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The Science of Wealth in 17 Lessons - paper

The Science of Wealth in 17 Lessons - paper

de Wallace D. Wattles

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This program is not a philosophical work or a theoretical treatise but a practical manual. It is intended for men and women who are in dire need of money.

Do you want to get rich first and philosophize afterwards?

So far you have found neither the time, nor the means, nor the opportunity to devote yourself to an in-depth study of metaphysics, but you want concrete results?

You are ready to put into practice the conclusions of scientific research without
have to go through the entire process that led to these conclusions?

We ask you to accept the fundamental postulates of the science of wealth as you accept the truth of the laws of electricity as stated by Marconi or Edison.

By trusting these principles, and acting on them without fear or hesitation, you will have proof of their truth. Anyone who takes this approach will get rich, because the Science of Wealth is an exact science that makes failure impossible...

This program reveals secrets for:

  • Put an end to the difficult end of the month, the debts, the dependence on the banks, the lack of money which prevents you from realizing all your dreams.
  • Stop seeing wealth escape you while others, less intelligent and less gifted than you, achieve it.
  • Know the Secret to Incredibly Quick Fortunes.
  • Knowing not only how to get rich, but also how to STAY rich forever.
  • To benefit from happy coincidences, to see things come to you without having to exert superhuman efforts, to make life "conspire" to make you succeed.
  • Attract others to you. Make them want to help you get rich.
  • Free yourself forever from the fear of missing out.
  • Give you the means to receive what you are entitled to and which belongs to you, but which remained until now in your dreams without materializing.
  • Accumulate capital that protects you from want and makes you financially independent.

Once you have applied this program:

- your friends look at you in a new way,
- your banker treats you like a VIP because it is you who lend him money and not the other way around,
- money comes to you without the effort that most people have to put in,
- you know the admiration, recognition, respect and help of all those who matter to you,
- you can buy what you want without wondering how to pay for it.

The paper version of this book is printed on demand by a professional printer. Allow up to a week for shipping.

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