How to develop your attention and memory - ebook

How to develop your attention and memory - ebook

Robert Tocquet

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Your memory depends essentially on psychological laws, for example on your motivation. It engages your whole personality and its quality essentially depends on your emotional drive.

You retain above all what you like, what interests you.

Thus, a horse racing enthusiast, who knows by heart the names, the ancestry, the performances of a large number of racehorses, may be unable to remember even a relatively simple physical or chemical formula. It is not that he has a special memory for horses, but, as he is more interested in racing than in science, his memory is polarized.

In this book you will find methods for memorization. These methods in fact develop a certain number of faculties of the mind so that with regard in particular to instruction, the assimilation of knowledge and education, it would be chasing after a mirage to want to establish a whole pedagogy excluding voluntary effort and conscious reflection.