Practical guide to self-publishing - ebook

Practical guide to self-publishing - ebook

How to self-publish a book with self-publishing

Cyril Godefroy

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Self-publishing is on the rise. It's normal when you realize that there are almost more people who want to publish a book than people who read it. But how to get started and self-publish?

In the Practical guide to self-publishing, you will learn how to adopt a professional attitude as an independent publisher who publishes his own books, finds outlets in digital stores or sells paper books by different means. You know the basics of this profession, which you can also then extend to publishing other authors.

It will be your learning and experience that will make you a self-published author. With this book you will avoid spending hours searching for information on the internet, you will immediately find the right sources of information and providers recommended or adopted by successful self-published authors.

ISBN, Electre, POD, KDP, Kobo will be terms that will be familiar to you, and you will learn to manage the different steps necessary to self-publish.

Cyril Godefroy has published several books on digital book marketing, publishes the self-publishing podcast on and shares his experience and those of other authors he is lucky enough to meet. He is also an independent publisher of personal development books and audio books.