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Oriental Anecdotes - S. Ulliac de Tremadeure/ F. Blanchet

Oriental Anecdotes - S. Ulliac de Tremadeure/ F. Blanchet


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Published in 1854, this delightful little 160-page book has been scanned as is. It is delivered as a PDF.

It includes 8 lithographs, 16 oriental apologues, 15 oriental anecdotes and 33 maxims. I put a sample story at the end of this presentation.

Eastern Apologues

  • The Library of the King of India
  • The Queen of Gor
  • The royalty
  • Highborn Princesses
  • The two snakes
  • The court of Persia
  • The silent academy
  • caroon
  • the envious
  • The insulted dervish
  • All is well
  • The hungry Arab
  • The beggar and his son
  • friends and money
  • The Jew and the Christian
  • The will

Oriental anecdotes

  • The incorruptible eunuch
  • What we gain from getting up early in the morning
  • The glass of water
  • The throne
  • Caliph's Trait of Justice
  • Beneficence of the Caliph
  • Joke of a Persian poet
  • The throne of Turcomans
  • History of Sultan Thogrul-Ben-Arslam
  • the eclipse
  • Wisdom trait of a good prince
  • Cosroes Parviz and Siroes
  • History of Abu-Taher
  • The incredulous sultan
  • Mirzah's Vision

Collector's work, extremely rare text, by the magic of the internet you can have a copy.

If you like the magic of the oriental world and stories, a book to have in your collection!

Sample story:

The hungry Arab

An Arab, lost in the desert, had not eaten for 2 days, and was threatened with starvation

Passing near one of these wells where the caravans come to water their camels, he sees a small leather bag on the sand; he picks it up, he feels it "Allah be blessed! he says; they are, I believe, dates or hazelnuts."

Full of this sweet hope, he hastens to open the bag; but at the sight of what it contains: "Alas! he exclaimed painfully, they are only pearls!"

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