The Pleasure of Caresses

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If you want to live an incredible sexuality that 99% of people barely dare to dream of, know that a new book has just been published. You will discover the most extraordinary secrets you have ever read on this subject.

If you are in a relationship and you feel that your relationship is affected by the poison of habit, this book will show you how to develop the full potential of your relationship as a couple. And at all levels: sexual, sentimental.

If you are looking for a perfect partner, this book will teach you how to create instantly - ... almost - the atmosphere of inexplicable complicity that only exists in happy couples after many years and after many trial and error.

And if you want to accumulate conquests, this book will expand your seductive arsenal to make you even more irresistible and unforgettable.

Watch and find out, for example:

  • The 2 main criticisms that women make of men when it comes to sexuality - PAGE 11
  • What your partner absolutely needs to feel loved (there are 5 secrets) - PAGE 12
  • This simple basic principle transforms any banal caress into an immediate wave of heat that triggers an irrepressible desire - PAGE 13
  • How to avoid "embarrassing" caresses - PAGE 14
  • The secret of great seducers in the practice of the art of caress - PAGE 14

What are you waiting for?

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There are currently approximately 33.2 million people with AIDS worldwide.

According to world statistics, 81% of people affected by the AIDS virus are heterosexuals who have simply had sexual intercourse with other heterosexuals.

If you are married or in a monogamous relationship, it is therefore more than vital to avoid "going elsewhere" to find new sensations.

Because do you know the main reason that pushes people to cheat on their partner or to have an extra-marital relationship?

"It's Because They Have A Sex Life
Unexciting at Home"

It is useless to go there by 4 paths: sexuality rules the world.

It ensures that species have offspring, but it performs much more complex functions in humans.

Some men feel diminished because they can't contain their excitement.

Some women think they are abnormal because they are unable to feel pleasure and they blush when they hear the "stories" of their girlfriends.

So imagine a couple who would have trouble living a fulfilling sexuality...

Imagine the adverse consequences. Loss of confidence, fear of being abandoned, fear of not "being up to it", unspoken, arguments, separation... and fear of remaining single forever.

You are about to discover a manuscript, a collection that may well upset your strongest beliefs about sexuality and pleasure.

"There are simple, effective and quick ways
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Teach Me The Ways
that will make me an ideal sexual partner

What would you say to knowing - and mastering - the most popular and effective caresses? Do you know a single person who can resist the magnetism of expert hands in the art of caresses?

Did you know that there are 16 different types of kisses and no less than 7 ways to stimulate your partner to make them quiver with pleasure?

Magazines keep telling us about the G-spot , but how do you activate it and lead a woman to the delicious heights of orgasm?

And why don't we talk about point B, located on the man's body and which, when properly stimulated, makes your partner discover sensations of a power hitherto unknown?

Imagine yourself possessing a tiny fraction of this hidden knowledge. Imagine yourself, feeling the pride of having fully satisfied your partner while reaching the heights of pleasure yourself. Judge instead:

  • You probably know 5, or 10, or even 20 types of caresses. But do you know the 35 most delicious caresses? - PAGES 15 to 20
  • The 3 Crucial Reasons Why You Need... Your Kisses - PAGE 24
  • The 6 fundamental tips that will make you a kissing expert - PAGE 24
  • The 12 best ways to caress with your mouth - PAGE 26
  • 21 types of exquisite kisses, how to practice them, for how long and at what specific times - PAGES 27 to 30
  • Why the West sees sex as dirty, bestial, vulgar and how to make it a beautiful, transcendent, godlike experience - PAGE 34
  • The 3 famous "circles" of love defined by Doctor Leleu, world famous for his work on the art of caresses - PAGE 35

The Practical Manual that you are about to discover is called

"The Pleasure Of Caresses":
All Secrets Revealed

You will know, the very moment you have read the first lines of this book (which has no less than 126 pages divided into 8 chapters), that you hold a rare object and which reveals secrets known only to a privileged few.

Obviously do not expect a vulgar work. You will discover with delight how it is possible to evoke love, sexuality and orgasm with words that will slip into your brain like a sweet melody.

So we can say whatever we want, sex remains taboo even today. The question to ask is “why?”.

The answer is quite simple: because of ignorance.

Rare are the parents who broach the subject of sexuality with their children. Schools sometimes provide sex education classes but they only explain the mechanics of the "thing" and not its magic.

Adolescence sees the emergence of the first sexual desires, very quickly repressed by the mockery of friends, or on the contrary exacerbated by the sight of disturbing and inexplicable pornographic images.

During this time, erroneous beliefs and doubts settle. And given the cruel lack of communication on this subject, the years pass irremediably without anything changing.

Shame locks men and women in darkness and they end up growing into frustrated, disappointed or - worse! - disgusted with the subtle art of fulfilling sexuality.

Yes I Want To Get My Hands On These Secrets
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"Le Plaisir des Caresses" will quickly take place inside your bedside table, be sure of it. You'll love flipping through it for fun, at the slightest opportunity.

But is this book really for you? If yes:

  • You have fallen into the trap of monotony and are looking to breathe new life into your relationship
  • Desire and passion have disappeared from your life
  • You happen to experience "breakdowns" or if this prospect frightens you
  • You just want to make love and be made like NEVER before
  • You want to become a master in the art of "white-hot" your partner

You know, everyone knows couples who really love each other. But their misfortune is that they love each other tenderly and no longer physically.

2 human beings who lose the sexual dimension of their couple always end up feeling a lack which can have dramatic repercussions.

It's not that they don't want to make love anymore, it's often the opposite, but they just don't know how to rediscover the magic of the first moments. They are stuck in their habits, in their ignorance of the desires and expectations of their partner.

Reproaches and disputes - sometimes public - are not far away.

To avoid this tragedy for your couple, just read the contents of the book "Les Plaisirs des Caresses":

  • On which parts of your partner's body do you need to exert subtle pressure to take him gently and surely on the hot slopes of pleasure?
  • The different effleurage techniques that will awaken the senses just as surely as a key opens a door
  • Tenderness, or how to caress your partner's soul to break down all their defenses (including their limits!)
  • The art of erotic massage: how to bridge the gap between erotic massage and massage that excites

"Sir: Discover How To Find
the power of erection of your 18 years
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Teach Me to Regain that Sexual Power

Frankly, there are countless good reasons to get your hands on this book.

And you know how men are: they basically fear 2 things.

  1. not having a strong enough erection
  2. not satisfying their partner because they would have "left too soon"...

Why do you think Viagra is so successful? Because men simply want to stay "powerful" like when they were 18!

And why are more and more men using lubricants that lightly anesthetize their horny member? Because they want to prolong their antics more than usual.

But imagine that simple caresses give you natural and powerful results?

Forget the crutches - and rediscover the true power of desire.

This book responds indisputably to these 2 problems and protects you from all the suspicions of your partner. It gives you the simple means to obtain the same results as Viagra and the lubricant by a better knowledge of your body and that of your partner.

"Madam: Stop obscuring your face
Saying it was 'Great'
While It Was Just Pleasant!

Find out what you REALLY need to do
Enjoy an Explosive Orgasm!"

Teach Me to Discover What I Need
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It's no longer a secret for anyone: it's been decades since women broke free. There is, however, one aspect of her life that she still tends to lie to herself with. It's about the quality of her orgasm.

In order not to shock her husband, or vex him about his virility, the modern woman is ready to lie and jump back 1,000 or 2,000 years in her evolution.

Rather than thinking about herself and her own pleasure, she is often satisfied with knowing that her partner had a good orgasm. She will even go so far as to tell him that "it was great!" when it was just good, nothing more.

Women need to stop lying to men. This does absolutely no favors to anyone! Men think they are "the hit of the century" when they could do much better and women believe in knowing how to be satisfied with little.

Worse! Some women don't think they have the right to orgasm!

"Gender Equality is a Decoy!
97% of Men Have an Orgasm with Every Intercourse
But Only 14% of Women
Can say the same!"

This unacceptable inequality can be corrected. You just have to get to know not only your own body but also that of your partner. For this, reading and applying the secrets revealed in the book "Le Plaisir des Caresses" is the shortest and most discreet path to a truly fulfilled sexuality.

92.3% of women say they would be happy to be taught HOW TO HAVE AN ORGASM WITH EVERY SEX. 92.3%!

Sir, you need to seriously consider this statistic! Otherwise you could quickly be thrown into oblivion! Women are less and less afraid of their sexuality. Better: they seek it with more and more intensity.

"The Day When Women Will Understand
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Males Who Ignore Them Will Have
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Yes I Want To Know All The Secrets Of Explosive Sexuality

The question you are asking yourself at this moment is perhaps "would I dare to take the risk of placing an order for such a book, and on the internet at that!?".

Know that the Internet is precisely your ally in the circumstances that concern us. This book is in electronic format. This means you can discreetly download it within seconds.

You can also modify the name of the file (very useful if you use a computer shared with other people) and save it in the depths of your hard disk, in a place only known to you.

To crown it all, you will even be able to protect the opening AND the printing of this book with a password of your choice. This way, even if someone should come across this book by chance, with the changed name and password you will have all the discretion you need.

You will also be happy to learn that this work is covered by a total and unconditional guarantee.

If by chance reading this book does not fully satisfy you and your partner , you can obtain a full refund, no questions asked.

So you take no risk. Even if you were to activate this warranty for any reason, it would still be your responsibility to keep this book on your computer's hard drive or delete it altogether.

Among other secrets, you will also discover:

  • How to use your fingers, the top and bottom of your tongue, your hair and even your feet to take your partner to the top of the mountains of pleasure
  • How to Execute "Penetration Simulation" Like an Expert That Has Magical Repercussions on a Woman's Body
  • The 5 best tips to get your partner in the perfect frame of mind before having sex
  • How to detect points A and B of the penis of the man and how to solicit them to drive him completely crazy with desire
  • The 6 golden rules of an unforgettable fellatio
  • The 7 golden rules of divine cunnilingus causing incredible pleasure
  • How to realize THE fantasy of most couples: enjoy as hard and at the same time as the loved one

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If you are a couple, the contents of the book "Le Plaisir des Caresses" will allow you to surprise your partner in a succulent way in just a few moments. And above all, it will allow you to know what is only a dream for most couples.

You will know how to have an orgasm at exactly the same time as your partner.

This is called orgasmic communion. So rare and so enjoyable!

And if you are single, you will also discover how to capsize the heart of a person with whom you have not yet made love in a few moments, thanks to skilfully chosen words. So here is the perfect opportunity for you to finally understand how to create a first contact that makes you want to see you again.

Now it's up to you. If you are really interested in your pleasure and that of your partner, accept this chance.

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If the quality of your orgasms is not increased by 2, 5 or even 10 times within 90 days, you will simply claim a full refund which you will receive by return mail with no questions asked.

The risk is on my shoulders, all you have to do is order, read, apply and...enjoy the ride!

Cyril Godefroy

PS If you reply within 48 hours, you will not only receive the MP3 audio recording of this program - to listen to alone or in pairs - but in addition:

1. "The Subtle Art of Sensual Massage", a secret report on erotic massage, how to master its intricacies and get your partner where you want them.

2. A subliminal recording that helps you be you and your partner in the best possible way. As you know, inhibitions are a major obstacle to pleasure. By raising them with the help of this rather special musical recording, you will remove inhibitions and discomfort.