What if you could earn €1500 by writing a letter like this?

" Humiliate those who think
that you won't succeed

never on the internet "

If you have 5 minutes in front of you, read very carefully this page which shows you:


How I was able to teach in less than a month to teenagers, to people without diploma, to write Internet pages like this...


How a website with a single page was able to earn its author 14,553 euros in 2 days thanks to a secret weapon

chip How most of the copywriters I know increase the profit of hundreds of Internet businesses and the worst of them is paid more than 2,500 euros per month ...

H ow you can do SO MUCH easily with a program that gives you all the tricks, tricks and shortcuts that the best copywriters on the internet use to make millions with simple words...

And this, whatever you are currently doing in life.

Because if you arrived on this page, it is not by chance. It's certainly because you feel that there is something to do to improve your daily life...

Maybe you're tired of coming to work at the same company over and over again, or in the same store, where you 're not really valued , where half your colleagues are constantly pulling the blanket at them. , and where you might be bored...

Perhaps you would like to earn extra income by working a few hours on weekends, without leaving the comfort of your home...

One of the activities
best paid on the web!

Some companies have realized that the current financial "crisis" is actually a tremendous opportunity for those who are boosting their advertising.

Indeed, in times of crisis, it seems logical to think that all companies will reduce their "advertising" budget to save money.

But the experience of previous crises has shown that companies that advertise when things go wrong do much better than those that save on their budget.

And the websites that continue to see their numbers grow are the ones that do MORE successful ad copy.

It therefore takes people to write effective texts.


Those who have trained in copywriting, of course, and who therefore read everything they can find on this subject...

Hundreds of companies
are looking for good copywriters

And so, in the next 5 years, the demand for this kind of skill will continue to grow! There will be many more requests than offers, and today we are snapping up the best copywriters at gold prices !

Especially since the "crisis" is not the only trigger!

Indeed, with the hundreds of millions of websites that are already online, it is very difficult for a company to stand out from its competitors.

And it's not really ready to get better, because a survey by the IPSOS institute in December 2008 indicates that only 32% of SMEs currently have an active website.

This means that the remaining 68% will have to be very active in the next 5 years, otherwise they will be definitively overtaken by their competitors.

Not only will they have to get on the Internet as quickly as possible, but above all, they will have to outperform their competitors .

In the past, it was generally left to the webmaster or web technician to write a brief argument on the product sold.

But the market in crisis is making companies realize that it would be in their interest to improve their sales text to get by.

This is why copywriters are increasingly in demand.

Many companies have seen their sales take off following the passage of a copywriter . And even the largest companies do not hesitate to pay fortunes in web writing to explode their turnover.

This is particularly the case of Apple, which contacted a great copywriter (Ted Cooper) to completely redo the arguments of their website, which generated more than 2 billion dollars in turnover. additional.

12 contracts recovered
in 2 and a half hours!

But it doesn't just stop at large companies.

Indeed, more and more SMEs decide every day to make their advertising more effective in order to get ahead of their direct competitors.

A few months ago, I attended a mini conference that one of my copywriter friends gave in front of about thirty business leaders, mostly SMEs...

Already, out of the 31 people present, not a single one knew this term "copywriting".

You might think it's a handicap to talk about something that people have never heard?

And yet, at the end of the conference, my friend had collected... 12 contracts !

12 of the 31 executives were excited to see their results improve through the power of a sales pitch alone. Including an NGO which in the end saw the number of its donors multiplied by 2 by simply modifying the letter sent to its prospects.

And the requests were very varied: Websites to rewrite, sales pitches to review, slogans to improve, press announcements or Adwords ads to redo...

My friend even had to hire someone to be able to meet this demand...

There are hundreds of companies waiting to be contacted to help them improve their websites, advertisements or announcements...

An opportunity for YOU !

Unless you think you have no talent for writing?

No special abilities or
superior intelligence required!

And yet, I'm willing to bet you'll get there just as easily!


Because a copywriter doesn't write like a writer. It transcribes spoken language. If you can talk, you have the tool to do copywriting.

And if you have ordinary intelligence, you have a superior asset. Because the people you talk to are just like you. The simpler the talk, the better the results.

An easy to learn activity
- with the right tools - and open to everyone!

Yes !

Anyone can be a good web editor if they have the right training tools.

But there is a new tool that makes it very easy to learn .

And that's great news, because this activity is truly a godsend for anyone who is "tired" of going to work every morning... and who prefers to stay at home.

A godsend, because it can be learned... how to say... as easily as driving a car...

Do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel? When you wondered how you were going to make this car move forward, and how you were going to be able to steer it without ending up in the ditch...

Fortunately, at that time, you were not alone!

You had a person who was there, sitting next to you, and who showed you everything from A to Z ...

And little by little, after a month or two of learning, the car and the way to move it held no secrets for you.

And today, you probably drive about as mechanically as you breathe, but there was a time when you couldn't drive...

The same goes for web writing...

When you've never done one, you think it's a mountain to climb!

And BEFORE you learn, that's exactly what it is: Something that seems unsolvable, unachievable. Something that makes you think, " I'll never make it! "

But once you know the tips and tricks of those who have succeeded, then everything becomes easy!

Because just like with the car, if you have a good teacher who shows you everything from A to Z, who puts all his experience at your service to show you the shortcuts the best take to go faster, then all you have to do is a month or two to become an excellent web editor who earns a decent living.

And precisely, today you have the chance to have one of the best copywriting teachers in the world who invites himself to your home...

Take a look at this 131-page guide , for example:

Web writing is a technique that can be learned.
Those who know the secrets of it succeed much better than the others.

This guide is THE way to get copywriting off to a flying start, and straight into the big leagues.

Imagine 16 years of Internet experience at your service, to show you the essentials directly.

No great abstract theories, no "boat" advice! Facts, experience, and practical exercises.

16 years of trial, testing and proofreading, based on studying and producing thousands of letters and Internet sales pages , and a ton of secrets that have resulted in pages that have made millions in dollars and in dollars .

The one that comes to mind (because it is the secret that is contained on page 17 of the above book that allowed it) is that of Michel Fortin (an American copywriter), who had the number record of $1,080,496.37 ( i.e. €836,001.65 ) to its client in... less than 18 hours!

Can you imagine putting yourself behind a computer, working 4 hours of your time, and generating more than €836,000 in 18 hours??

But above all, can you imagine the gigantic commission that this talented copywriter earned, and how much YOU will be able to earn too in the near future, once you have applied the secrets of this explosive book?

OKAY ! I too want to know all the secrets of web writing

This program is the first of its kind in French.

I liked it so much that I had it translated and adapted it myself.

The most PRACTICAL work
who exists on the subject

If I have chosen today to present THIS program to you in particular, it is because it is one of the rare ones which goes so quickly and so effectively to the essentials .

What we need are examples , specific guidelines , advice from those who have been there before us. Elements that allow you to start , to fight against the white sheet, to find ideas...

Secrets, time-saving tips, shortcuts... Like:

The " magic " formula of the 3 "i's" to write powerful headlines that stop the visitor from NET "zapping" the Internet. This secret that increases sales by nearly 80% can be found on page 55.

The most often underestimated but fundamental part of the sales letter, and how to do it like a boss, even if you can't write – Page 60

How to literally tape a reader to your sales letter – line after line, to make sure they'll read your page to the end – Page 80

The Optimal Length of Intros That Suck – Page 85

The best length for a sales letter --- and why – Page 87

How to present your product in the most selling way possible – Page 90

The secret element that increases sales by at least 12% every time and why – Page 94

The “magic” formula to give your readers proof that the product you are presenting works – and an irrepressible urge to buy it right away – Page 96

The 3 things you need to know to increase sales by 60% – Page 103

The highly effective technique that will make this crux of your sales pages - which 99% of salespeople do poorly or don't do at all - absolutely irresistible - Page 105

OKAY ! Give me all these secrets

Page after page, you will realize that just as it was very easy for you to learn to drive with a good teacher, it will be the same with copywriting.

Because you will have the best teacher that exists just for you!

An old "road"
web copywriting
reveals its secrets to you

Imagine a specialist who has sold thousands of products on the Internet, who spends several days at your home, by your side, to explain to you step by step how to become a talented, sought-after and highly paid web editor , whatever your level. in "writing"...

An expert who takes you by the hand , and who explains in detail how you should write your sales page, from the first to the last line...

It explains your mistakes, gives you advice on what works best and allows you to use tips from the best copywriters in the world.

You know, the ones that save a lot of time. The ones that allow you to do in days what others have taken years to accomplish .

Those that allow you, from the first chapter, to write your first lines, and to be as efficient and profitable as if you had 10 years of experience.

Confused about how to attack your sales letter?

The first chapter walks you through which of the hundreds of ways to start a sales page works best for what you need to do.

And throughout the program, you learn step-by-step how to become a professional who makes a living writing Internet sales pages:


How to write great sales letters, even if you've never written before - Page 12


The ingredient your headlines should never miss --- or your readers won't understand…and won't buy - Page 39


How to know what will – for sure – crack your readers Page 42


What you need to do to create a “ friendship ” with your readers - Page 43

The secret to the success of
best copywriters in the world

To achieve truly convincing results when writing a sales page, you have to do something that all true professionals have been doing for ages:

You have to test your page.

98% of people don't do it (or do it very badly), but most of it is because they have no idea how to do it.

And yet, it is the MAIN element of the success of any copywriter.

And do you know why ?

Because it's the only way to be certain about the best way to present a subject.

This is why the best copywriters in the world NEVER GET IT WRONG when writing an Internet sales letter:

They test their page before giving it to the client (You will learn how to do this in this program).

And that is why it is an activity that is very easy to do, because even if you are not very sure of what you are writing, if you test the elements there are to be tested. In the end, your letter will be perfect and produce exactly the desired result.

And that's why this program is a real goldmine for all astute copywriters who want to make their sales letter a success for sure:

It contains the COMPLETE list of ALL PARTS to test on a sales page.

The most important of all, but also those of lesser importance that few people test, but which, for some, allow you to increase your annual income by almost 20,000 euros if you are paid on a percentage basis ( which will be more than recommended when you will start to get good! )

But this program also tells you that there are parts you should NEVER test in a sales letter...

And this point is more than crucial, because you will discover in particular that a succession of bad tests can cause your sales to drop by... 200%!

So you see, on the one hand, testing is the most important thing to do when writing a sales letter, since that's what increases your sales (or those of your customers) by 10 and ensure you a 6-figure annual salary, but on the other hand, doing it wrong can split your profit by as much!

It is therefore IMPERATIVE for you to know all the tricks of testing Internet sales pages.

And for that, this program is essential.

I want to learn how to test the crucial elements of a
sales page to increase my results -and my income!-

It explains step by step how to perform a professional test of your sales page, based on results that the authors have experienced themselves:

For example, you will discover:


Vital elements to test on the first 4 lines of your sales letter to increase sales by 80% - Page 23


How to Save 14 Years of Testing Your Sales Pages - Page 23


The brilliant test to find THE best sales page - the one that will generate the most money - Page 23


How Some Copywriters Can Predict the Result of a Change on a Sales Page With 90% Accuracy
-Page 24


The 9 things you absolutely need to test a sales letter --- and where to find them - Page 25


The " journal " that the best copywriters always have "under the elbow", and which allows them to test and adapt very easily - Page 26


How to tell at a glance if your sales letter is working
-Page 53

I want to know how to test my sales pages like a pro

Techniques that will "boost" your sales
if you sell yourself
products on the internet

Because what you may not know is that the websites that sell are built in a way that leaves no results to chance.

And whether you're using a one-page site or a fifty-page site, to sell 1, 2, or 50 products, for a sales page to break sales records, it has to be built from a certain way.

And if there are many methods that explain to you how to sell on the Internet, NONE so far had managed to dissect the successful Internet sales pages to this extent to come up with a 10-point action plan from such a efficiency.

We are here in the presence of a real sales page construction course specifically for the Internet , which explains to you using exercises and PRACTICAL examples how to build any sales page so that it REALLY sells .

 OKAY ! I want to learn how to write successful internet sales pages

Because the Internet sales page of a product, whatever it is, is comparable to the salesman employed by any company to develop itself.

And the most successful companies are those that simply have a better salesperson than their competition...

It seems simple, lucky, obvious, but it's a fact: To sell more and better, your product must not be better or your competitors less numerous!

Nope ! No and NO!

What you need is just a "super seller" who sells 5 to 10 times more than other sellers.

A salesperson who tells customers what they want to hear .

Who speaks of good things, who uses words that touch...

An ideal seller who offers the customer EXACTLY what he came for.

Who answers his questions, who presses where it hurts, but above all, above all, the most important:

A salesman pushing out the credit cards
1 to 2 times out of 10 , while the majority of "sellers"

existing ones bring it out 1 to 2 times out of 100 !

With this guide, you will learn how to create this seller from A to Z.

Do you sell books or software?

Instead of selling 1 or 2 per day, how about selling 10 or even 20, without necessarily having more visitors?

Like Joseph D. who one day decided to write his own sales pitches like copywriters, and who managed to make 14,553 euros in turnover all by himself in just over 2 days by selling software and two books using from a simple Internet sales page.

An increasing turnover
more By 47% in just 6 months
thanks to copywriting!

Do you sell jewelry ? Regional products or health products?

Instead of making 100 or 200 € in turnover every day, how about making 1,000 or 2,000 ! 10 times more!

Like Dave Woynarowski , for example, who didn't have the soul of an editor at all.

Business manager who sells anti-aging products, he had built his own website DrDavesBest.com. Faced with the not very encouraging results he obtained in the first few months, he decided to learn to write like a copywriter, and his sales increased by more than 47% in just 6 months .

If you have a website that doesn't sell that much, then get this guide, and learn how to rewrite your sales pitches. Your profits will explode!

OKAY ! I want to sell more with better pitches

Do you sell cars ? Apartments ? Insurance ? Credits ? TVs ? Banking products ?

Imagine that you could, thanks to this program, create a super salesman who, instead of painfully selling 3 or 4 products per month , would sell 10 or 15 !

And you wouldn't even have to be there!

Indeed, once created, this super salesman would sell in your place, and whatever product you were selling, he would do it in the most efficient way possible, but above all forever !

 I too want to create my "Super-Seller"

When you sell one or more products on the Internet, the way you present this product and the way you approach your website can make huge differences in terms of turnover and profits...

This program will give you the keys to make your Internet business a success.

You will discover among other things:


What makes the difference between losses and income of 10 or 20,000 € per month - Page 7


What you absolutely need to know – to always be ahead of your competition - Page 10


What will always prevent you from selling your products - even if your products are the best in the world - Page 16


The very important aspect of selling on the Internet that will generate maximum income , and how to benefit from it for your own account - Page 16


The mistake that can cost you hundreds…even thousands of sales - and how to avoid it - Page 17


The 6 Basics of a Strong Internet Business --- and How to Build Them One by One - Page 18


The type of Web shops to be avoided because they do not bring in anything. page 20

But it also gives you the main mistakes to avoid on a sales page, mistakes that can divide your profit by 10 , and that nearly 9 out of 10 sellers commit with a vengeance on their websites.

You will learn in particular:


How to lose all of your sales --- even with a 90% excellent letter - Page 30


The tragic mistake that will make your marketing a FIASCO for sure - Page 33


How Many Salespeople Literally Lose Their Best Leads on the 1st Line of Their Page - Page 34


Mistakes you should never make when selling products to a private customer list - Page 35


Phrases that have the exceptional power… to scare away your prospects - Page 37


Which immediately triggers confusion in the minds of your readers - and which will never make them customers - Page 49


The fatal error that will drastically reduce the average time visitors spend on your Internet sales pages - Page 63


The 4 most common mistakes when starting a letter and how to avoid them - Page 83


The terrible mistake that makes your product – even if it is objectively great – look dull and vague - Page 91


The "side" sales page that never works and loses up to 20% of sales - Page 132

It is indeed sad to see that you can invest so much in writing a good sales page, and that a simple mistake in the middle of your sales page can reduce all that good work to nothing !

I want to multiply my profits by 10
avoiding the mistakes made by most people

And we can't decently talk about Internet sales without talking about affiliation.

The secrets that make it possible to multiply
by 10 the benefits
of an affiliation

Do you sell other people's products?

This is indeed a very interesting opportunity: No product to create, just thousands of products to sell!

It's the simplest process to earn colossal sums without spending the least cent or the least minute to create your own product: We choose a good product, and there is only to sell it!

It is in this specific case that we can measure all the power of copywriting, and how much it can be beneficial for you to apply the secrets of the guide that I present to you here.

Why ? But because in THIS kind of case more than in any other, you are really not alone AT ALL!

You have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of competitors , most of whom are using the same sales letter as you to sell the same product.

It is therefore imperative for you to have a sales pitch of your own if you really want to succeed.

Because recognize that it will still be quite difficult to win customers if you are competing with 2,000 sales documents that are... identical to yours!

Whereas if you manage to have an exclusive sales document, it will be as if it were YOUR product. And you will start selling without stopping!

And it is precisely thanks to this program that you will be able to achieve such a feat.

You will indeed have at your disposal the best tools that exist to beat your competitors, whatever their number.

Already because 9 tenths of them will never have access to this guide and they will all sell more or less with the same tools.

They will therefore not benefit from all the tricks that you will learn there, which means that with your website, whatever its size, you can have a huge head start on your competitors from the 1st line of your letter. sale!

You will learn among other things:


How to instantly differentiate yourself from your competitors --- to outsell them - Page 44


How to outsell your competitors---even if you're selling the exact same thing - Page 54


The brilliant trick that allows you to " invent " a new market without any competition - Page 55


How to tell your readers without sounding pretentious that you are much better than your competition - Page 82


How not to be devoured by your competitors - even if they have more contacts and budget than you - Page 83


What Most Internet Sellers Can't Do---That's Why You'll Outsell Them - Page 92


The “magic” tool to literally steal customers from the competition – 100% legal - Page 92


Where to find great ideas for products to create --- through a "special" use of the competition - Page 101

I want to multiply my affiliate income by 10!

This guide has 14 chapters full of secrets, most of which are unknown to the majority of Internet sellers.

In fact, in an area as sensitive as selling through a website, every word, every sentence on your page is important.

And sometimes all it takes is a tiny mistake to produce a loss of more than 25% of the results .

This is why the author has decided to deliver to you without restraint the result of more than 14 years of experience and tests on sales pages.

This means that at the turn of each new chapter, you will discover tricks that you could not imagine could produce such discrepancies in the results!

All topics have been covered, from the first line of your letter to the last, including the announcement of the price of your product and your warranty...

Master all
parts of your letter

You learn step by step that each element of a sales letter must be dealt with in depth , whether you are selling a book or a house, the process always remains the same...

We don't have the space to detail here all that this program will bring you in terms of sales, but here is nevertheless an overview of what you will discover:


The strange habits of Internet users --- which will allow you to sell to them better - Page 24


The secrets of " recycled traffic " --- a key to Internet business! page 26


Why are some descriptions selling and others not? The secret on page 32.


This will immediately give confidence in your product! Page 46


The 2 things you should never do on a sales letter --- you could be in really big trouble - Page 48


A Mistake That Will Trick Your Readers Into Thinking They're Paying Double --- Avoid It At All Costs - Page 49


The only 2 things in the world that will “force” your readers to read your letter - Page 51


How to dramatically increase the benefits of your product Page 61

"Force" readers to read you


The Essential Checklist to Make Sure You Don't Break Your Prospects' Reading Rhythm---Or They'll Run Away - Page 64


The 5 things your readers want to know about you before they decide to buy - Page 67


How to take the hype out of your sales letter - and make readers forget you're selling something!
page 67


The hyper-important date that your site must contain – and in a very visible way - Page 68


What you need to be able to do in 3 lines of text --- that will instantly give your readers confidence - Page 69


The element that few sellers think about, but which often multiplies returns by 2 or 3 - Page 73


How 1 or 2 minutes of your time can dramatically increase your sales-per-visitor ratio - Page 106


The almost magical way to announce a sale price , to make it insignificant and unimportant, and how this simple trick can multiply your sales by 2 - Page 109

I want to make sales letters that sell

In Chapter 12, you'll also learn about the must -have item that should be on any sales page, but the majority of sellers NEVER put it.

The most important element
of your Internet sales page

And yet, this element is at the origin of the biggest BRAKE that buyers have on the Internet!

You will discover on pages 109 to 113 what it is, but especially how to use it to increase your sales in a proportion that you do not even imagine.

And finally, the last pages of this program will give you the keys to definitively seal a sales agreement on the Web, with among other things:


The secret of the online " handshake ", or how to conclude to sell - Page 122


The 3 ordering links you should never use if you don't want to be a complete failure - Page 123


A great way to seal a deal before the customer has paid - Page 124


The excellent trick to “ force ” visitors to return to your site after filling out the contact form - and recover some sales - Page 129


How to Create a Real Sense of Urgency in Your Readers – So They Buy Right Away - Page 131

I want to learn how to close my sales pages for
that the majority of my readers buy my products

And it ALSO works if you want to subscribe people to a newsletter or
a webzine!

Using copywriting can multiply the number of your subscribers!

Like Steve Scott, who used to struggle to get an entry in his list every hour thanks to his website, and who, after "revisiting" his page with the help of copywriting, now gets an entry every 5 minutes.

Ditto for your AdWords ads, or for registering your sites on directories or even in Google : Mastering copywriting allows you to write much more relevant texts, which increases the number of clicks on your ads or on your links.

An essential referral program

If you have a website, or even a single sales page, this program is truly the fastest path you can take to boost your sales to a rank you haven't experienced before.

So here is what I suggest:

Apply all the tips in this guide one by one, and see your sales take off as soon as your new sales page goes live (regardless of the product you're selling!)

What will be your investment for this complete program?

Only €47.77 , a derisory sum in relation to all that the techniques described in this program will allow you to gain in terms of profits.

Indeed, if only one of the techniques of this program allows you to get even just one more sale per day (and it's a safe bet that it will be much more), starting with a minimal profit per sale of 10 euros per product sold, then you will have an additional profit of 3,650 € per year!

Not to mention the colossal income you can have each year by rewriting websites for companies or even for certain infopreneurs...

A warranty that protects you 100%

Moreover, you risk absolutely nothing to improve your sales pages with this program.

Indeed, I am so certain that all the tips and tricks it contains will boost your profits beyond your expectations , that if, by some extraordinary event, this does not happen, I undertake to reimburse you all sums paid without the slightest discussion, and this for a full year!

It is a formal guarantee:

1) You apply the techniques
of this guide on a website
existing or to come, or on a
simple sales page...

2) You witness the flight of
your sales , which allows you

to finally breathe and do FINALLY

profit on the internet...

               ...or this program will have cost you nothing!

Enjoy it while it's time! A study of wealthy people showed that they are constantly learning and documenting while people who "think they know it all" stagnate.

I want to make sales letters that sell

Especially since this program is not delivered alone.

Indeed, if you answer before midnight tonight, you will also receive TextAnalyzer , a software that will allow you, IN ADDITION to the techniques learned in the program, to use and automatically analyze the best sales pages that you can find on Internet :

TextAnalyzer: The Revealer of Winning Formulas

With this software, you will be able to unlock the little secrets of the best sellers on the Internet planet.

Indeed, good copywriters , namely those who write sales pages that "hit it", all have their little secrets, their favorite phrases or expressions, which they use several times on the different sales pages that they are brought to. to write.

And if we look carefully from one text to another, then we realize that bits of sentences come up regularly... Sentences that the copywriter in question has tested and that he uses repeatedly because he KNOWS they work .

This is what TextAnalyzer does:

It analyzes and stores all the phrases from all the sales pages that you provide to it, which allows it to establish a ranking of the best phrases.

Expressions that you can then reuse in your own sales pages, or on your own websites, in order to benefit from the experience of the best salespeople in the world .

Ideal, therefore, if you want to save a lot of time in writing your letter!

OKAY ! I decide now, Send me this software as a gift!

I sincerely hope that you see the undeniable advantage you will have over all your competitors when these professional tools are in your hands.

It really doesn't take much for a visitor to become a customer...or leave your page and site forever...

And you, what do you prefer?

Yes ! I WANT the majority of
my visitors become customers!


Christian H. Godfrey

Yes ! I WANT the majority of
my visitors become customers!


PS : The competition... This is a very important criterion.

Yes ! Doing BETTER than your competitors is an excellent tactic (and there is no doubt that the guide and software on this page will help you do 100 times better ), but being faster is the secret to winning again bigger !

If you write sales pages, and if you do it seriously, then you KNOW that the MOST of the work is the title of your page. The hook , as it is called...

There's a dozen-page chapter that walks you through how to create titles and teasers that can increase profitability by 80%!

Yes, you read that right ! 80%!

This is why we explain to you that the best copywriters in the world spend almost half their time looking for a good hook for their sales page or for their site.

But software can save a lot of time looking for this very important element in a sales page:

Accroches-Express : The software that instantly generates
27 hit hooks!


You put the top 2 or 3 benefits of your product in a box, click a button, and this software instantly shows you the 27 best hooks of all time personalized WITH your product.

These 27 catchphrases were selected for the sales records they have generated for decades. It's the creme de la creme!

The best of all that has been done in this field.

In less than 2 minutes, with this software, you can save hours and hours of research , having the best teasers of all time at your fingertips.

This software is reserved for the first 200 people who will decide to acquire the " How to Write Internet Sales Pages " program and the TextAnalyzer software.

OKAY ! I want to download this program and
its 2 software right away

A complete package to write Internet sales pages that sell more

The Power of Audio Persuasion

Our brain is very easily influenced.

Seductive images, remarks from those around us, advertisements influence us without our knowledge.

How do you use this power for YOUR benefit to write sales letters that hit?

The "How to Write Internet Sales Pages" guide has been transcribed into 14 audio files .

You can listen to them on your computer, on your MP3 player, your Ipod or on audio CD.

Every sentence will stick in your mind, and instead of reading -- and forgetting, you'll listen, and it will stick in your mind.

And as what is in your mind automatically turns into action, you register the techniques that are present in this guide, and little by little, they become part of your personality.

OK, I too want to write successful Internet sales pages