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The laws of success

The laws of success

de Napoleon Hill

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Find for the first time this major book of personal development in its integral version.

In writing this book, Napoleon Hill developed all the themes of personal development and access to achievement and success which he then summarized in Think and Grow Rich. The concepts and ideas it sets out and demonstrates have been picked up by many personal development coaches and authors, from Joe Vitale to Anthony Robbins, from Norman Peale to Steven Covey.

This is not an extract from a book, but the original version translated, corrected and enlarged. The principles and laws put forward by Napoleon Hill are eternal, and the stories he tells to develop his argument can date from the beginning of the 20th century as well as from the beginning of ours. Often they seem simple. But putting the laws of success into action to achieve your goals brings you more opportunities, richer and more satisfying than anything you've been able to accomplish so far.

If you have read the Secret, you will find in The Laws of Success the basis of what is in this book. If you've read Psychocybernetics, you'll see that Maxwell Maltz took many of the ideas he developed from Napoleon Hill's book. If you know Anthony Robbins, you already know that he cites this book as one of the bases of his own experience. Do not settle for books that highlight one of the laws of success, but discover them all.

It is the equivalent of an MBA in personal development, knowledge that plants the seeds and allows you to have the solid foundations that lead you to greater success, to achieving your goals in all areas of your life. Napoleon Hill interviewed and analyzed the strategies and habits of successful people to extract the essential principles, applied those principles himself to achieve what he wanted in his life, and helped thousands of people achieve their potential and go further, faster.

Every journey begins with a first step, take the first step towards your success with Napoleon Hill.

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