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82 questions about self-publishing - ebook

82 questions about self-publishing - ebook

de Cyril Godefroy

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What is self-publishing and how can it
allow you to publish your books and start your career as an author?

This handy ebook answers the most common questions asked by people like you who are new to freelance digital book and ebook publishing.

It reveals all the information that will allow you to take charge of your first electronic and even paper book publication yourself.

Did you know that JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter, is herself self-published? That some authors you've devoured on paper started with books published on Amazon's Kindle? That digital self-publishing and print-on-demand are the biggest revolutions since the paperback in the 1950s?

This ebook answers these questions:

  • Does it take a long time to self-publish?

  • Should we be afraid of piracy?

  • Can we make a living?

  • What prices to practice?

  • What kind of book to write?

  • How to gain visibility?

  • What is the virtuous circle for ebook publishing?

  • What is the biggest mistake to make as a freelancer?

  • What tools to use for writing?

  • Can we publish a paper book easily and on demand?

and dozens of other questions about publishing in general, self-publisher, self- employed, e-reading development, audiobooks, multimedia, marketing, admin, KDP , iBooks, Kobo…

Resulting from the observation of the self-publishing market, from exchanges with self-published authors or not, with independent publishers, this ebook offers you a 360° panorama of self-publishing.

It answers the questions of people who want to publish their first book, but also those of people who want to go further in publishing their book on Kindle and other platforms.

You will receive the ePub version for iBooks, Kobo or Adobe Digital Editions, the Mobi version for Kindle and a PDF version.

30876 words, 238 pages in PDF format.

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