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A Practical Guide to Sleeping Better at Any Age - ebook

A Practical Guide to Sleeping Better at Any Age - ebook

de Robert Denryck

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There are "tricks", "secrets" to sleep properly... And that's what you are about to discover too.

In "The Practical Guide to Sleeping Better at Any Age" - a book specially designed to go straight to the point and maximize your results - you will discover with relief that you do not necessarily have to upset your way of being to enjoy a ideal sleep and “getting fit” as soon as you wake up for a full modern day.

You are one step away from “Healthy and Restorative Sleep and Secrets to Sleep Like a Dormouse and Live Like a Star”!

In concrete terms, you are one click away from the following revelations:

  • The 3 categories of sleepers listed by sleep specialists – Find out which one you belong to to better manage your hours of sleep and ensure good health: PAGE 12
  • Sleep less while remaining productive and healthy? Yes it's possible ! Find out how and why PAGE 13
  • The ESSENTIAL element for truly regenerating sleep and good mental balance PAGE 18
  • How to get in touch with your subconscious to take advantage of its EXTRAORDINARY resources – Artists, inventors, scientists and businessmen have understood this: PAGE 19
  • How to control your internal clock at will: falling asleep and waking up will be child's play for you PAGE 20
  • 6 tips to instantly improve the quality of your sleep. It's natural, healthy and devilishly effective PAGE 26
  • Prevent insomnia with (see what PAGE 28)
  • How to create a real “conditioned reflex” when you want to fall asleep in the blink of an eye and enjoy the most restorative and beneficial of all sleeps PAGE 29
  • 3 little-known “tricks” that will transform your bedroom into a real “Temple of Divine Sleep” PAGE 35
  • What is the main fuel for your brain and your body and how to never run out of it: PAGE 25
  • How to cure insomnia as quickly as turning off the light PAGE 47
  • The 7 causes that destroy your sleep and how to prevent them from harming you and putting you in danger PAGE 50 to 53
  • The 4 TERRIBLY harmful effects of sleeping pills. Even if your doctor prescribes them, do not take them and do THIS (PAGE 56)
  • Top 8 Strategies to Overcome Insomnia PAGE 57
  • The 2 revelations of Feng Shui for a dream sleep PAGE 63
  • The ideal treatment for EVERY sleeping sickness. Ignoring them puts your physical and mental health at risk (PAGE 68)
  • 9 tips adapted to seniors to find the sleep of their childhood and enjoy awakenings worthy of their adolescence! (PAGE 70)

Yes, you read that right... This method and all its secrets are yours once and for all for less than a trip to the pharmacy to buy sleeping pills!

“How to Use Music Therapy to Overcome Insomnia”
value: 19€

- Music therapy works! Find out how,
- Your ideal music library,
- The 5 secret benefits of music therapy,
- How to ideally prepare yourself for sleep,
- Resolve your conflicts through music,
- The 10 essentials to have in your music library,
- “THE” song that acts as a lullaby for adults,
- How to listen to music to sleep better.

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