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501 hit hooks

501 hit hooks

de Christian Godfrey

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"A change in hook can multiply (multiply by 10) returns" - David Ogilvy

What you discover now can have a huge influence on your future, that of your business, and that of your customers.

There is a tool you need.
A tool that ANY business must have to succeed.
I mean the "501 Hooks-A-Success".

You see, a good hook, according to David Ogilvy, can multiply your returns by 5 times .

Whether you place an ad to find a job, an adwords ad, whether you do a mailshot or an advertising flyer, you need a hook.
It's a matter of life or death for your offer.

No one has time to waste. The hook is the advertisement of your advertisement. Either it grabs the reader's attention, or he moves on.

It is considered that the average consumer is subjected to nearly 1000 advertising messages per day. Posters, TV, press, emails, etc.

A good hook is the way to get BEFORE these 1000 messages.

David Ogilvy talks about multiplying his yields by 5 or 10, but he forgets one thing.

If you don't test your hooks, if you pick one at random, your results can!

A bad hook can simply KILL your message.
What is the gain of a good grip compared to a very bad one? - Infinity!!!

So having a reserve of 501 good hooks is the guarantee of a good result. It's infinitely better than a "flop".

Good hooks don't just grab attention. They put the reader's brain in a hypnotic state, they create an expectation, they determine the time the reader will spend reading you.

I could tell you about the hours of hooks, but you have other things to do.

What is my proposal?

Order today, and you can have these 501 Hooks-To-Success for just $49.50.

You may say to me "But it's only a series of sheets of paper!". Okay, but it took me 30 years to put them together. It's my treasure, and I won't share it for nothing.

What say those who already have this tool in hand?

The biggest surprise is that just by browsing through the list, lots of product ideas pop into their brains.
It's quite normal: these catchphrases are the sellers of 501 successful products...

The second is that the hook is the starter of the sales letter. Try to start an old diesel without preheating, and you will see... impossible. The 501 hooks "preheat" the mind.

The third is that a good sales text does not have ONE hook, but dozens. Yes, you read that right: dozens!
Each heading is a little hook.
Each title raises the attention.

The fourth is time saved. All great copywriters spend 50% of their writing time on teasers. Having 501 successful hooks means hours, tens, hundreds of hours saved.

How do you rate your working hours? These hooks, at 49.50 euros, are a considerable saving.

The last is MONEY earned. By testing your hooks, you will see that often a hook inspired by these 501 Hooks To Success makes a minimum of 70% more performance. Imagine 70% more sales in any business, that's a LOT of money...

These 501 Hooks To Success are therefore the best that can happen to you in your business life. Whether on the internet or in everyday life.

You have any ideas.

If you have a boss, you just have to "sell" one of these ideas to the boss to climb the hierarchy. We reward those who have ideas and know how to promote them.

If you are your own boss, you just have to sell your idea well to your customers to see your turnover and your profits explode.

But do you know that without a good hook, your idea risks remaining a dead letter? That your number is likely to remain flat, your promotion and your increase to be forgotten?


On average, 8 out of 10 people read the teaser, but only 16% read the rest if the teaser wasn't engaging.

John Caples, one of the masters of publicity, says: "If you can write a good hook, your ad has a good chance of succeeding. But even the greatest copywriter can't save his ad if he has a hook. poor."

David Ogilvy, in "How to write effective texts", states:

"The hook is the most important element of most ads. It is the telegram that decides the reader to read the text. The title is read on average by 5 times more people than the body of the text.
When you wrote your teaser, you spent 80 cents of your euro...
A change of catchphrase can increase sales tenfold. I never write less than 16 teasers for a single ad."

3 times more yield

8 days ago, a marketing director asked me my opinion on a hook to put on a new mailing. It offers "SPECIAL WINTER". I suggest he buy the "501 Hooks-A-Success", and test on adwords "Special Winter" against the 10 or 20 ideas that these hooks bring him.

Result ?

"WINTER SPECIAL" performed 3 TIMES LESS than one of the hit hooks. That is to say that the idea that these hooks gave him will TRIPLE his yields... and certainly multiply by 4 or 5 his profits.

PS Can you imagine how nice it is to have not 100, not 200, but 501 hooks ready to deliver their magic to you? No more fear of the blank page, no more hesitation...

With 501 successful hooks, you now have:

  • A way to increase my yields by 70%, 100%, or even 500%

  • Lots of new product ideas

  • A way to "boost" your inspiration and get your texts off to a flying start

  • The solution for creating attention-grabbing intertitles

  • A tool to arrest the reader's attention, hypnotize him and facilitate the sale

  • the way to tap into the most creative minds the earth has ever borne.

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