Healthy weight loss with the Okinawa diet

This discovery is shaking up everything we thought we knew

“I can eat 5 times more than you without gaining 1 gram, your cholesterol
Is Probably Higher
than Mine,
I have the Heart of an Athlete and I Could Beat You Well in the Race.
By the way... I'm 87.”

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D ear future teenage octogenarian,

In 1970, a Japanese geriatrician named Makoto Suzuki was sent to an island to establish a dispensary there. In the small village where he settles, he meets 2 centenarian neighbors who are doing wonderfully. As he continued his wanderings, he met 28 others, 24 of whom were in perfect health!

No error is possible on their age: the prefecture has kept since 1872 the registers concerning the births and deaths of the natives.

Intrigued by the presence of these many centenarians without there being an adequate health service in the vicinity, Doctor Suzuki concludes that there is a mystery to be solved there.

In 1976, he succeeded in convincing the Japanese Ministry of Health to launch a study. And 2 Canadians (still students at the time), Bradley and Craig Wilson joined him in the early 80s.

All 3 engage in in-depth research. They collect data on 675 centenarians. And then, surprise:

15% of ALL super-centenarians (over 110)
of the world are on this island!

Do you realize? For 1.3 million inhabitants of this island, there are nearly 700 centenarians, or proportionally 3 times more than in France! And these centenarians are still very valiant, whereas at home and even more so in the United States, most are plagued by disease.

Conversely, “fat or obese” people are much more numerous in the West (too many deplore the doctors) than in this archipelago where you frankly have to get up early to find them.

But the most surprising still remained to be discovered: since some islanders had left the island for America, our 3 doctors decided to collect data about their state of health.

Their basic idea was to prove that the exceptional longevity of the inhabitants of the island was in their genes, much like Jeanne Calment probably lived to be 122 thanks to a favorable genetic program.

They then discovered that the expatriates quickly gained weight, that they very quickly suffered from health problems and that their life expectancy decreased by... 17 years! Even more incredible: there were 12 TIMES FEWER centenarians among the inhabitants who left the island! The genetic trail was therefore extinguished!

The secret, the big secret, was therefore very specific to the inhabitants of the island.

The 3 scientists therefore concentrated their efforts in this direction and... they finally found it!

That's what you're about to find out too...

You see, what you eat has a very important influence on your weight and your physical appearance - you already knew that - but that's not all! Your diet also influences your sense of well-being and your morale.

In other words, if you eat badly, you can not only feel bad about yourself, but also about your head and have no vitality.

This perfectly illustrates the secret of the inhabitants of this island: they have discovered - somewhat by accident - that their diet has a double influence on them.

They understood that what passes through their mouths causes a physical and emotional result. And aware of this, they have developed a diet that has a positive effect on both the body and the mind.

To benefit from the fantastic effects enjoyed by the inhabitants of this remote island, you only need to put into practice the discoveries revealed in the following work:

“Losing weight with the Okinawa Method:
The Secrets to Living in Shape

Up to 100 Years and More”

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All you are missing today is a means, an effective and proven diet that guarantees you measurable, fast and above all lasting results.

In "Losing Weight Using the Okinawa Method: The Secrets to Healthy Living for 100+ Years" - a book specially designed to go straight to the point and maximize your results - you will discover with delight that you don't necessarily have to mess up your way of eating or exercise iron discipline, worthy of the army to lose weight, reach and maintain your ideal weight and “get in shape”.

By the way, note that the title of this book speaks of LEAN and not LEAN. Why?

Well it's very simple: do you prefer to be called thin or skinny? Thin of course! Why? Well, because the word 'thin' indicates a slim waist, a slender figure and a certain tone. On the contrary, the word “lean” evokes fragility, significant efforts and a rather limited energy stock.

In concrete terms, you are one click away from the following revelations:

  • How to refine your figure and protect your health in an incredible and lasting way (PAGE 4),
  • How to escape the terrible yo-yo effect, the fear of all those who seek to lose excess pounds and control their weight (PAGE 4),
  • How to prevent that little too round belly that inevitably occurs with age (PAGE 5),
  • The very simple and very pleasant activity which has a positive impact on your body and also on your morale (PAGE 9),
  • How to reconcile hunger and maintaining leanness (PAGE 10),
  • If you too have a body “programmed” to easily gain weight, here is how to get around the problem permanently (PAGE 11),

“Slimming Without Suffering!
Eat Your Hunger Every Day
and Enjoy Olympic Fitness!”

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You eat very little and you do not lose weight?

You “pay attention” and take care to buy “light” products without result?

It seems to you that a simple glass of water makes you gain weight and therefore you think that the thin waist is reserved for other than you?

Think again because here is the explanation in 3 points:

1) Your body understands very quickly that you starve it when you eat little. The proof is that you have a rumbling stomach. Suddenly, when you ingest a food, your digestive system literally throws itself on it like... hungry! It therefore extracts all that is rich out of the food you offer it. Consequence: you eat little but you do not lose weight!

2) “Light” foods or drinks are the fruit of our era dominated by advertising marketing. Eating light in the strict sense of the term is NOT putting on a chocolate bar or a pastry labeled “light”! Eating light is NOT eating little! Eating light means eating low in calories. A good example of this strategy is celery: its digestion consumes more calories than the food provides...

So of course calories are important and should be part of a balanced diet! And of course making you eat celery and only celery every day is out of the question!

What you will discover in “Losing Weight the Okinawa Method: The Secrets to Healthy Living for 100+ Years” is that you not only have the right to eat well - and in quantity! - but that in addition, you will enjoy menus and dishes that could not be more delicious and tasty.

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Stay with me because the sequel will please you even more!

See instead what you will learn in the 3rd chapter of this fantastic book:

  • The ideal food pyramid, with foods to consume without moderation and those that must absolutely be avoided (PAGE 20)
  • The 8 foods to eat without moderation – These foods make up ¾ of the island's diet (PAGE 20)
  • The 10 foods to consume moderately – Be careful, these are not the same as in the Western food pyramid! (PAGE 20)
  • This food may be new to you – It's healthy, delicious, and you can use it in many preparations without gaining a single gram (PAGE 22)
  • Taking a few capsules of (PAGE 22) every day will provide you with protein, iron and multiple vitamins and trace elements – the benefits for your health are countless!
  • Lovers of new flavors, try this (PAGE 23) – It's low in calories, it calms hunger, and has undeniable nutritional qualities. In addition, it reduces the risk of cancer!

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Let's now move on to the 4th chapter: how to concoct the ideal diet, the one you like and without deficiencies!


  • What are the essential elements of your diet (PAGE 24)
  • What is the main fuel for your brain and your body and how to never run out of it (PAGE 25)
  • Warning: this type of food (PAGE 26) is bad for your health, but in addition it tends to whet the appetite instead of calming it – It's the sworn enemy of your line!
  • The 3 different types of fatty acids – Some are dangerous for your health, while others are essential for the proper functioning of the body (PAGE 28)
  • “Delicious Nutrients That Are Zero Risk of Getting Fat” (PAGE 29)
  • "Every day we need to have enough..." - Without it, your body is deficient and suffers serious damage (PAGE 29)
  • This essential nutrient (PAGE 31) traps bad cholesterol, and thus protects against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease!
  • This (PAGE 31) 'shims' the stomach and is the most natural and harmless appetite suppressant available – yet nutritionists have shown that we don't get enough of it!

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Dr. Suzuki's findings reveal that the islanders simply built their diets based on what grew in their environment. In a way, if this island is the place where the greatest number of super-centenarians are found, it is a bit by chance!

Yes, you read that right: these people didn't really want to find a diet almost worthy of the fountain of youth or the elixir of long life! They actually ate normally, as their environment allowed. And if they have come to be in absolutely incredible health beyond 80 years old to the point of feeling like teenagers, it is almost by accident!

What is nevertheless extraordinary for you, it is the possibility which is offered to you by the work of Dr. Suzuki: that of copying the most extraordinary and healthy diet of the world.

97% of Their Existence Unfolds
Without Serious Health Problem!

What is unheard of about the people of this island is that EVERYTHING seems to be delayed! 97% of their existence passes without serious health problems . 97%!

Another edifying example: women do not complain of menopause-related disorders. They do not know the hot flashes or insomnia that strike Western women. Better! They have NO iron deficiency traditionally linked to menstruation cycles.

Even crazier: these people avoid an incredible number of serious and even benign diseases!

For example, studies have shown that:

- the rate of cardiovascular accidents or cancers is 50% lower than in the West,

- they know neither diabetes nor cholesterol,

- they have significantly fewer accidents related to osteoporosis (fracture of the neck of the femur for example),

- they are much less affected by Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases,

- colds, rhinitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, angina and other ailments related to microbes or viruses are practically unknown to them,

- they ignore the terms back pain, lumbago and neck pain

Realize! While Western social security spends billions of euros on health care, there are people out there who are completely unaware of this type of condition! Incredible isn't it?

But that's not all...

See some more revelations just a click away from you below:

  • The 33 delicious foods with low calorie density, to eat as much as you want and without ever feeling guilty (PAGE 32)
  • 13 foods to eat in moderation – They are very important for your balance but can make you fat if you abuse them (PAGE 33)
  • The 12 foods to consume as little as possible: they are very caloric and are your biggest enemies in weight loss (PAGE 34)
  • Your typical day, with what you can eat during the 3 meals – You will be pleasantly surprised at the quantities to which you are entitled! (PAGE 35)
  • 21 essential tips to make your dishes even healthier, and above all delicious! (PAGES 35 to 39)
  • The secret to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (PAGE 40)
  • How to Avoid Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Osteoporosis-Related Accidents (PAGE 40)
  • Why these 6 diseases that we know so well in the West are almost unknown there (PAGE 41)
  • This is terribly annoying, and very painful for your body (PAGE 41) – But here is the miracle recipe to get rid of it!
  • “Do you know why islanders rarely have joint pain? - If not, you will learn it on PAGE 41!
  • The “nasty nutrients” that you absolutely must remove from your diet (PAGE 42)
  • If you eat too much of this type of food (PAGE 42), don't be surprised to have pain in your knees, back or hip – And this, even if you are still very young!
  • Another good reason to follow this miracle diet: you will considerably improve the quality of your sleep (PAGE 42)
  • Do you hate that plump belly that makes your figure look ugly? By losing it, you will not only gain aesthetically, you will also be able to avoid serious trouble. Find out which ones (PAGE 43)
  • Measure your waist circumference: if it exceeds ... centimeters, it's time to be alarmed – you may be suffering from a disease which multiplies by 3 the risk of cardiovascular accident! (PAGE 43)
  • Beware: the risk of becoming diabetic is 8 times higher if you have these characteristics (PAGE 43)
  • "On its own, this plant is not only essential for a healthy and balanced diet but also a remedy for many ailments" (PAGE 44)

Protect yourself from cancer, accidents
cardiovascular and so-called age-related diseases

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Better: if you could get your hands on this knowledge for only 500 euros, compared to what it can bring you, the operation would always be interesting.

But hey... Let's be consistent! Since this guide claims to give you iron health, tone worthy of your adolescence and a perfect figure, it is important for us to have your confidence and to prove to you that you are not “buying a pig in a pokemon”.

Thus... These parameters were taken into account when defining the price of the method "Losing weight by the Okinawa Method: The Secrets to Live in Shape for 100 Years and More" and we wanted to put this method at the reach of all.

It is therefore not 500 euros that are asked of you, but... 37 small euros.

Yes, you read that right... This method and all its secrets are yours once and for all for less than a consultation with a nutritionist!

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So here is what will happen to you after carefully studying and putting into practice the secrets of “Losing Weight the Okinawa Method: The Secrets to Healthy Living for 100+ Years” :

1) You will know the secrets of these incredible islanders,

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3) You will benefit from a kind of 100% natural doping! Tonus and vitality will be your daily life,

4) A few months will be enough to witness the change in the way people look at you - and that goes for your children and your partner! -,

5) You will feel the exquisite intoxication of people happy to eat their fill without taking a single gram!

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Take advantage now and also discover:

  • Unbelievable ! If you season your dishes with this (PAGE 49), you help your body to protect itself against diseases by keeping the line,
  • If you eat these 8 foods (PAGE 50), you will never lack Zinc which protects your immune system and defends you against diseases,
  • The 4 foods where you will find vitamin E – Very effective in preventing the risk of cancer (PAGE 51)
  • The 7 foods richest in beta-carotene essential for your health (PAGE 51)
  • Warning: your body will be very weakened if you lack one of these 10 foods (PAGE 52)
  • Here are 2 things you should use and abuse – It prevents coronary heart disease and also helps prevent cancer (PAGE 52)

Diseases, lack of punch, malaise
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  • Why you should be wary of dietary supplements (PAGE 53)
  • "To keep their bodies and minds young, islanders have learned never to..." -- Find out what it's all about, along with their miracle recipe (PAGE 54)
  • If you make these 5 mistakes in everyday life, your slimming and health program may not work (PAGE 54)
  • This practice (PAGE 54) prevents coronary heart disease, lowers bad cholesterol and fights blood pressure - What are you waiting for?
  • Ideally, how long should you exercise? How many times per week ? – The answer will surprise you for good! (PAGE 55)
  • These 2 things together will give you slenderness and full health (PAGE 55)
  • This activity is so easy it doesn't even make you sweat – yet it will burn you 165 calories in 30 minutes! (PAGE 56)

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  • This activity (PAGE 56) improves endurance, makes your joints more flexible, strengthens your lower body – and above all, it makes you burn 300 calories in 30 minutes!
  • This sport does not require great effort, but it works all the muscles and causes a very large expenditure of energy (PAGE 57)
  • The 8 foods you can eat after sport – Without any risk of gaining weight (PAGE 57)
  • 3 techniques that have been proven to calm the nervous state without gaining weight (PAGES 58 to 60)
  • “There is no end to praising the benefits of...: On its own, it allows physical, emotional, intellectual, even for some, spiritual changes. (PAGE 59)
  • A foolproof trick to do whenever you feel nervous, overexcited or tired (PAGE 59)
  • This exercise can be practiced anywhere, and as many times as you want. It brings peace to your mind (PAGE 59)
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