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Success Through Constructive Thinking (Summary)

Success Through Constructive Thinking (Summary)


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The two authors of the book Success Through Constructive Thinking speak to you… about Yourself.

One is called W. Clement Stone. Starting from nothing, he had a fortune estimated at 35 million dollars.

The other is the famous Napoleon Hill. His personal inspirational book Think and Grow Rich has sold over 20 million copies.

In this summary of their flagship book written by Christian Godefroy, discover the secret to making your projects come true.

They know :

  • How to awaken the potential for success that lies dormant in you.
  • How to allow yourself to make others react at will,
  • How to help you overcome fatigue and boost your energy,

They know all the recipes, all the tricks to transform the world around you.

Please note: this free book is only a summary of the complete book by W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill. You can find the detailed original on Amazon .

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