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The success diary is your diary, simple, practical and easy to use that allows you to structure your day and your life to achieve your goals.

If you are tired of not transforming your aspirations into successes, if you want to realize your projects or change your life, it is not enough to wait for the finish line to be at your fingertips: you have to start today. here is the path that will allow you to achieve these changes, convert your dreams into actions.

With the success diary, you will commit to achieving your goals.

A three-month goal is more achievable and easier to achieve than a goal for the coming year or your goals in life.

You commit by determining what steps and habits you are going to put in place to truly pursue that goal.

You plan your progress in a week and you regularly analyze your progress.

Every day especially, you structure your daily life to make your success inevitable.

The secrets of those who succeed

The Success Journal is a 13-week or 91-day journal that you have with you at all times to organize and structure your life, define your actions, and trigger change through intentional actions.

Your diary guides you, explains how to do it and accompanies you so that you realize your simplest dreams... or the craziest.

Simple, practical, easy

start today

The starting point is up to you. You can start whenever you want, Wednesday or February 15. And if you leave your diary aside for a while, it will welcome you back without asking you any questions.

Make commitments for your success

Make commitments

You make firm commitments with yourself. You write down the expected results, the date by which you must have reached your goal, how you will celebrate it. And you sign...

Put your goals at the center of your daily life

Day after day, focus on your main goals so that you can really achieve them. By repeating your goal, you give it the importance it deserves.

Your actions should flow naturally from that goal, and executing your plan to achieve it become a habit.

The Success Journal is no longer directly available on the Club Positif store. It's now exclusively on Amazon and that's better: it allowed me both to reduce the price considerably (14 € instead of 27 €) and to ensure that you are delivered quickly, even when I am in travel to the other side of the world.

To order the Journal of Success, and create a better life for yourself, click here .