Help yourself with Self-Hypnosis

At last! Christian Godefroy reveals
all the secrets to self-hypnotize yourself
and get everything you want out of life...

How a shy boy,
who didn't dare approach girls...
became a famous speaker
able to speak in front of 4,000 people...
and how you can do the same to overcome your money problems, influence someone, kick a bad habit, or free yourself from life-wrecking sexual inhibitions!

...even if you are shy, penniless, find yourself ugly and life is currently denying you everything you ardently desire

To you who are "fed up" with an ordinary life,

The author of this method is Christian Godefroy. You may already know it - or not. But that is not important.

Because this letter is about YOU..

In a few days, you will be able to become the person you have always dreamed of being. You will discover the natural key that will allow you to better express the POWER of success that is within you.

Are you ready to unleash the most powerful forces that exist within you - the fantastic powers of your subconscious - and harness them at will?

If all this sounds interesting to you, lock the door and free yourself for 5 minutes.

Why? Because you will discover...

The secret of the words that release the forces of your subconscious - and open the doors to money and happiness

I know that's an incredible promise. And I'm not asking you to take my word for it, but to examine one by one the irrefutable evidence that "it works".

These forces, which govern your affective life, your health and your success, you know them well. You have already used them unconsciously in dangerous circumstances or to save someone. Yes, you used them...but only in an emergency!

In 99 out of 100 people, these amazing forces remain dormant throughout their lives. Unused, wasted, forgotten even by those who need it most!

It's exactly as if you were driving in 1st, sometimes in second, without knowing that there is a 3rd, a 4th and even a 5th gear on your car!

However, this simple change of gear makes all the difference between those who succeed, earn money and power, and those who do not achieve anything.

Because it is largely your subconscious that controls all your muscles. It is he who makes you brave or fearful... He is also the one who gives you ideas... records your memories... gives you top form or makes you sick. . . makes you sad or in a good mood.

It's your subconscious that blocks your way to happiness or opens the door to success .

For nearly a century, hundreds of doctors and researchers have studied this problem. They have found an effective, natural and easy way...

You don't need a lot of time.

In 10 minutes, you will know how to relax deeply, recharge your body with vigor and vitality. You can turn your sorrows into joy, your problems into solutions, your obstacles into stepping stones to success! You have no doubt noticed it: the direct effort of the will is useless. You need a method that acts on the subconscious without going through the conscious.

You don't need experience.

You will possess confidence and authority, possibly beyond anything you ever dreamed of. "You will unleash the powers of your brain. Instead of using only 10% of your mind, you will finally benefit from the 90% of reserves that you have not had access to until now.
You will multiply by 10 the power of your brain... and your income will also increase. These are the very techniques that Christian Godefroy also used to get rid of his shyness.

You don't have to believe it.

It works whether you believe it or not. You will become someone to be reckoned with - someone important - someone people listen to when they talk. You will quickly appreciate the admiring and respectful gaze that is granted to those who hold a superior force of thought.
Your self-confidence will no longer be undermined by doubts, fear and negative past experiences.

You don't need willpower.

Even better, you'll get rid of it more easily.
negative feelings such as fear, guilt, lack of love and affection, bad habits, repressed desires, worries and all that has so far held you back from success and happiness. You will attract health and wealth, as the magnet attracts metal!

You do not need to go to a specialist.

The technique I am talking about is a method that you use yourself. It is completely private. You do it alone, easily and safely. At home, in the privacy of your home, without anyone knowing.

And you can apply it to practically anything.

You can better pass your exams and your studies, progress in the company that employs you, conquer the companion or the companion of your dreams, increase your memory tenfold and learn a foreign language or a new knowledge much more quickly... an experiment carried out by Prof. Raikov of the Moscow Neuropsychiatric Clinic concludes that a subject's IQ can be improved by 50 to 150 percent with this method -- and many researchers have made their greatest discoveries in this "alien" state.

This method is called SELF-HYPNOSIS . It is used by great athletes, such as ski champions, Formula 1 pilots, golfers or tennis champions, as well as by scientists, artists, and by many businessmen...

This method,

It's exactly as if you were spending a few hours with Christian Godefroy, and he passed on all his knowledge to you. The thousands of
people he has trained in Mental Dynamics, the hundreds of experiments he has carried out are the guarantee of your success.

What you will receive is priceless! Step by step, you will discover
all the surprising techniques of Auto-Hypnosis.

For example :

  • A preparatory exercise that makes the experience very easy,
  • A surefire way to deepen your self-hypnosis,
  • How to make your own method.
  • A technique to instantly influence your subconscious.
  • How to build strong and positive auto-suggestions.

But that's not all ! Christian Godefroy has prepared texts adapted to each problem:

  • Do you have an allergy? - Read chapter 4.
  • Money problems? - Do the session: "How to have as much money as you want", in chapter 8.
  • Want to influence someone? - In chapter 3, the technique is described from A to Z.
  • Want to beat a bad habit? Losing weight, quitting smoking or drinking, being afraid, will become problems of the past for you, thanks to Chapter 5.

Whatever the question you ask yourself, read "Helping yourself with Self-Hypnosis" : it is the most complete practical work you can get on the subject.

"I got the results announced"

“By applying your method, I obtained the results announced and which many described as "miraculous".

Over a year: sleep, spectacular rejuvenation according to those around me, local thinning of the desired area. As for the chronic health problems dragged on since my childhood, no more rheumatism, headaches, fatigue from getting up, digestion, numbness of the arms at night and practically hot flashes which had begun to be repeated and many troubles already forgotten.

Naturally, everything holds together on the moral and psychic level.

It's fantastic, it seems to me to be
younger than ever and I have to convince myself of my 55 years.”

-- LdT 02 CHARLY

“I quit smoking for good”

"Great, after several years of unsuccessful attempts, it's thanks to the self-hypnosis method that I quit smoking for good. It's now been 6 months since I've touched tobacco."

-- FJ 75 PARIS

"I dared to speak to the woman I loved"

"I also dared to speak to the woman I had loved in silence for well…years. We are now on the road together. Many thanks to you."

-- MS 91 Igny

"I overcame a phobia (fear of skydiving)"

"I overcame a phobia (fear of skydiving).
I'm on my 16th jump, the last 6 of which are in freefall."

-- JP 13 Aix en Provence

I acquired the necessary insurance to set up a business

“It allowed me to change my attitude towards others, my way of thinking, to be more positive and to have confidence in myself and to acquire the confidence to start a business.”

— UC 94 Fontenay

" Excellent results to my amazement"

“I have been practicing self-hypnosis for a few years now. When I got the "Help yourself with self-hypnosis" method, I must say that I was very surprised. Of all the books I have read dealing with this subject, it is the only one that is so clear, so well explained with many simple exercises to put into practice immediately and giving, to my amazement, excellent results."

— SL 68 Mulhouse

Stubborn enuresis overcome in 8 days

“I tried on my 5 year old granddaughter who had bedwetting, after 8 days it was over.”

— RP 1810 Wemmel

You will tell me... and what is the price of such a method? 200 euros, 500 euros, more? No, only 37 euros.

What is 37 euros .-- compared to what the method will bring you?

37 euros is much less than the price of two consultations with a good specialist. And there, you will be able to "consult" all your life!

Don't let such an opportunity pass you by.

What is material with regard to the food of your mind?
It is your mind that allows you to earn your living.
It is your spirit that is the source of all that you possess.
It is your spirit that will give you all that you can still expect from life.

Invest in yourself, your money will be returned to you a hundredfold.

What do you need to do to put this extraordinary method into practice today?

Click here .

Don't procrastinate, you might forget.

With all my best wishes,

Cyril Godefroy

PS Your guarantee: 10 times your money back

Yes, you read that right. If this ebook doesn't get you 10x your money back, one way or another, in savings or gains, just ask for it to be refunded by return, courtesy.

The idea is not to make you broken promises but to offer you a real service . If by extraordinary "Helping Yourself By Self-Hypnosis" does not bring you everything you expect and even more, if it does not save you 10 times your investment, get a full refund.

We will charge all collection and download fees to our account.

What is your most secret desire? - Self-hypnosis will help you achieve it!

Whether it's material possessions, developing qualities within you, regaining your health or finding the love of your life, IT ALL STARTS IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUSNESS.

Become who you've always dreamed of becoming

When you encounter a difficulty, when you want to change a trait of your character or develop habits of success, you say to yourself: "Come on, we have to react!", "I'm going to make an effort to stop this bad habit ", etc.

However, you must have realized it for yourself, these "good intentions" are often in vain: one can only note: "It's stronger than me!".

To succeed in knowing full control of yourself, you need a method that acts directly on your subconscious. Indeed, the most recent research proves it. This force over which your will has no "control" is your subconscious, the grand master of your affective life, your health and your success.

Through Self-Hypnosis, you will know how to question and direct your subconscious. You will know how to use its strength for you instead of against you. You will be able to modify all aspects of your personality at will, without strenuous or constraining exercise, in relaxation and harmony.

Find - and keep - the love of your life

Nothing beats Self-Hypnosis to overcome the fear of others, shyness and embarrassment. In the sexual field, AutoHypnosis gives remarkable results on the following problems:
Impotence - Frigidity - Lack of desire - Orgasm too short -.
Many sexologists, like Dr. Tordjman, use hypnosis to treat and cure their patients.
"Helping yourself through Self-Hypnosis" will allow you to succeed in your life as a couple and free yourself from your blockages (cf. VSD.)

Bursting with energy and health!

Our problems and our nervous tension are at the root of most modern illnesses. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic (USA) estimate that 80% of our illnesses are of psychosomatic origin. However, few people know it, a brief self-hypnotic relaxation is equivalent to a particularly restorative and beneficial sleep comparable to several hours of rest (cf. G. Sciuto, Real Hypnosis, ed. Danglès).

By freeing you from "stress", Self-Hypnosis will restore harmony and serenity, and stimulate your vitality.

Develop a memory that will amaze all your friends - and your boss!

Christian Godefroy will teach you his techniques of concentration and memorization through Auto-Hypnosis. He will reveal to you the secret of prodigious memories. Hypnosis is used by the LAPD to stimulate the memory of witnesses. An example: put under hypnosis, a bus driver "saw" the license plate of the gangsters, which led to their arrest.

Author Aldous Huxley recounts how, practicing self-hypnosis, he was able to read aloud, page by page, from a book he had read years earlier. Checked, his memory was perfect.

By programming yourself mentally, you will be able to perform wonders of this kind in the waking state, during exams for example.

Listen to the testimony of Pierre, a poor student at first:

Realize your desires and reach your goals like the great sports champions!

The strength of a goal is already incredible. It is enough to study the lives of champions to be convinced of this.

But you also have to motivate yourself. Successful people know how to motivate themselves. You will see page after page how to do it practically, for shooting , golf , bowling , tennis .

Here are some of the secrets revealed in this prodigious

  • Why “everyone who can read can transform their life” PAGE 5
  • Why is there ABSOLUTELY nothing to fear from hypnosis? PAGE 7
  • What makes you fall in love with one person more than another, and how to conquer the one you love -- PAGE 9
  • What REALLY prevents you from quitting despite all your good resolutions.-- Page 10
  • What makes a woman who has everything to please can still be terribly unhappy? PAGES 10-11
  • Make a clean sweep of your received ideas, all your bad habits and everything that condemns you to be unhappy! How ? PAGE 12
  • Why you can't get what YOU ARE RIGHT TO, while others, less deserving, do… PAGE 16
  • Find out how to have your contact searched “like travelers find an oasis in the desert”. PAGE 17
  • The glaring examples of everything that can permanently undermine our morale in a few minutes.. and the way to remedy it.. PAGE 22
  • WHAT you must ABSOLUTELY AVOID to stop being the victim of a verbal suggestion or a "spell" -- PAGE 23
  • How a man was almost killed by a simple word… PAGE 24
  • The list of 25 formulas that you must ABSOLUTELY BAN from your vocabulary and ESPECIALLY from your inner monologue! PAGES 26-27
  • THE THING to NEVER accept to achieve your goals. PAGE 29
  • The POWERFUL weapon to defend yourself against negative influences. PAGE 30
  • What if someone keeps telling you that you're going to fail and you won't be able to get out of it? PAGE 30
  • The 5 points to respect to formulate effective and beneficial suggestions aimed at fueling your evolution towards better spheres. PAGE 39
  • The STRIKING example of Doctor Joseph Murphy (one of the most eminent specialists in positive thinking) on ​​the dialogue with the subconscious which makes it possible to obtain answers to all kinds of questions! PAGE 41
  • How to question your subconscious to get the RIGHT answers to your concerns? -- PAGE 46

It is in your thoughts that your happiness germinates... or your misfortune

You will begin by learning to harness the power of words and images. What you tell yourself during the day matters. It is in your thoughts that your happiness germinates... or your misfortune.

Then Christian Godefroy will teach you how to put yourself in a state with the greatest mental potential. In this state, you will be able to “dialogue” with your subconscious.

Then you will see how to further deepen this state to arrive at the source of your energy, your thought and your life.

How to unlock your true personality

You will start by becoming aware of the brakes that bother you. Then, using new techniques, you will develop your self-confidence and improve your relationships with others. You will learn how to use your mental power to influence others at will. You will be able to mold your personality according to your desires.

You will also discover:

  • How to choose the BEST argument to get your dearest wishes granted. PAGE 47
  • What can overcome ALL the difficulties and how to attribute it to yourself. PAGE 52
  • The trick that will allow you to “build your luck at will”: PAGES 62-63
  • What you must AVOID doing at all costs to be able to succeed in all your undertakings! PAGE 65
  • The simple little habit that will be enough to “provide deep and lasting spectacular results” in your everyday life. PAGE 69
  • Did you know that nighttime can be THE BEST time to work EFFECTIVELY… while sleeping ?… Learn how to use this incredible asset. PAGES 71-72
  • This allows you to “find the strings that will allow you to direct your destiny” in a completely legal way. PAGE 94
  • Which allowed John F. Kennedy to become President of the United States when he was terribly introverted. PAGE 109
  • THE DYNAMITE FORMULA to find self-confidence. PAGE 113
  • The 2 conditions to be fulfilled MANDATORY but accessible to EVERYONE to create a new fulfilled personality. PAGE 116
  • How to have the necessary impact on others and thus become a true leader. PAGE 118
  • The best way to please... and how to achieve it. PAGE 119
  • The undeniable proof that ANY disease can be prevented (PAGE 126)… and the solutions to keep them at bay: PAGE 130 to 152

"More confidence, calm, concentration"

"... the method to help oneself by self-hypnosis pleases me a lot, it gives me more confidence, calm, concentration of memory, joy and good mood. »

- JD Freland Kaysersberg

  • The amazing cause of viral diseases and how to avoid them. PAGE 127
  • The indisputable proof that we are incredible programmers, capable even of programming their own death! Striking! PAGES 130
  • Ultra simple and ultra powerful magic formulas to counter ALL the risks of disease. PAGE 134
  • How to fight nervous fatigue and overcome insomnia. PAGE 138
  • THE technique that relieves acute arthritis attacks and makes the pain more bearable. PAGE 143
  • Treat yourself to the luxury of NO LONGER being allergic: it's easy and free! (PAGES 147-148)
  • The miracle recipe for controlling your weight without depriving yourself… and in the long term! PAGE 156
  • Why self-hypnosis works 10 times better than ALL the diets we hear about. PAGE 156
  • How to WIN the bet to quit smoking in 2 weeks…and this…DEFINITIVELY! PAGE 159
  • Why having a positive mind is fundamentally essential to success…and the excellent way to keep it in all circumstances. PAGES 163-165

The awesome reason that keeps most people poor…and the legal lifeline to never run out of money again. PAGE 208

Why do you only find after the fact the witty repartee that would have allowed you to shine in the presence of a person you wanted to impress?

Why don't you manage to get the salary increase to which you are nevertheless entitled while less talented or less dedicated colleagues than you climb the hierarchical ladder with disconcerting ease and are regularly rewarded with substantial salary increases?

What takes away your means just when you need it most?

Why doesn't your life always look like your dreams? What makes some days you feel like everything is wrong? Why is it difficult for you and so easy for others?

Are you afraid of being rejected? Pushed back? Do you ever find yourself in difficult situations? To have accidents or injuries, even slight ones? Do you often find yourself with people who resent you, or who, instead of helping you, put you "on the road"? It is not by chance. Self-hypnosis can help you understand and overcome these obstacles.

"Are you able to do self-hypnosis?"

You may be thinking that you can't do it or that it's dangerous?

In fact, self-hypnosis is a NATURAL state of consciousness. Listen for a moment to the opinion of Christian Godefroy:

How to manage to be "positive" even in the most terrible circumstances and NEVER EVER let yourself go vague in your soul. PAGE 165

The emotions that, instead of making you enjoy life, poison you… and how to fight them. PAGE 169

The almost infallible combination to get rid of "COMPLETELY your phobias and your fears: whatever they are" very quickly. PAGE 176

Awaken the power to "become the lover you dream of being and finally meet the ideal partner!" » PAGE 180

"How to make a success of your life as a couple and develop love" in all simplicity. PAGE 181

Overcome impotence QUICKLY AND PERMANENTLY, regaining a vigor you've never known before! The solution: PAGE 184

Proof that "everyone has an excellent memory, a perfect memory", including YOU, even if you don't believe it: PAGE 190

The best tool to develop creativity and inspiration, which, moreover, THE GREATEST such as Rachmaninoff or Leonardo da Vinci used themselves: PAGE 199

Let your ideas make you rich!

Did you know that inspiration is within everyone's reach? Yes, yes: several studies have shown it! To be more creative, start with PAGE 200

The incredibly effective methods used throughout the world by Olympic teams of all nationalities and all disciplines, delivered for you EXCLUSIVELY ON PAGES 202-203.. and which will make you a much better athlete

How to become financially comfortable even if your current condition is difficult. PAGE 209

Free Gift: "The 10 Secrets of Hypnotic Power"

You will find in this file preparatory methods which will build your hypnotic power and which will develop your personal magnetism.

These "Secrets" -- some of which are being revealed to the general public for the first time -- will give you a more powerful look. If in the past you have lowered your gaze in front of a person with magnetic eyes, this will not happen again. We will feel your inner strength.

This inner strength will give you the self-confidence and self-assurance that is the hallmark of successful people. You will know how to instantly recharge your energy and erase fatigue, release a radiant fluid, even, if you wish, literally "hypnotize" your interlocutor.

A series of exercises will also facilitate your ability to put yourself instantly, at will, in a state of self-hypnosis. Accept to receive, for free and for the rest of your life:

1. 10 "Fascinars", drawings charged with hypnotic power, which can induce a trance just by their effect on the brain.

2. 3 sentences charged with power that recharge the mind and allow in all circumstances, in a fraction of a second, to regain self-confidence and assurance.

3. A special "Fascinar" that develops the strength of the gaze. As you stare at it, you will feel more and more calm. It is an excellent preparation for self-hypnosis.

4. An auto-suggestion exercise to develop your hypnotic powers. It will give you an iron will and a deeper look.

5. The secret of recharging energy. Whether it is to protect yourself from negative influences, to help heal, or to comfort or influence others, this secret alone is well worth the price of “Helping Yourself Through Self-Hypnosis”.

6. How to easily hypnotize any subject. With this maneuver "His pupils will begin by contracting, then they will dilate. Then approach the hand of his eyes, his eyelids will close involuntarily in a vibratory movement".

7. A hypnotic reinforcement technique for the most rebellious subjects. 2 sentences that will cause immediate trance.

8. You have already seen hypnotic spirals that professionals use to put people in a state of hypnosis. Here is one which, according to Professor Laurence Powers, gives "the best results".

9. The "mirror effect", Another excellent exercise to facilitate self-hypnosis.

10. A secret process that allows you to put someone to sleep or take control of someone without saying a word, by "simple fixation and telepathic suggestion". To know absolutely if you want to prevent an ill-intentioned person from exercising control over you.

11. How to use your hands as a transmitter and strengthen your magnetic power.

This file, "The 10 Secrets of Magnetic Power", by Pr Lawrence Powers, will be yours and will remain so, even if you get reimbursed.

You just have to order "Helping Yourself by Self-Hypnosis", by Christian H. Godefroy, to receive it within minutes.

Ask for your free copy of "10 Secrets of Hypnotic Power". If you order now, you will also obtain the right to distribute this file without having to pay royalties to Prof. Lawrence Powers.

Let's summarize.

Click here , and you will receive:

  1. "Helping Yourself by Self-Hypnosis" , by Christian H. Godefroy, a 231-page course that gives you word by word all the secrets of self-hypnosis. A real manual for your brain, which will serve you all your life to achieve your goals and master the powers of your subconscious. (value: 37 euros)
  2. The 10 Secrets of Hypnotic Power by Professor Lawrence Powers. An explosive file, which reveals little-known secrets, even revealed for the first time to the general public. (Value: 19 euro)

Never will such an opportunity come again

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Still skeptical? Listen to Marc's testimony: "It's a book that changed my life"

(Click to listen to it.)

Why should you trust Christian Godefroy?

Christian Godefroy is the author of "La Dynamique Mentale", initially published by Robert Laffont, then by Marabout and Editions de l'Homme. Printed in more than 75,000 copies in France alone, this bestseller, translated into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English, is a reference in terms of mental programming and self-hypnosis.

He led seminars during which he introduced thousands of people to self-hypnosis. Both in business, at IBM, Renault and many other industry and service leaders, and with the general public. Its last seminar was at the Palais de Congrès, Porte Maillot in Paris and brought together 2,000 people.

As a young man he was shy and dared not approach girls, having discovered self-hypnosis, he was able to speak in front of 4,000 people and gave talks all over the world, including Australia and Canada . He is therefore the first beneficiary of his method.

Starting from scratch - he saw his toys and the furniture in his bedroom sold at auction by bailiffs as a child - he set up a training company, then a publishing company that shone around the world. After selling it, he now devotes himself to publicizing personal development through the internet. Everything he touches succeeds and he attributes his success and great creativity to "My ability to program my subconscious. Whatever the question, it always brings me the answer".

Christian Godefroy has met and studied the greatest: Pr Lozanov, Pr Caycedo, Dr Lawrence LeShan, Dr Milan Ryzl, with whom he worked closely, Anthony Robbins, whose two books he published in French... his study trips brought him to meet Swami Satchidananda, of whom he translated several seminars, and he studied and practiced biofeedback with Luis Robert.

All this experience will be at your service in "Helping Yourself Through Self-Hypnosis"!

Christian Godefroy's books have been translated into Spanish, Italian, English, German, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, etc. his work and knowledge in the field of mental programming and success are recognized worldwide.

The thousands of people he has met in seminars, the thousands of emails he receives each year, give him an understanding of the difficulties everyone encounters and the ability to explain self-hypnosis simply, in easily understandable terms. by all.

Christian Godefroy puts his practical guide at your disposal for a modest sum. In addition, it gives you the right to resell it yourself without paying any royalties. He holds out his hand to you. Will you grab it?

But that's not all.

Accept to receive as an additional free gift "The 8 Golden Rules to Overcome Your Timidity"

If you place an order before May 16, you will receive as an additional gift "The 8 Golden Rules to Overcome Your Timidity".

It is impossible for you to ask your way – or the time – to a passerby? Nothing makes you stammer? Are you unable to place a word when you meet strangers or people who impress you? Or do you feel that your ears “heat” easily as soon as someone speaks to you?

unless you are completely incapable of speaking in front of a group, even a very small one, including a group that you have known very well and for a long time?

These are all signs that show without contradiction that like 40 to 60% of people, you suffer from chronic shyness to one degree or another.

In this book, you will discover:

How to stop "self-observing" yourself. This process is at the very root of your shyness. Learn how to silence the little voice that tells you you're inferior or insignificant.

Use the Anthony Robbins method - developed for the Pentagon - to find winning gestures and behaviors naturally at any time.

If you happen to blush, be in a state of mental confusion where you feel like your brain is empty, quickly read page 3. It gives you the secret to no longer knowing unreasonable shame -- and to avoid stammering without finding your words.

3 plants can help you. Indeed, shyness is not only psychological. It is registered in your body. See how to purify yourself of its sequelae and get rid of them forever.

How to change your image of yourself? the 5th golden rule shows you how thousands of people before you have achieved it.

And the secrets of homeopathy at the service of the shy, positive reprogramming, the 30-day program to stop being shy... With "The 8 Golden Rules to Overcome Your Shyness", you have a practical, easy tool and experienced change.

Imagine approaching any stranger without inhibitions, making friends easily, speaking in public without inhibitions, defending your ideas and winning the support of those who listen to you... You CAN do it...

Click here:

But that's not all, far from it...

Here are some other things you'll find in "Helping Yourself Through Self-Hypnosis":

How can we explain that a person who is nevertheless gifted and who works hard can still accumulate failures? PAGE 10

The explanation of the sudden surge of response to a given problem and how to cause it. PAGE 42

THE secret of extraordinary memoirs such as that of Mozart…and THE solution to improve yours PRODIGIOUSLY. PAGE 191

What is REALLY hidden in the fact that the wise have been repeating since the dawn of time that men sleep and that they must WAKE UP. PAGE 5

How to stop being a victim of circumstances? PAGE 6

Did you know that your "interior monologues, seemingly innocuous, have a very great influence on your life"? The explanation: PAGE 25

The list of “evil” formulas to RADICALLY PROSCRIBE to live better. PAGES 26-27 Also avoid with your children!

The verbs to banish from your suggestions to make sure they work. PAGE 34

The very first thing that our subconscious recorded and which continues to mark it... forever: an asset that should ESPECIALLY not be neglected: PAGE 53

The method used for ages by many illustrious people to get rid of annoyances. PAGE 63

"I acquired a perfect
confidence in myself"

"Your method has helped me a lot and it still helps me to overcome obstacles that I thought were insurmountable. It allowed me to acquire perfect self-confidence and to free myself from certain negative habits (I stopped smoke using it)."

- LP Paulhan

Increase your concentration, memory and decisiveness all at once! PAGE 71

The mistake most people make that can dramatically limit your chances of success in finding wellness. PAGE 99

Which explains why the lack of confidence has settled in you... and the best way to banish it forever. PAGE 114

The completely legitimate trick - and which works every time - to attract the sympathy of others. PAGE 119

Banish disease by the power of your mind ONLY! For more information, go to PAGE 132

Cancel the pain (whatever it is) once and for all!.. and taste this release fully. But beware, it is so effective that you will first have to make sure that this pain is not hiding a health problem! To find out more: PAGE 141

3 basic tips to achieve better digestion and find your good mood. PAGE 146

If you suffer from back pain, torticollis, seasickness, colds, sinusitis or heart problems, self-hypnosis is definitely for you. PAGE 149

"THE ONLY REALLY VALID method, in a sustainable way and without any effort" to overcome the extra pounds. PAGE 157

The 3 tricks that can REALLY make you stop drinking and adaptable to anyone. PAGES 172-173

Listen to this testimony:

“Triumph over clutter and laziness” by indulging in one simple, one-size-fits-all formula! PAGES 173-174

How to identify the cause of your fear of the opposite sex... and the secret to love most naturally in the world. PAGE 179

The amazing causes of frigidity and THE solution so that it will soon be just a bad memory. PAGES 185-186

The 2 prodigious words that will make you the winner you NEED to be. PAGE 208

The secret of eternal youth that will allow you to live better and longer. PAGE 210

"A clear change in my personality"

"From the very beginning I observed a clear change in my personality (...) My friends and all the people around me are amazed at this sudden change."

- BE24 Perigueux

Check out these techniques:

  • The painting technique
  • The union of the fingers
  • arm levitation
  • The rose technique
  • Feather relaxation
  • Wave relaxation
  • The circle of light

You will find word for word what to do for the following situations:

  • Tooth ache
  • Attack of arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • Migraine
  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Back pain
  • Torticollis
  • Seasickness
  • Colds and sinusitis
  • heart problems
  • weight control
  • Stop smoking
  • overcoming depression
  • Mastery of emotions
  • Beverage
  • Chew your nails
  • Kleptomania
  • Enuresis
  • Phobias and fears
  • fear of the opposite sex
  • Powerlessness
  • Frigidity
  • Crashed Desire
  • Impaired memory
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of money

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"Thanks to your method, I was able to emerge little by little from the deep hole in which I was bogged down without any help (...) Your method "Help yourself by self-hypnosis" started with give me some courage, and slowly I regained a long-forgotten self-confidence. Through this method, I acquired a certain form of positive spirit which helps me a lot in many moments."

- CD 69 St Cyr au Mont d'Or

The opinion of a professional

"The suggestions are remarkable. It feels like a click in the subconscious. The words are precise and the results quick. Well done, this is the best method I know of."

- DD 77 Gressy in France

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A sophrologist uses it very often

"I have used Self-Hypnosis very often."

- Marie Andrée de Montbel, Sophrologist 92 LEVALLOIS-PERRET "

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Your gift: "The 10 Secrets of Hypnotic Power" (value 19 euros)

This file was published by the Center for the Study of Hypnosis Techniques in 1982. It was immediately exhausted and it is impossible to find it because its happy owners do not want to get rid of this precious collection of secrets.

Prof. Lawrence Powers authorized us to redo an electronic edition completely consistent with the original.

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In summary:
1. Preparation for hypnosis
2. How to develop your gaze strength
3. The secrets of auto-suggestion
4. How to recharge yourself with magnetic energy
5. To hypnotize easily
6. How to strengthen hypnosis
7. The magic effect of the spiral
8. Use the "mirror effect"
9. The secrets of a powerful gaze
10. Turn your hands into transmitters

"Pushing back limits that I perceived as difficult to cross"

"The "self-help through self-hypnosis" method gave me access to a better knowledge of my possibilities, and consequently to push back the limits that I perceived as difficult to cross."

- PA 35 Retiers

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This little book reveals 8 golden rules and a 30-day program to put an end to all tinidity.

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Some have never been revealed to the public. You will be able to make them under the very eyes of the spectators, without them being able to understand the "trick".

The 4 flying pieces

You need 4 identical pieces, not one more. This trick, taught to me by a psychology professor, will show you how to hypnotize the brains of your spectators, and make them see coins that pass from one hand to the other as if by magic. An extraordinary lesson in humility for those who think they are superior to others - and a guaranteed success!

The written prediction

You've heard of clairvoyants who make a prediction, put it in a safe at a bailiff's, and upon opening - without their presence - one realizes that their prediction was correct. You'll do the same, and I guarantee your friends will be amazed.

The 4 ladies

A very nice trick because it looks completely magical. It is quite upsetting, especially because of a trick that I added, which makes this sleight of hand completely incomprehensible. A card game, and the magic happens.

The pass-through room

I was 15 years old. I had a passion for prestidigitation. One day I go to see a conjurer who gives me a very simple trick. A glass, covered with an elastic sheet, a bit like an empty jam jar.

Nothing in the glass. I put a coin on the sheet, I push, and I feel the sheet open, the coin go inside, it clicks as it falls.

Problem: there is no passage for the coin. The film is flawless. And this conjurer asked me 50 euros to deliver the "trick" to me. I leave, sure to find the solution. 50 euros was more than my dearly earned pocket money for the month.

I had to come back and pay to figure it out. And I haven't regretted it. This trick is one of the most magical that I know. And it's yours... for free.

The released prisoner

It was with this trick that I won a first prize in magic. Imagine. You ask for a coin, a spectator signs it. You make it disappear, and, a fraction of a second later, appears a large matchbox, circled with wires in all directions.

A spectator undoes the wires and finds inside... another matchbox, smaller, also encircled with wires, He undoes the wires, and finds inside...

... a small fabric bag, also closed. He opens it, and finds inside...

the signed piece!!! (applause)

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"The equivalent of 4 hours of sleep and 10 years of life"

"10 minutes of self-hypnosis a day is the equivalent of at least 4 hours of restful sleep and will give you 10 more years of active life."

- Dr. Duncan A. Holbert - Santa Cruz, CA

"The relief of long-lasting phobias and illnesses"

"There is scientific evidence that shows you don't have to believe in self-hypnosis for it to work. Russian-born Belgian chemist Ilya Prigogine was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1977 for his theory dissipative structures. This shows that the states of consciousness generated by self-hypnosis can lead to life-changing insights, different behaviors, and the relief of long-lasting phobias and illnesses."

- Dick Sutphen

OK, you can probably achieve the same result by willpower and by self-suggestion. But many professionals consider that self-hypnosis multiplies by 25 the power of suggestions. So why wait?

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"Will it work for me too? Thousands of people have asked me this. Generally speaking, the smarter the person, the better it works. Being skeptical is not a hindrance. The only person who had difficulties was a soldier, mirage pilot, who had spent his life learning to mobilize his stress. It took him 2 years to get there, where thousands of people took a few days or a few weeks.

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"See life differently"

"My opinion of this method is very positive and I think that everyone should try to take advantage of this method - because it brings me personally a lot of benefits. Mainly, complete confidence in my possibilities to convey a message to the inside my courses (IT). But above all, a mental well-being that allows me to see life differently."

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"It's a very complete method that allows us to gradually discover the immense powers of the subconscious. Personally, I realized that without even making any effort, apart from that of relaxing, I was able to solve many personal problems much more easily."

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"The balance sheet? - Extremely positive as far as I'm concerned. I started by getting rid of smoking for good"

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"I have become another individual, my personality is transformed, I have acquired a positive state of mind, I feel better about myself."

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