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The richest man in Babylon - paper

The richest man in Babylon - paper

de George S. Clason

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Change your relationship to money and finances, and get rich!

Your upbringing taught you history, geography, math…but you were certainly never taught money. Like the vast majority of people, you probably have an unpleasant or complicated relationship with money and enrichment, amplified by Judeo-Christian morality. The consequence is difficult end of the month, not enough money to do what you want, and the absence of savings to see the future with serenity.

In this narrative-style, easy-to-follow book, George S. Clason has developed the ideas that make great fortunes and the principles that make it possible for everyone to get rich . Halfway between a personal finance book and a personal development book, it teaches you the principles of good management and financial freedom.

The tips in this book, if you apply them, can make big changes in your personal life and finances. To be freed from financial and material constraints, to stop worrying about what we will be able to spend tomorrow or the day after tomorrow brings you a freedom and autonomy that few people really know.

It will give you the financial intelligence to which you are entitled with 7 principles abundantly illustrated and explained by parables:

1. Start growing your stock market
2. Control your expenses
3. Grow your gold
4. Protect your treasures from loss
5. Make your home a profitable investment
6. Secure future income
7. Increase your earning possibilities

Let them guide you away from the constraints of a meager purse towards the fuller and happier life that a full purse makes possible with this classic and recommended work of financial intelligence. Don't wait until tomorrow to pick up the good habits today that will make you richer than you've ever been.

This book is printed on demand by a professional printer, allow one week for shipping.

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