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The Secrets of Those Who Have More Time Than Others - audiobook and ebook

The Secrets of Those Who Have More Time Than Others - audiobook and ebook

de John Ellis

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YES, I too want to know the secrets of those who have more time than others. I want to act at will now, without hesitation and without procrastinating. I understand that by ordering the pack ''The Secrets of Those who have More Time than Others'', I am sharing jealously guarded secrets with the greatest of this world.

I want to find out, for example:

  • How 1 single second can change my whole life --- and how to direct this change towards the positive?
  • Why do many people never achieve some of their goals? What they all forget!

  • Why do I sometimes remain paralyzed in the face of certain difficulties --- and what do those who overcome them do!

  • 5 things that make me waste a lot of time --- without me even realizing it!
  • One of the most effective methods to manage my priorities

  • How do I never “lose” a great idea that could change my life again?

  • The question to ask myself every morning --- and my working days will always be efficient and pleasant!

  • How to identify – at a glance – the tasks to be carried out in priority?

  • How can I be sure that I always keep the commitments I have set myself?

I'm ordering right away , so send me an additional free and definitive gift: the ''Do it NOW !'' program

John Clark and Christian Godefroy reveal to me:

  • How to easily overcome any inferiority complex

  • The method to "create the impetus needed to start the project and overcome the initial inertia

  • What to do if I lack the energy to tackle a job

  • The 12 Most Powerful Ways to Beat Procrastination

All the tips, tricks and practical advice to increase my efficiency on the internet as elsewhere.

I also want to receive Luis Robert's virtual CD ''How to put 25 years of scientific discoveries on efficiency at your service''. (value 75 €)

I also want to receive the 3 virtual CDs which will allow me to listen to the program in the car, on my MP3 player or anywhere and will allow me to automatically integrate these new ideas. (value 59 €)

I understand that I have to pay for the Method BEFORE receiving it and that I have a full refund guarantee: if I don't get 100% of the promised results, all I have to do is write to you to get a full refund( e). All risk is YOURs, not mine, and this warranty is valid for the rest of my life.

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