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Tales and Stories

Tales and Stories

de Christian Godefroy

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Today, I suggest you enter into this dream image by offering your children the download of "Tales and Stories", recited by Christian H. Godefroy

You don't have children? Think of your family ! The children of your brothers and sisters, your cousins, your friends, and, if you are lucky enough to be a grandmother or a grandfather, your own grandchildren... What a marvelous gift to offer them emotions share !

Also think of the moment of serenity that parents will be able to take just for themselves, while their children will be wisely awakening their minds and developing their imaginations by listening to stories.

Have you ever noticed that children are able to listen to the same story dozens of times? What child doesn't have their favorite book that they keep asking you to read to them?

There is a good explanation for this: stories feed the child's imagination, but that's not all: when he listens to a story, he identifies with the characters, and above all, he learns to overcome his fears . and the difficulties of life .

"One of the essential functions of the tale is to impose a truce in the fight of men" (Daniel Pennac)

Society is always going faster, all this activity is exhausting you... And your child is also caught up in this frightening rhythm.

To listen to these magnificent tales is to press “pause”, to forget all this agitation which surrounds you. Such a moment of calm and comfort is priceless!

Caution ! These Tales Are Not
Told By Anyone !

The voice that will stimulate your children's imagination and make them wiser than ever is none other than that of Christian Godefroy , who perfectly mastered the magic of words , and possessed the rare gift of soothing the body and soul. mind only through speech . Children will literally be transported into the stories, and adults will naturally be reassured by the reassuring voice of Christian Godefroy.

Listen to this story with your children, you will see that they will want more. The pack also includes many other stories, each more wonderful than the next:

The Shrinking Mom, Poor Gustave, The Bride of the Sun, The Zoo Cat, The Richest Little Girl in the World…

Don't these titles make you dream? Imagine your children immersed in these beautiful stories... Wouldn't you like to accompany them?

Learn How To Create Real Moments Of Intimacy
To Fully Feel The Emotions Of The Stories

Here are some suggestions for fully immersing yourself in the stories and sharing these emotional moments together :

  • Set up a cozy corner, in the living room or in the children's room, with blankets and pillows. Your children will be lulled by the stories, and you will relax completely.
  • Spend a moment in complicity with your children: prepare good Christmas cookies together, which you will taste while listening to the stories.
  • If you have a fireplace, make a good fire, and let the crackling and the soft heat of the flames invade you.
  • Put you at ease ! Nothing like pajamas and a good cup of tea to relive the sweetness of childhood.
  • Take the time to answer your children's questions. Do not hesitate to press pause to explain to them what they did not understand.
  • When the story is over, take a moment to discuss it with your children, and you will see that the tales are never innocent: they teach them essential values ​​of life!
  • If you put on a bedtime story for your children, stay close to them while they listen to it, and lower the volume slowly if they doze off. You can have them listen to the end of the story the next day.

PS: For those who are less comfortable with downloading and mp3s, you will find a video with the stories that will explain how to burn the stories on an audio CD. We also offer you a choice of 6 CD covers.

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