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How to structure your bestselling novels - ebook

How to structure your bestselling novels - ebook

de Fred Godfrey

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How do you tell a story so that the reader is hooked from start to finish? How to structure his novel so that he or she reads it without stopping and says at the end: "it's a good novel"?

Whether you're writing crime, fantasy, or fantasy, romance even, there are narrative structures that are part of the collective unconscious that successful authors successfully use to write best-selling books.

In this fourth volume of his series on the art of narrative writing and the writing profession, Fred Godefroy dissects these narrative structures that apply to both the novel and the film to make them readable and provide you with the tools you need to write the best version of your novel, especially if you're still a novice. By applying this detailed method illustrated with many examples, you cannot get lost, and on the contrary you will get the best out of your ideas and your characters.

By applying this method, you will discover:

  • the different structures used by all the films and novels,
  • the different stages of the hero's journey,
  • the dramatic pivots that relaunch your story and transform your protagonist,
  • the mesh of the chapters: it is essential to write a novel that the readers cannot let go,
  • the 9 steps that make a successful novel,
  • advanced techniques to also structure your saga or series.

Everyday world, milking, triggering event, meeting the mentor, climax: you will understand all the authors' jargon and you will know how to use it and how to apply it to overcome hardships, manipulate the reader and adapt the structure to your experience and bless you. Because to manipulate the structure, you must first know it inside out and know how to apply it with your eyes closed.

With this nine-step structure, you are 100% guaranteed that your story will have the dramatic springboards needed to make it a good story.

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