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How to Get Rich on the Internet Without Having a Website - ebook

How to Get Rich on the Internet Without Having a Website - ebook

de Christian H. Godfrey

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YES, I too want to get rich on the internet, even if I don't have a site and even if I don't know anything about computers.

So send me after receiving my payment "How To Get Rich On The Internet Without Having A Site... and before midnight tonight" as a risk-free trial. If, once received, I am unable to recover my investment 100 times in the following year, I just have to write to you at any time to be instantly reimbursed.

Don't forget to enclose my first gift: "The 16 Secrets of Business Success", by Herbert Casson. I will learn there:

  • Which pays big dividends.
  • The secret of a man who won 50 million euros
  • How to partner for success
  • How to calculate your prices to be sure to make a profit
  • "The secret of effective advertising"
  • What every seller should know
  • "It multiplies sales, lowers costs and increases profits"
  • The most essential thing for successful business
  • Wealth does not come from work, but from...
  • How to increase your profits
  • What to always watch out for to keep progressing
  • How to give value to what you do
  • What to do if you want to make more money
  • The key to power in business... and in life.

Under these conditions, and with your money back guarantee (I earn 100 times my investment or you reimburse me), I agree to order it from you and pay it to you immediately. I will keep my gift anyway, even if I get reimbursed.

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