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How to get ideas for bestselling novels - ebook

How to get ideas for bestselling novels - ebook

de Fred Godfrey

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An author of novels must be a machine for producing ideas. No choice ! But where do good ideas come from and how do you make them better for writing a bestselling novel?

Do you have an idea for a novel?

OK, but is one idea enough to write a novel of 25,000, 50,000 or 120,000 words? Nope ! it takes dozens and dozens. And even if you have a great idea for your whole novel, you can still improve it to make it a big idea, which will carry all your writing.

If you sit at your desk with one idea for your novel, maybe you can write 15 or 20,000 words. But then that manuscript will go into a drawer, the graveyard of unfinished novels. Professional writers can't spend hours or days writing novels that they don't finish.

In this book which follows _How to write successful novels_, Fred Godefroy explores your raw material: ideas. Everyday ideas, ideas that you only have once in your life, ideas that come by themselves, but above all ideas that you observe, write down and work on. These novel ideas that make the difference between an unfinished novel and a bestselling novel.

“Creativity is not a talent. It's a way of operating” John Cleese.

And this way of operating you can master it to go beyond the blank page. Because good ideas for a novel, you need dozens and dozens of them: some will not be bad, some will be tossed in the trash, others will have the potential to be further improved to write a successful novel.

This book also concentrates on the Idea, the Big Idea, the one that will take you to the end of the novel, through the soft underbelly of the middle of the novel, but also at each stage of the heroic structure. With this book, you will learn concretely how to prepare the super-concept of your novels, series and sagas.

“You always have ideas. The only difference between writers and others is that you notice when you do it. »Neil Gaiman


Fred Godefroy is an author of genre fiction. He worked on screenplays for a long time before moving on to writing novels. Above all, he designed and created the most complete training on the work of the writer and presented hundreds of conferences on the most advanced techniques of narrative writing.

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