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Free yourself from your worries and regain health & joie de vivre - ebook

Free yourself from your worries and regain health & joie de vivre - ebook

de Marie Lecardonnel

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The vast majority of our health problems are rooted in everyday stress and worries. And yet, it is up to us to free ourselves from it! How ? Simply by following the precious advice of Marie Lercardonnel's practical guide Free yourself from your worries and regain your health and joie de vivre.

Author of numerous books on health and well-being, Marie Lecardonnel reveals in this unique guide everything you absolutely need to know to triumph over your worries by using both the power of your mind and the power of your body. physical.

Throughout the pages, you will learn to free yourself from everything that weighs you down and discover the “secrets” of those who succeed in everything and for whom life is a permanent source of joy and satisfaction.

By applying his advice, you will discover how to neutralize the sources of anxiety, stress, depression, what hurts you: marital disagreement, concern for children, neighborhood conflicts, money problems... all that and well other worries that will no longer ruin your life.
You will find more strength and optimism in yourself, you will be happier and more dynamic, in full control of your faculties and your health.

This book provides you with solutions and advice that are both concrete and practical that have already proven their worth, for example:

  • what to do at all costs if you are in a really difficult or painful situation, to overcome it but also to overcome it.
  • the 5 ways to evacuate an overflow of emotions rather than letting it turn against you.
  • the infallible “trick” if you have an appointment that worries you (banker, doctor, etc.)
  • see how repressed emotions are at the root of the vast majority of illnesses and how to react to avoid them.
  • the big “trick” to be sure to make the best decision in all circumstances. What to do — and how to do it.
  • 8 essential tips to never be destabilized, whatever the problems and thus be able to always react effectively.
  • "What does not kill you makes you stronger". People have gone through the worst trials. How do those who get away with it and how you can do the same.

And that's not all, Free yourself from your worries and regain health & joy of living guides you step by step on the path to true inner metamorphosis. You will radiate new energy that will amaze you, surprise your loved ones and have positive effects on your health and vitality.

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