Thoughts for action - Christian H. Godefroy

Thoughts for action - Christian H. Godefroy

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A ne idea can change your life.

And it is by reading, re-reading and thinking about an idea that you will come to make it your own.

As Michel de Montaigne said, “Let him boldly forget, if he wants, where he got them, but let him know how to appropriate them”.

This collection of thoughts features 50 annotated quotes of thoughts, one for each week of the year.

It is taken from "travel diaries" in which I like to jot down quotations and questions gleaned here and there. I have chosen a few among those that can be of service to you, stimulate your thinking, help you progress.

Initially, these notes were not intended for publication. Several relatives who had read about them urged me to share them with you. Don't blame me for their handwritten and very personal character: that's probably what makes them valuable.

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