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How to Sell a Book – Marketing for Authors - ebook

How to Sell a Book – Marketing for Authors - ebook


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An author's first job, of course, is to write good books, but nowadays his second job is to promote them .

** This book was in the top 5 on entrepreneurship and #1 in self-publishing. Over 160 reviews on and a 4.8 star rating**

Marketing isn't a skill that most writers naturally have, and there's little formal training. But when your book lands on the shelves of virtual or real bookstores and sales aren't soaring, there are only two things an author can do. Write other books or… dabble in marketing.

This book is for authors who want to sell more books, but it is also for authors who want to put themselves more in an entrepreneurial dynamic. It meets the expectations of traditional authors who want to take control of their professional future, and those of independent authors who want to start their career.

It contains short-term tactics for those who want to quickly increase their sales, but the heart of the book is still about building habits and teaching you marketing principles that will help your long-term career as an author .

It is also about going beyond the book, because the methods revealed in this work can lead you to develop activities as a speaker, to sell other products, and in general to create opportunities of which you do not have no idea today.

There are rules in this game, but knowing the methods of this authentic marketing has certainly changed my life, and by reading it I will share with you all that I have learned in almost 6 years.

How to Sell a Book covers an extensive panorama of principles, strategies and tactics:

  • Part 1: Principles of Marketing — including myths, how to find balance in your life, coopetition, and generosity
  • Part 2: The Prerequisites for Success — including understanding yourself and your target market, professional publishing and cover design, your book's retail page, pricing, and using freebies
  • Part 3: No Platform Needed — Short-term marketing, including how to get feedback and reviews, paid advertising, using traditional media, and tips for TV, radio, and press releases
  • Part 4: The Author Platform — Long Term Marketing, why having a platform is a vital asset, your author brand, your author site, list building and email marketing, content marketing and blogging, audio and podcasts, video and trailers, social networks, being a speaker and becoming an author-entrepreneur.
  • Part 5: Launching your book — What's changed in launches, do a soft launch, super launch, post launch and relaunch as well as lessons learned from major launches.

Plus tips for focusing on the essentials, and a multitude of links and resources.

What you will receive

On the Club Positif store, you buy the digital version in three formats ePub for iBooks and Kobo, Mobi for Kindle and PDF. If you want the hard copy version of this book, you can find it on Amazon . The book is also available on Kindle for direct purchase.

This book was previously published as How to Publish a Book.

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