Lose weight by the subliminal

" How I Lost Weight
From 13 kg In 2 Months
Without Any Deprivation ...
- and how you can do the same "

This testimonial is for all those who have always gained weight after following diets or treatments to lose weight. If you tend to gain weight easily, If you want to lose excess weight and stay slim, the following is especially for you.

"Losing weight had become an obsession with me. I tried almost all the fashionable remedies. Each time my 78 kg resurfaced.

But lately I made a surprising discovery. Thanks to her I lost 13 kg by eating at will - without diets and without strenuous exercises. You really need to know how I got there, because you can do the same and get just as good results.

"It was stronger than me"

Last September I once again burst into tears. It was a Monday, shortly after I weighed myself on my bathroom scale. I had just finished a severe diet which had caused me to lose an unfortunate 6 kilos. And there, in 3 weeks I had already taken 4. Imagine the disappointment. In anger I rushed to the cupboard with cakes and chocolates and ate almost greedily what came to hand. It was stronger than me.

Since I was 14 (I'm 28 now) I've been on all kinds of diets. I did special slimming cures. I swallowed a bunch of capsules: grapefruit, pineapple, tea... I even took a shock treatment prescribed by a doctor. With all that, my wallet has lost a lot of weight... BUT NOT ME.

Of course from time to time I lost a few pounds, but I gained them back quickly. By dint of these disappointing results, I thought I was really made to stay fat.

Then one fine day, almost by chance, I made a discovery that changed my life. From 78 kg I went to 65 kg in two months, in the most pleasant way I know. For several months I have been another woman, happier, more fulfilled. I can finally look at myself in the mirror without feeling sick. My husband, who was seriously starting to turn away from me, became proud to go out with his wife. Before I envied women who can wear the clothes they like, today I can do the same.

It all started one night when my husband came home from work, I will always remember that. He was as happy as a chaffinch and told me "Honey, I made an extraordinary discovery, you're going to be surprised"... And there, he explained to me how the wife of a work colleague had managed to lose all her extra pounds. Like me, she had suffered many disappointments before discovering "the" means.

"At first I laughed"

When he had finished speaking I first started laughing. Then I made him understand that all these so-called ways to lose weight, I had it over my head. It is however true that I had already had the opportunity to see this woman during a dinner. I remember it well because I said to myself when I saw her “Hey, here's one who's even plumper than me”. It comforted me a bit.

So, despite my doubts, I was still tempted to find out more about the method she had used. So I proposed to my husband to organize a meeting.

When I saw her again, I was amazed. It's true, she had become really slim and well-proportioned. It seemed almost unbelievable. During the evening I asked him discreetly: "It must have been hard for you, right?" "Absolutely not," she replied. “This is the first time that I have really lost weight, while eating my fill and changing practically nothing in my habits”

She then told me about the method she had followed. This method was developed by a specialist in Mental Dynamics, Christian Godefroy.

“I was still skeptical”

All the same, I remained skeptical: it's too easy to say that it's all in the head. I told him that after all my disappointments I had the feeling that actually losing weight had become an unattainable dream for me.

Finally, my desire to be slim pushed me to try this method anyway. After all, I had nothing to lose... (he reimbursed if I regained weight) except perhaps my extra pounds.

The events that followed proved me right. 10 days later the scale already showed 2.5 kg less. 2 months after our meeting I had managed to lose my 13 extra kg, in a really pleasant and natural way. I was finally at my 65 kg, my ideal weight, and the most amazing thing is that since then, I have maintained myself.

I will give you all the details about the method I followed. But first you need to know several things.
To take advantage of this method you only need:

  • No diet to follow. Users call it THE ANTI-DIET We eat the foods we love without restrictions and we lose weight. Unlike the many other methods and diets I have followed, with this one I did not experience any feelings of hunger, fatigue, or nervousness. We can even say that I am calm and bursting with energy since I followed her.
  • No strenuous physical exercises. Recently I read in a medical journal that if you want to lose weight through physical exercise, you have to do it every day for several hours. You know how it is, we have neither the time nor the desire to do tiring exercises every day. Anyway, I don't really like it. With the method, no effort required. I lost my weight without breaking my habits
  • Nothing to absorb. I have already swallowed all kinds of capsules, medicines, appetite suppressants. The results have never been convincing. Sometimes I lost weight but I never stayed thin for very long. Moreover, my organism was completely disturbed. With this kind of treatment one can really ruin one's health. With the method, nothing to swallow, I lost my weight in a healthy and automatic way.

You will probably say "But then, how is it possible to lose weight?". I asked myself the same question and here is what I did to be sure that I was not mistaken once again: despite the fact that the method was developed by a competent specialist, I showed it anyway to my doctor for his opinion.

After seeing it he immediately reassured me by saying: "You can follow this subliminal method without any fear, it can't hurt, there are good results reported in many cases, even in the long term". He explained to me that the method comes from the latest discoveries of psychosomatics and the impregnation of the subconscious, which has been studied scientifically.

There is one more thing you absolutely need to know. Usually with methods to lose weight there is a lot to read, sometimes you have to reread several times to fully understand and assimilate. Here, no tedious reading, no need to learn and rack your brains.

It's nice and relaxing

As unbelievable as it may seem, you just have to listen to 2 recordings, one musical and the other of ocean waves. It's pleasant and relaxing.

And that's not all. As it is not a diet, you reach your ideal weight. No question of becoming a skeleton, by dint of depriving yourself. It is a natural regulation that is set in motion.

You will say to me, “Is this going to work for me? Frankly, I don't know. But as they say "who risks nothing, has nothing" and in addition there is no risk for his health or for his wallet!

One last thing. Most of my friends couldn't believe their eyes when they saw that I lost 13 kg in 2 months and that I breathed the joy of life like never before. When I told how I got there they thought I was joking and all laughed. Some of them who had weight to lose said to me, "If it's really as easy as you say, we'll give it a try."

After following the method the results were just as surprising for many of them and they thanked me.

Sincerely I believe that with the subliminal method many men and women will discover - perhaps for the first time in their lives - the most pleasant and easiest way to lose unnecessary pounds... And not never again to worry about their line.

After having tested many means I think I can honestly say "Finally a serious method to try for all those who have pounds to lose. »

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YES, I want to know more about this method

How are these results explained?
Paul Teacher's book, "The Subliminal Method", explains how it all works. Basically, it's like advertising that pushes you to eat by acting on your subconscious, except that it does the opposite!

Here is an example of a subliminal recording:

Example of subliminal recording. We can clearly see the area of ​​the embedded messages, just above the audible threshold, in the form of a band at the top.

If it was just a music recording, you wouldn't see that band at the top which is the subliminal message. This is where suggestions are stored.

You will receive the subliminal recording in mp3 format to download to put on your player, listen to on your computer or your smartphone, to decompress from a compressed zip file, the PDF file of the subliminal method and the PDF file "Les Mangeurs de Greisse natural".