of judgment, your tolerance and your understanding of others - PAGE 140

- Will answer your questions about kindness, punishment, morality - PAGE 145

- Will develop your positive thinking, your optimistic view of the world and the future - PAGE 152

"Invigorating Thoughts" will make you a practical philosopher. You will know which button to press to arouse in you the thoughts you need.

It's like a concentrate of books. Each thought is almost a book in itself.

More than 1,000 invigorating thoughts

You may say to yourself "Another little collection of thoughts".

Well no.

There are not fifty thoughts.

Not even a hundred.

Not even a thousand.

THESE ARE 1,739 INVIGORATING THOUGHTS that you can have for 12 euros 70, or only 0.7 cents per thought!

The full title of this work is "Invigorating Thoughts - To us more life and power".

Put it on your nightstand. Fall asleep with one of his thoughts, and your awakening will be light and bright.

A good book is a companion always ready to serve and help you.

And what if you were disappointed?

No problem. The Club-Positif is not there to disappoint you but to help you. Send a simple email expressing your disappointment, and you will be fully refunded.

You will receive a PDF file for download.

This warranty is for life.

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