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The Copywriting Bible

The Copywriting Bible

de Christian H. Godfrey

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Many of my students tell me: "I wish I had more examples"

How right you are! ALL great copywriters have a hidden treasure that
- saves them the fear of the blank page
- gives them ideas
- show them what works best
- in short, their "chews" the job.

This treasure is called SWIPE FILE or FOLDER OF EXAMPLES. I call it my " Copywriting Bible".

Do you want access to my " Copywriting Bible"? Looking over my shoulder?

Learn all the secrets?

Here's what's inside:

  • An 18-page catalog of personal development audio tapes.
  • The Coresprit 81 catalog (64 pages)
  • The Coresprit 83 catalog (66 pages)
  • The Coresprit 84 catalog (77 pages)
  • Coresprit catalog 85/86 (36 pages)
  • Coresprit catalog 88/89 (40 pages)
  • The Coresprit 89 catalog (36 pages)

You already guessed it, the trick, having these development catalogs
personal and professional that follow each other is to look at the best articles: this
are those found from one catalog to another. But there is much better. A thing

... in several catalogs you have, written by hand, the number of sales for each article and the turnover!!!

You can see at a glance what went well -- and what didn't. Success hooks and flop.

That alone is already gold, a mine of ideas, short texts, plenty of catchphrases , concentrated copywriting that has generated millions and millions of euros in sales.

Each of the pages of these catalogs is an idea for a website.

But there is more, much more.

A catalog is fine. But what makes you want to open and read the catalog?

The accompanying sales letter, of course!

I have 172 pages yes, you read correctly, one hundred and seventy-two pages of sales letters that accompanied these catalogs.

That's all?

No, that's not all, there are also 49 mailings that I wrote, that's 227 pages of copywriting.

But that's not all: there are 501 popular American catchphrases translated into French with a commentary for each.

And software to create good hooks.

And there are 2 American ads that I took the trouble to translate into French myself. One that explains "How to earn up to 2,000 euros per HOUR". In fact , this ad even shows how a person earned 40,000 euros in one month....

... but above all you have, IN FRENCH, the most famous personal announcement in the world.

Written by Gary Halbert, it earned him several thousand letters from women , each sexier than the next. He met dozens of them, and ended up, having gone out with quite a few of them, by choosing the woman of his life.

This announcement earned him articles in the press, TV shows, and tons of letters from young single people who wanted to meet him. A friend of mine was inspired by this ad and got the same result. A tennis champion and 2 supermodels fell in love with him. He made everyone jealous :)

I have therefore translated this ad into French for you.
Think about it: one good hook can double your returns. just one good idea from my "copywriting bible" can make you rich.

Do you want more?

Here, I also put you 2 magalogues, a newsalogue and a bookalogue - in French -. What is a magalogue? This is THE best-selling sales document the earth has ever borne. One of these magalogues has operated profitably for 15 years!!! - and it still works today.

The newsalogue that I give you in copy has been translated into 5 languages ​​and has exploded in sales in all the countries where it has been tested.

94 pages of tight and toned copwriting - free extra for you.

Now you have a choice to make:

- either you only rely on your imagination to find the most attractive offers, successful formulations, products and topics that work,

- either you draw your inspiration, your enthusiasm, and the excitement of your personal creative genius from these almost 1000 pages of copywriting that have made history in
the history of copywriting.

Of course, if you had the slightest disappointment, all you have to do is ask to receive your money, ruby ​​on your fingernail, in return. You have to be enthusiastic - or it costs you nothing. You have my personal guarantee.

[ ✔︎ ] YES, I understand that reading and re-reading successful mailshots is THE key to success in copywriting.

[ ✔︎ ] I want:

no longer be afraid of the blank page, have lots of ideas, know at a glance how to turn a sentence, know the best catchphrases for success.

Send me in the coming days your "Copywriting Bible":

  • 7 Coresprit personal and professional development catalogs written by you, totaling 337 pages --- hundreds of sales texts.

  • 172 pages of sales letters that boost returns.

  • 49 mailings

  • 500 hit hooks with their comments

  • 2 extraordinary American advertisements (one is very famous - we talked about it on TV and in the newspapers) translated into French.

  • 2 magalogues, a newsalogue, a bookalogue.

[ ✔︎ ] I understand:

  1. That I cannot plagiarize but that I can be inspired by these texts and their ideas.

  2. That the normal price is currently 197 euros, but that it can change at any time as soon as the first 500 people have ordered.

  3. That the money paid will be returned to me in full if I am not completely satisfied, with no time limit.

  4. That this unique offer will not be repeated.
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