Editions Samarkand is a publishing house publishing books, ebooks, audio books and training under the Editions Samarkand and Club Positif brands.

Editions Samarkand publishes books on writing, self-publishing, marketing or copywriting. There is also a small collection of fiction books.

Club Positif publishes books on personal development, coaching, health, well-being and sexology.

Club Positif is a site created by Christian Godefroy in 2000. “Club Positif is a free personal development site on the internet. While advising you on positive thinking, Positive Club also offers free online downloads for relaxation, self-hypnosis or meditation.

The Club Positif shop offers you personal development tools, ebooks to progress in your success and achievement, and audiobooks to practice relaxation, meditation and self-suggestion.

Many of our products are digital. You will immediately receive links to download it after your order. In case of concern, you can contact Cyril Godefroy on club@cpositif.com . Our products are also covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, unconditional refund for at least 30 days, and sometimes more.

Means of payment accepted

We accept payment with the most common credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal and credit cards that Paypal also accepts. These two payment methods allow immediate delivery.

We also accept payments by check in euros and transfers to our bank account (contact details are given to you when you choose this method of payment).

However, we cannot accept cash, Western Union (this is prohibited by WU) or money orders.