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The Prophet - ebook

The Prophet - ebook

de Kahlil Gibran

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This book by Kahlil Gibran is quite simply one of the most beautiful books of personal inspiration in the world . It will allow you to open your mind and heart on themes such as meditation and personal development.

Sold in more than 22 million copies, it answers the questions we all ask ourselves about life, death, our children, work, justice, illness, love etc.

Book by Khalil Gibran of personal inspiration, The Prophet is a well-known and highly appreciated book on many subjects that shape our lives: friends, health, love, money, trade, religion, beauty...

The human experience in this book brings wisdom, love, joy, and freedom. A treasure trove of personal development.

"And there are those among you who are no longer young enough to set out and who are not yet old enough to bear witness to it, and who, in fear of undertaking the quest or of remember, renounce all pleasures so as not to be accused of having neglected the spirit or of having offended it. »

Read it several times and stop at the passages and topics that interest you. Both poetic and instructive, each chapter on a subject allows you to form your own opinion, to reflect on who you are and what you do.

This is the story of Almustafa, a prophet who is about to leave the city in which he lived for 12 years. Before he leaves, a group made up of different people from the city gathers around him and asks him questions on different subjects, one after the other. He delivers answers imprinted with spirituality and simplicity to everyone: to the mother, to the priest, to the shopkeeper... The text is poetic although it is written in prose.

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