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50 strategies and tactics to better sell your ebooks - ebook

50 strategies and tactics to better sell your ebooks - ebook

de Cyril Godefroy

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How can you better sell your digital or print-on-demand books? Increase traffic to these ebooks so that they are visible, convince potential readers of the interest of the book according to their tastes or needs?

In "50 strategies and tactics to better sell your ebooks", Cyril Godefroy is aimed at authors and independent publishers who want to improve their marketing to go further, longer.

Upsell, cross-sell, mailing-list, metadata improvement, genre selection, giveaway, press service, beta readers, promotions: all author marketing topics are covered. A lot of work awaits you, and the author takes you by the hand and accompanies you in the process of increasing the visibility of your books and more effectively converting prospects into readers.

This book is not a collection of tips or links to sites. It discusses the main strategies that you must follow and put in place, the golden rules of any good publisher, self-published or not, and we break down these strategies into tactics to adopt to develop your sales in a constantly changing environment. It is intended for authors who have already self-published one or more books and who wish to optimize and improve their self-publishing habits.

Cyril Godefroy is an author, publisher, specializing in digital book marketing. He has also translated several Anglo-Saxon books on the subject. You can find him on his website

You will receive the mobi, ePub versions of this digital book. There is no PDF version.

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