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How to Overcome Failure and Achieve Success - Napoleon Hill

How to Overcome Failure and Achieve Success - Napoleon Hill


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This book is very special.

But why is it so important?

Quite simply because it is the source of thousands of successes. I personally know 5 great business leaders who attribute their success to him. 4 of them started from scratch. One of them was employed in an insurance company when, at over 60, he went into business and built an empire.

Don't misunderstand the meaning of what I say:

Success is not synonymous with having a lot of money. Money is only one element, perhaps even the least important.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1: Persevere until you succeed
  • Temporary defeat leads to success
    A coherent plan
    The temporary defeat
    Service Sales Planning
    Smart Followers
    The main elements of leadership
    Leadership by consent and leadership by force
    There is no other way out for them.
    The 10 main causes of failure in leadership
    Some important areas where new leadership will be required
  • Chapter 2 - When and how to apply for a position?
  • The methods by which services can be marketed
    Information to provide in a curriculum vitae
    How do you get the exact job you want?
    Selling services in a new way today is called "partnership"
    The times have changed
    "Courtesy" and "service"
    What is your "QQE" rate?
  • Chapter 3 - The capital value of your services
  • Chapter 4 - The 30 main causes of failure, how many of them are depriving you of success?
  • Chapter 5 - Get to know yourself
  • Personal Self-Analysis Questionnaire
  • Chapter 6 - Where and how can one find opportunities to accumulate wealth?
    The "miracle" that brought about these benefits
    The Importance of Organized Capital
    Just reward for services rendered
    The economic advantages of the capitalist system
    Trying to get without giving
  • Chapter 7 - The Law of Economics
  • Here you have the freedom and all the opportunity to accumulate wealth
  • Chapter 8 - The Opportunity
  • Chapter 9 - Freedom

When we know the laws of success - and how to avoid failure - our life changes completely for the better. It's as if we were driven by the wind of success and luck...

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