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Meditation, a tool for your happiness - paper

Meditation, a tool for your happiness - paper

de Thomas Pinget

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Get rid of stress, harmful influences from your environment and fully enjoy your life, living a more fulfilling and mindful life with meditation. The benefits of meditation are confirmed by numerous scientific and medical studies.

Are you still looking for the path that will allow you to improve your life? Are you aware that your existence does not correspond to your ideal, without finding the way that will allow you to reconcile your actions and your ideas?

Meditation is one of the best solutions to this quest for well-being and happiness. It allows you to transform your life and that of your loved ones. Meditation is a practice, a regular habit of calming your mind by fixing your attention on a single object. This important concentration allows us to detach our mind from what surrounds us, from the noise and the fury of our environment to focus on our mind. Once this mind has calmed down, meditation allows you to develop your inner vision, thus obtaining a more intimate understanding of your mind, your body and improving yourself to obtain the goal you have set for yourself: happiness.

  • Develop your concentration, the first step towards meditation, and how to do it;
  • How to increase the power of your mind through meditation;
  • How the visualizations will enhance your meditation potential;
  • Discover the virtues of colors in visualization;
  • How to harness your chakras for a first regular meditation practice;
  • Discover the dynamic meditations and how they adapt to our western way of life;
  • How the adoption of meditative walking complements still postures;
  • How to synchronize yourself naturally in Kinhin meditation;
  • The limits of focus and why you need to overcome them to effortlessly open up to the world and your mind.

This book allows you above all to approach the second aspect of meditation, active meditation, the one that will make you a better person.

  • Develop your perseverance: you know that perseverance is one of the keys to success. Meditation allows you to cultivate it and make it an asset;
  • Regulate your emotions: find out what poisons are destroying your life and how to control them;
  • Reduce your "mind poisons": remove distraction, anger or greed, and even pride and ignorance;
  • Cultivate benevolence through meditation: become and reveal the best of yourself with this emotion.

This book is printed on demand. Allow a few days for delivery.

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