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How to turn your blog into a cash machine

How to turn your blog into a cash machine


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  1. The 3 questions you MUST ask yourself before creating your blog (PAGE 5)

  2. How to create your blog in less than 5 minutes! (PAGE 6)

  3. The secrets of interesting and dynamic blogs (PAGE 7)

  4. How to insert sound, images and even video in your blog by being bad at computers (PAGE 8)

  5. The unsuspected power of a blog. Master it and go 'BINGO'! (PAGE 9)

  6. The “little trick” to have a lot of readers (PAGE 11)

  7. 1 simple trick to find ideas even if you have no passion, hobby or special talent! (PAGE 15)

You will also learn this:

  1. The golden rules for choosing the "look" of your blog without asking for help from a designer at 5000€! (PAGE 24)

  2. The 9 steps to follow to configure the theme of your blog, for free and without the help of a pro! (PAGE 26)

  3. “A TERRIBLE weapon to reach THOUSANDS of prospects” (PAGE 35)

  4. THE surefire way to make big money with just one click (PAGE 57)

  5. How to get your blog on top of search engines (PAGE 75)

  6. How to use SOCIAL MEDIA to boost your blog (PAGE 81)

  7. How Some Famous Bloggers Make $100,000+ PER MONTH and How YOU Can Do The Same (PAGE 91)
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