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Copyright for writers - paper

Copyright for writers - paper


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How to protect your work and exploit your rights to make the most of it

Being an author also means knowing your rights and obligations, in order to be able to protect them and take advantage of them in the best possible way with your partners.

A lawyer specializing in intellectual property issues and literary publishing, Margerie Véron has managed in this book to make the link between the legal field, filled with technical terms and principles that are not always known or well understood, and the entire life of a work and its author.

With explanations adapted to the layman, it explains the rights and obligations that an author must know, from the conception to the publication of his work.

This book answers the questions that every author asks sooner or later:

- can we write on everything?
- can we say everything?

- what can be protected?
- how to protect his writings?
- what formalities to complete for publication?
- how to read and negotiate a publishing contract?
- what to do if relations with a publisher are weakening?
- how to react to piracy?

while covering the essential basics of copyright and freedom of expression.

A reference book and practical manual for all authors, new or more experienced, independent or working with publishers.

The answer to your practical questions in 6 chapters:
Which creations are protected by copyright?
Who owns the copyrights?
What are your rights as an author?
What are the limits of creative freedom?
How to exploit your work?
How to prevent and manage the difficulties of exploitation of your work?

What you will receive

  • the 170 page book

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