The 17 secrets of speaking on the impromptu

"They had a good laugh when I was
asked to make a speech
in front of this whole assembly...

But when I started
to speak..."

You are in a meeting of tenants, parents of students, at work or in a family reunion, and suddenly... you are asked to give a speech in front of about thirty people.

Problem: You weren't expecting it, you haven't prepared anything at all, but all eyes are on you, so there's no going back: We'll have to talk!

Difficult ? Intimidating ? Terrifying? Maybe for most people, but not for you once you have read and applied the advice in this free file : " The 17 secrets of speaking on the impromptu " that I have just published.

You will learn among other things:

  • The Douglas Fairbanks secret to training yourself to talk about any subject at any time, as if you were an expert,

  • The 5 tips for getting a speech off to a good start , even if you don't have any ideas of what to say yet,

  • The unstoppable solution to get out of it if you have nothing to say,

  • The 5-point action plan to easily answer any question, even the ones you weren't expecting,

  • 6 emergency measures to adopt to never be embarrassed by a question again, regardless of the size of your audience

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