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How to amaze your friends - Pr. Robert Tocquet

How to amaze your friends - Pr. Robert Tocquet


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"I am delighted to meet you. I have heard so much about you!..."

That's what we'll tell you in a few weeks. Your presence will be sought. Your talents will be envied. We will wonder about your secrets. You will enchant those around you with your knowledge.

In a party, as soon as you appear, a circle of admirers will form. Everyone will wonder: "How does he achieve such miracles?"

Everyone around you will have heard of you and your name alone will command respect and esteem.

All this thanks to a practical guide.

But what a Practical Guide!

A Guide that will allow you to amaze your friends with your prodigious memory.

A Guide that will allow you to guess the most secret thoughts.

A Guide that will allow you to make anyone do what you want secretly.

You are skeptical, aren't you?

And yet, if all this were true, wouldn't it be exciting, strange, wonderful?

Listen to me carefully,


And I'll give you proof of that in a moment.

This Practical Guide is titled: "HOW TO AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS" Easy Experiments of Amazing Physics and Fun Magic

It reveals for the first time secrets jealously guarded until then by fakirs and illusionists.

This Guide is unique. It will never be disclosed in bookstores.

It is only offered in preview to a few people specially chosen from among the members of the Club-Positif, of which you are a part.

Here are some examples of what you will discover:

-> What you need to do to divert the attention of your viewers brilliantly! PAGE 10

-> The master principle of magic that many beginners overlook PAGE 10!

-> 2 essential parameters to create perfect illusions! PAGE 10

-> What the great magician Ponsin considered the secret of the Aces of Magic! PAGE 10

-> What you should never say to your spectators before your turn! PAGE 10

-> How the best magicians miss certain tricks - and how they don't notice! PAGE 10

-> Robert-Houdin's brilliant technique to confuse his audience and make his tricks look like miracles! PAGE 10

-> A trick from specialists to make it impossible for spectators to seize your “trick”! PAGE 11

-> Will you be able to keep this secret (PAGE 11) from magician to magician?

-> Improvised experiences that will make you the star of all evenings with friends! PAGE 12

-> How to transport sound between your fingers - guaranteed effect at the end of a meal! PAGE 12

-> Become an expert in divination thanks to PAGE 13!

-> Find a coin touched by your spectators - blindfolded! PAGE 13

-> An "extraordinary divination" - your spectators will be left speechless! PAGE 14

-> Guess numbers with amazing ease - your friends will think you're a real guesser! PAGE 14

-> An absolutely breathtaking “visual pseudo-lucidity” experience! PAGE 15

-> An excellent technique for "forcing" banknotes! PAGE 15

-> Answer questions that you have stuck on your forehead and can't see! PAGE 16

-> How to get the same score at will on a dice to play? PAGE 16

-> How do I traverse an entry through a table - any table? PAGE 17

-> Free in 1 second a string that you have previously tied! PAGE 18

-> A trick with a string impossible to see with the naked eye! PAGE 19

-> The experience of the impossible knot -- a priori, impossible! PAGE 21

-> Make a knot with a rope without letting go of the 2 ends --- which is, it seems, impossible too! PAGE 22

-> The extraordinary trick of the "cut and mended rope"! PAGE 22

-> Give a spectator the impression that you have just cut it with a knife - without leaving the slightest trace! PAGE 24

-> How to simulate a powerful "magnetic attraction" thanks to incredible tricks? PAGE 24

-> How the hypnotist Pickman mystified a famous criminologist? And how to do the same with your friends! PAGE 25

-> How to lift a man with just a few fingers? PAGE 25

-> Slowly move a match across your hand without burning yourself! PAGE 26

-> The secret to swallowing the flame of a candle without any risk! PAGE 26

-> The incredible experience of magic matches with a totally invisible effect! PAGE 27

-> Make a thimble disappear from your hand in front of anyone's nose! PAGE 28

-> Pass 11 threads through the eye of a needle in 2 seconds in front of your amazed spectators! PAGE 28

-> Become stronger than matter with the experience of PAGE 30!

-> Unlock 2 safety pins without opening any! PAGE 30

-> Put on a "magic" ring around a cord attached to your wrists in less than 5 seconds! PAGE 32

-> An extraordinary technique to stop your pulse! PAGE 32

-> Make a €2 coin disappear 10 centimeters from your spectators' noses! PAGE 33

-> How to make a coin disappear -- and make it reappear in a spectator's pocket? PAGE 33

-> Literally levitate a knife with your magnetic power! PAGE 34

-> Make your "magnetic fluid" visible and impress anyone! PAGE 36

-> Make sparks appear in an unplugged light bulb with the power of your magnetism! PAGE 36

-> Deflect a needle from a distance with the "only" force of your thought! PAGE 36

-> Use optical illusion and retinal persistence for an exceptional whole! PAGE 37

-> Make smoke with your fingers thanks to this “magical” trick! PAGE 37

-> A purely electrical phenomenon that some consider to be a magnetic fluid! PAGE 37

-> A simple thermal principle that will allow you to perform extraordinary tricks! PAGE 37

-> Guess who owns items entrusted by your audience - who will be amazed! PAGE 38

-> Levitate a pedestal table --- 100% guaranteed effect on the audience! PAGE 38

-> A completely "bogus" spiritualism experience that will have a huge effect on your friends! PAGE 38

-> Levitate any small object - you will be taken for a real fakir! PAGE 39

-> An extraordinary magic trick performed with a hair! PAGE 39

-> Make two colored scarves “travel” through space in front of the amazed eyes of your audience! PAGE 40

-> Break a broomstick supported by 2 glasses without breaking them! PAGE 40

And these are just a few examples. But the best thing is that, in most cases, you will be able to do all this without prior learning, without special dexterity, without complicated equipment.

The author, Pr Robert Tocquet, was a member of the International Metapsychic Institute. A great friend of the late Jacques Bergier, he studied extremely rare books on "white magic" and "superhuman powers": for example "White magic unveiled" (1792) and "The testament of Jérôme Sharp" (1793).

He has had the honors of the press, radio and television many times.

With "How to amaze your friends" you will have the best of his tricks.

Wherever you are, you will be able to bring out the mystery.

Even if you're abroad -- even if you're talking to children -- even if you have nothing but your fingers and a few spare moments.

Last week, I was invited to a wedding. The evening dragging on, I showed a neighbor a trick. They made me do it again. Then another. Soon the entire assembly was wondering, surprised and passionate.

Even if you're married and in love, it's always nice to feel the gaze of pretty girls (or handsome boys) on you.

And, if you are single, you will multiply your conquests.

Because the mystery fascinates. Mystery creates intimacy. The mystery attracts.

Moreover, the practice of this age-old art will give you the habit of speaking in front of an audience, developing your concentration, keeping control of your gestures and self-control in all circumstances.


"HOW TO AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS" Easy Experiments of Amazing Physics and Fun Magic.
without commitment for 6 months.

Even if you don't want to keep it, you will finally discover the backstage of the illusion, the underside of the magic, the secrets of the mystery.

This book is offered to you for its launch

only 17 euros.

Why such a low price?

ONLY ONE of the secrets revealed in this book would be sold for more than that by the merchants of illusion. Moreover, when you know them all, it will be easy for you to be engaged in a party or in a show.

The slightest performance will bring you several times the price of this Practical Guide.

When I was a student, I earned my pocket money like that. I will tell you how. It's easy.

For you, for a friend, or for your children, get "How to amaze your friends".

If you are not completely satisfied, request a refund within 30 days. Your money will be returned to you in full.

It's simple and hassle-free.

Discover ways to amaze yourself...and amaze your friends. Do it today, and this summer you will have the admiration and esteem of all.

PS FREE GIFT IF YOU respond within 48 hours:

"The Art of Winning at All Games", by Robert Houdin.

The last 2 copies of this book are on sale on at $324.35 and even $616.27 plus shipping.

Professor Robert Tocquet suggested that I make an electronic copy that will be yours... as a free gift.

This fascinating book reveals how some people make a living from gambling -- and all their tricks.

This extremely rare 377-page practical manual, written by the greatest illusionist of all time, Robert Houdin, will be yours and will remain so, even if you decide to be reimbursed for Professor Robert Tocquet's work.

Remember: to receive them, please reply within 48 hours.

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