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My life in advertising - ebook

My life in advertising - ebook

de Claude C. Hopkins

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Claude Hopkins is one of the big names in advertising. He transformed what was mere advertising into an essential tool of commerce.

Revered by all the great advertisers, including David Ogilvy, Claude C. Hopkins is considered the father of modern copywriting. His writing techniques are the most powerful, including on the Internet. By following his advice, you will improve the performance of your sales pages and your Adwords or Facebook ads in an incredible way.

Every entrepreneur MUST have read “The Confessions of Claude C. Hopkins”. It will reveal tactics to increase sales, give you the results of thousands of tests, give you the basics of advertising that pays off.

Claude C. Hopkins has been said to be the highest paid publicist of all time. Her confessions reveal her secrets, which apply just as well in an ad as on a sales page. This work is “A very large book which should be in the library of every discerning man”.

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You will receive the book in digital format in PDF, ePub and Kindle. All files are instant download and digital lock free. About 250 pages

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