How to turn your blog into a cash machine

Turn a simple free blog into a safe full of banknotes

"How to Triple Your Income
With An Internet Connection,
A Free Site and...
Less than 1 hour per day!"

It's 9:45 am and you've just opened your eyes after a restful night.
You are very, very well...

“Room service!” hear yourself with an exotic accent on the other side of the door.

2 men dressed all in white enter your villa and head for the terrace offering a breathtaking view of the turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean.

While they are busy setting the table, you slip into bed to wake up your wife. Her hair smells of coconut... Her eyes are not yet open when she whispers to you an “I love you” of which she alone has the secret.

9.50 a.m.... You and your wife enjoy a fresh fruit salad on the terrace. The lapping of the water against the pilings of your villa barely disturbs the magical silence of the moment. Your bare feet enjoy the warmth of the exotic wood on the terrace.

We are in the middle of January. It's not yet 10 am and it's 27 degrees. You are on a private island in the Seychelles.

For a moment, you think you are dead and have arrived in paradise... but your iPhone rings: once again, your bank account has just been credited with 1,750 euros.

You are in fact very much alive and you are not dreaming: you had a really good idea to create this free blog barely 3 years ago...

⤹ ⤹ ⤹

Dear future successful blogger,

If earning money on the internet tempts you, get away from any source of distraction and read very carefully what follows... the story you have just read could well become yours.

And if you already have a profitable blog, even if you already know 99% of the best tips for managing it, know that just one piece of information contained in this letter can earn you thousands of dollars more each year. So be careful!

Even though most people think that it is difficult to earn a good income on the internet, you should definitely know that there is nothing more wrong TODAY!

The truth is, it's never been easier
to start on the internet

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False beliefs have a hard tooth. It's the same on the internet. People say that it's difficult, very technical, that it's expensive to have a site and that you have to be a real expert to generate a comfortable income thanks to a computer and a simple internet connection.

Be aware, however, that if you know how to write an email, remember a password and publish a Facebook status, you have all the skills necessary to create a magnificent extra income - or even more! - on the Internet.

To go even further, you have to admit that today it is almost essential to create a new source of income, isn't it?

Let's go! You have to admit the truth...Running costs, food, clothing, rent, entertainment, have doubled or more than doubled in a few years and you have to recognize that there is little chance that things will are getting better...

So... You need to increase
your cash flow!

Ok, but how can you increase your income enough? You can't count on the government to lower taxes...Right now it's not easy to get increases...

So how can you double or triple your income in a reasonable amount of time without speculating, betting games or changing jobs?

There's a smart way for you to do that, and that 's by creating a blog that pays off .

You will tell me “But I have nothing to say in a blog!” Trust me for a moment.

I will tell you about this later. Tell yourself for now that:

1. A blog requires very little money to start.

2. It's a great way to build a clientele.

3. There are quick ways to “monetize” - ie turn into money - a blog.

Instead of letting the internet “eat” you for hours like 99% of people, the time has come for you to understand how to take advantage of this real “El Dorado”.

Jeff Walker , one of the greatest fortunes built entirely on the internet, says it himself:

Blogging is the easiest and most effective way
to make money online!

Markus Frind makes over 3 million 500 thousand dollars a year.

David Miles Jr., Kato Leonard, Darren Rowse and Michael Arrington exceed one million.

Rosalind Gardner and Tim Carter make half a million a year.

And if you look at all those whose income is known, the topics of their blogs are really amazing: DIY, dog food, marriage, GPS, etc.

Your turn has come today to finally take your share of this colossal cake and that is why you must give your full attention to the following of this letter .

You see, you are just a few clicks away from an incredible opportunity to end your money worries. And all you need to do that is a blog .

But what am I going to write in this blog? How will it interest people? By what mystery can a free blog generate income? ” you may be wondering...

Listen, you have an immense value of which you are probably unaware of the existence... This value which could protect you from need is quite simply your experience.

There are in fact thousands of Internet users who are looking every day for information that you have and that you mistakenly consider to be banal. They are actually the precise answer that all these people are looking for on Google.

As you probably know, there are 2 types of people on earth. There are those who have problems and there are those who have the solution to the problems of the former.

Well know that...

On the internet, people who have problems
give their money to those who have the solutions
so that their problems disappear

Show me how to make money
by helping others!

So... What are your hidden talents? What excites you? How did you solve some everyday problems? The answers to these simple questions will give you a kind of safe filled with banknotes!

All you have to do is create a blog and reveal your tricks to the whole planet. Cooking recipes, DIY tips, personal development, inspirational stories, literature, sales techniques, public speaking techniques, model making, sports, news, video games, art of seduction, children, finding a job, managing the stress, learning a foreign language, travelling, health and medicine, various tips, tax tips and sexuality are all very popular topics sought after by millions of Internet users... And this list is far from complete!

What you need to know now is
how to do that for your future blog to report ,
you just need some
which are today held by a handful
of men and women who live exclusively
of their internet income.

In a few moments and if you really want it , you too will be the owner of these little known tricks.

So it's very simple: when you are armed with these revelations, your blog will simply become essential and your bank account will almost fill itself.

And perhaps the most fantastic thing is that once you own a blog that produces cash, nothing will stop you from having another one, then another one, then another!

The other amazing thing about blogging is that it generates income wherever you are and whatever you do.

You sleep? Not your blog!

You are sick? Your blog visitors don't know it!

You are on vacation? So what? You're not going to put an “annual leave” sign on the front page of your site, are you?

You are at the store and you have an idea? Take out your smartphone and post an article before you continue shopping!

Are you in a palace on the other side of the planet and you left your computer at home? Go to the hotel's business center, log in and find your site exactly as you left it the last time.

Then write a new article and go back to the beach to sip a good cocktail while your readers bring you money!

“Your Blog Is Accessible Anywhere, Anytime.
It Even Produces Income... When You Sleep!”

Attention, stay with me because it is now that it becomes the most interesting!

You actually only need 2 things:

1. Envy


2. A method that works .

Envy, you undoubtedly have it in spades.

All you need is a clear and precise method to get the job done.

Well rejoice because here is THE step-by-step method you need to create one or more successful blogs whose income will save you money worries quickly and once and for all!

Dear future web-entrepreneur,

Here is the missing link you are missing:

"How To Transform Your Blog
in Cash Machine"

Show me how!

Are you “fed up” with difficult month-ends and the stress caused by the arrival of invoices in your mailbox? Going to work weighs on you more and more? Do you long to free your family from want once and for all? Do you dream of being able to leave regularly, travel, sun, sunscreen and exotic cocktails while continuing to earn money?

If so, all you need to do is get the “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine” method and put its simple advice into serious practice to make your dream come true.

Here are some of the secrets you will discover at the start of this program:

  1. What 's Most Important to Success -- Whether you're blogging for fun or to make money! PAGE 5

  2. "If you are not..., the first obstacle will quickly become an impassable mountain" -- PAGE 5

  3. The 3 questions you need to ask yourself before starting your blog (PAGE 5) -- "It will increase your chances of success from the start and keep your motivation at its peak throughout the adventure"

  4. "Create your blog in less than 5 minutes " thanks to PAGE 6

  5. How you can insert audio, images, videos or more into your blog -- with just a click ! PAGE 7

  6. Some American, Australian and English bloggers are making over $100,000 a month from just blogging -- find out their tips PAGE 9

  7. Attention ! This element (PAGE 9) is essential if you want to make a living from your blog -- if you neglect it, it will be very difficult for you to make a profitable blog!

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In this program, tailor-made for you , you will learn the fundamentals of a blog that generates cash, lots of cash. And you won't just learn these principles theoretically, you'll also receive real training and 89 precise tips to put into practice.

You should know that thousands of dollars in money and time have been spent preparing this program for you. It is the result of an in-depth analysis of an impressive number of “hyper profitable” blogs, which means that their creators all earn at least 120,000 euros per year with a simple blog.

Better, taking a very reasonable average of 50,000 euros per year of income per blog and considering that a hundred blogs have been scrupulously dissected, these are the secrets that generate millions of euros each year that are about to be be in your hands .

“Yes, but what are these ideas that generate millions?”

Here are a few:

  1. The first thing you absolutely must do to make your blog popular -- your success depends on it! PAGE 10
  2. "One of the great things about blogging is that you don't have to be a professional writer to have a popular blog" --
    Here's what you need to do to reach your readers every time : PAGE 11
  3. "Keep this in mind: blog readers are looking for..." -- See What PAGE 11
  4. What you must absolutely ensure to be sure to have many readers: PAGE 11
  5. Without these 2 things ( See which PAGE 12 ), "you have very little chance of making a lot of money"
  6. Discover from PAGE 13 the technical tips you need to know to create your blog
  7. Techniques for creating a blog, explained point by point, as simply as possible, with examples of application : PAGE 13

“Your Ideas Are Worth Fortunes.
Here's How To Make Them Profitable and
Never Run Out of Inspiration”

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Obviously, one of the questions that concerns you the most at this stage is “How am I going to come up with ideas?”.

Relax! You must first know that it is absolutely not necessary to find genius ideas to make money on the internet, far from it !

Remember this: Internet users are not looking for genius ideas when they use search engines. No, they are simply looking for the answer to their questions .

So what are the questions people are asking? Very simple: they seek solutions to the problems they encounter the most. And what are these problems? Again very simple: these are worries of everyday life .

To find inspiration, therefore, all you have to do is analyze your own life and listen to your friends talking - and complaining!

Get inspired and inspire your readers with anecdotes, stories, describe the problematic situations you have experienced and reveal your solutions to them!

"Okay but I'm not good at writing!"

Ahhh! Here's a great note! Many people do not dare to create their own blog because they think, wrongly, that you have to have won a Goncourt Prize and have a sophisticated writing style to be successful.

Know that there is actually nothing more false! Let's go! Can you imagine how boring your blog would be if you used complex writing?

You know what? Here's a great tip for writing lively, inspiring and easy-to-read texts: read them aloud. By reading your texts aloud, you will naturally “sense” where things need to be improved.

Shorten passages that are too long, replace words that are too difficult to pronounce (because they are then difficult to read!) and never forget the most important thing: to have a powerful text, you just have to think that you are addressing someone and A single person.

There are tons of other writing tricks you need to know, you will discover them in detail in

“How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine” .

You will learn in particular what are the “4 details that kill” and which will automatically place you in the top of the basket if you use them as it should!

By the way, see instead some of what is revealed to you in detail:

  1. "A very simple trick to check that your text is both clear and captivating ": PAGE 38
  2. What you absolutely must do before writing the first word. Find out what PAGE 32
  3. The 2 solutions available to you to avoid having trouble with "spam" -- in addition, your blog will have an even more serious image! PAGE 32
  4. The more you ..., the easier it will become for you to write articles ! PAGE 34
  5. The ideal number of articles to publish each week -- This will allow you to retain your readers without boring them - and without killing yourself at work! PAGE 34

“Yes but my spelling sucks!”

No worries either! All current software has automatic spell checkers. Your errors will be instantly underlined in red as you write your articles. To correct them, nothing could be simpler: right-click on the underlined word and left-click on the correct spelling presented in the list!

In addition, you will also learn essential writing tips:

  1. How to write your articles so as not to tire your readers -- PAGE 37
  2. Here's what your reader wants -- And therefore what you need to offer them to retain them! PAGE 37
  3. Don't Make This Mistake (PAGE 38) When You Have an Idea -- Otherwise your article may be unstructured and messy!
  4. Never forget this (PAGE 38), or your readers won't follow you!
  5. The technique to avoid losing your readers along the way : PAGE 38
  6. "A good way to structure an article" -- and make it exciting to read ! PAGE 38
  7. How to do it "if you want to write good articles , like an author or a journalist" -- PAGE 38
  8. Do this (PAGE 38) and "you will be able to step back from your text, and put yourself in the shoes of your readers in order to improve your article"

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"Everyone makes videos and I'm shy!"

First of all, you should know that “everyone” does NOT make videos! Of course, video may be a key element of your blog, but you can do without it. And if it's the technical aspect that puts you off, don't worry once again: the "How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine" method has planned "the trick" and a large, very detailed chapter is devoted to the creation videos “for dummies”... :-)

Be aware, however, that the more readers you have, the more your reasons for making videos will increase. Why? Because your readers will get to know and appreciate you. They will be honored to finally see you face-to-face as if you were talking to no one but them. Each video you make will be a real gift for them.

And if ever you are really too shy to film yourself in front of the camera, know that you will still have an “exit door”: these are text videos.

These videos are very powerful! It's your voice and it's your text that appears on the screen but you don't show your face! It's ideal for the very shy and it works like hell!

And if you're not shy, making pro videos in front of the camera will be child's play thanks to the tips revealed to you in the “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine” method!

But that's not all! Lots of video making tricks are about to be revealed to you, see for yourself:

  1. The different ways to use video on a blog -- and use it to deepen the relationship between you and your readers ! PAGE 43
  2. If you know how to do this (PAGE 44) with videos, " internet users will come and come back to your blog "!
  3. How you can use videos to make products or services sell themselves on your blog! PAGE 44
  4. A surefire way to give credit to your videos -- " Your readers will see that you're serious and professional , and won't hesitate to trust you": PAGE 45
  5. When you're about to shoot your video, do this (PAGE 46) to make sure you don't forget anything, and don't get confused!
  6. Software, very easy to use , which you can use for editing and editing your videos: PAGE 46
  7. What you need to pay special attention to to captivate your readers with audio recordings: PAGE 47
  8. How to properly prepare to make a recording -- What you need to do to your voice : PAGE 47
  9. A great way to deliver real-time exercises to your readers -- It's interactive, exciting, and your readers just have to be guided! PAGE 48

Show me how to make video like the Pros

I'm a little intimidated and know nothing about it
but I want to know!

“Have you thought about audio?”

But of course! Audio is an absolutely interesting vehicle on the web! Thanks to the audio, you give yourself the chance to accompany your readers even when they turn off their computer. How? Let's go! Have you ever downloaded a song to a USB flash drive? Have you ever burned files to a CD that you slip into your car drive? Of course yes!

By creating audio - and all the tricks are of course revealed to you in the Method - you take an even more important place in the lives of your readers: you can for example be in the car or on the train with them!

So... How to make audio? Very simply:

  1. "In this way, you are sure that your recording will be listened to with genuine interest , and not with a distracted ear": PAGE 49
  2. The "killer mistake" when recording audio -- and the one and only way to avoid it!! PAGE 50
  3. "Also use this little trick that teleoperators are taught. It may seem stupid but it's very effective ": PAGE 50
  4. The 3 questions you need to ask yourself to be sure to reach your audience: PAGE 50
  5. The technique to make your blog lively and attractive -- and make your readers "always curious to see what you are going to offer them in the next article": PAGE 50

You are right! Audio is a MUST!
Show me how to do it, I click HERE

“RSS, CPC, Back Link, Bandwidth... What is this gibberish?”

These terms are indeed frequently used on the net. This is what can be called “jargon” as it exists in all professions. Don't worry, the “How to Turn Your Blog into a Cash Machine” method will reveal a complete and easy-to-understand glossary.

None of these weird words will hold any secrets for you!

“And with social networks? Is Facebook a source of income?”

Facebook is a waste of time for 99.99% of people! But... Facebook is a FANTASTIC cash machine if you have a blog!

With a few simple tips and tricks, you will be able to benefit your blog - and therefore your wallet - from the gigantic VIRAL EFFECT of Facebook .

In summary, friends of friends of friends of your friends - tens of thousands of people - will discover your blog and, one day or another, open their wallets to you!

"How do I get all these people to open their wallets for me?"

You just need to know these revelations in particular:

  1. A simple trick to find out if your topic is of interest to people -- before you even put your blog online ! PAGE 14
  2. How to spot your potential competitors -- and act before them to stay ahead ! PAGE 15
  3. A tip for finding ideas, even if you have no passion or hobby : PAGE 15
  4. The secrets to choosing an irresistible domain name - PAGE 16
  5. The main FREE platforms you can choose to host your blog -- and the precise steps to create it: PAGE 17
  6. If you want to make money from your blog, follow this advice (PAGE 18) -- It's important to be taken seriously!
  7. How to choose a domain name that will be easy to reference by Google and other search engines ? PAGE 19
  8. A site where you can buy or sell a domain name at auction - it can reach impressive sums ! PAGE 19
  9. To avoid trouble, it's in your best interest to buy your domain name on this site (and you'll pay less): PAGE 20

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“The Magic of a Blog:
You Earn Money Through Work
and Creations of Other Bloggers!”

Listen... This is a trick worth thousands of dollars on its own!

Let's say you come across another interesting blog during your research. You learn that the owner of this blog has created a wonderful product and you know that it could interest YOUR readers...

In “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine”, you'll find out how to get in touch with other bloggers and how to negotiate a commission with them!

Suddenly, everything becomes simpler! All you have to do is promote this product that you like so much to your readers. Every time one of them orders what you recommend to them, you will get paid!

This principle is called partnership. All the details can be found in “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine”.

With this principle, your blog turns into an AUTOMATIC machine to make cash! And that's how you will one day be able to live the story at the beginning of this letter: to be on a paradise beach and continue to earn money... Lots of money!

“What is the investment?”

Does it matter honestly? How much are strategies that produce millions of dollars each year worth? Lapalisse would answer you that they are worth millions of course! It is therefore obvious that getting hold of these secrets for 5,000 euros would be a very good deal.

Better: if you could get your hands on this knowledge for only 500 euros, compared to what it can bring you, it would still be very interesting.

But hey... Let's be consistent! Everyone complains about the rising prices and the increasing difficulty in paying the bills. If you want to make money, you probably don't have enough right now.

So... These parameters were taken into account when pricing the “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine” method . The author wanted to make this method accessible to everyone.

It is therefore not 500 euros that are asked of you, but... 37 small euros.

Yes, you read that right... This method is yours once and for all for less than an “I LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL” t-shirt.

So of course you have the right to be skeptical but honestly... what do you risk trying? Absolutely nothing! You will indeed be able to discover this method in a few seconds, study it and experiment with it at your ease for 365 days.

And... if you are not TOTALLY satisfied with the income your blog will generate within 365 days, you can receive a full refund by submitting your request by email.

Let's be clear: the guarantee might only work if your income is less than 5 times, 10 times or even 100 times your initial bet. However, you will be the sole judge of the thing.

You have no limit on the amount pocketed. If you only win 1,000 euros and you want a refund, that's ok. And if you win 10,000 euros or more but still want to get your 37 euros back, that's ok too.

As you can see, all the risks are therefore on my shoulders...

“Test This Method And If You Are Not Satisfied
Earnings From Your Blog Within 365 Days,
You are reimbursed!”

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Test these secrets with peace of mind: you get a full guarantee.

You may well be surprised if you only need 100 or 200 euros more per month to feel better. The secrets and strategies of the method you are about to discover are so effective that it will be almost impossible for you to limit your blog income to such small sums.

Better: once the machine started, it is almost impossible to stop it.

As you can imagine: if the title of this method includes the expression “Cash Making Machine” , it is for a good reason...

How long do you need to create and maintain your blog so that it generates a satisfactory income? A handful of minutes to create it and 5 to 10 hours a week at most to feed it. Enough to give you all the time in the world to do what you love above all else.

So here is what will happen to you after carefully studying and practicing the secrets of “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine” :

  • 1) your blog will be technically ready in less than 5 minutes for the technical and graphic part,

  • 2) your first “fans” will appear after only a few hours,

  • 3) your first euros of extra income will fall in just a few days,

  • 4) a few months will be enough to witness the meteoric rise of your new income,

  • 5) your income will grow exponentially to the amount you deem sufficient.

If you were ever unhappy with your results, remember that you have a full 365 days to claim a full refund. A simple email will trigger the return of your 37 euros as soon as possible without any questions being asked.

You see, you won't even have to justify yourself!

Does that mean you have to make a decision now?

Yes, it is: you will make a decision in a moment.

So quickly weigh the pros and cons...

The “cons”, so to speak, is that your commitment is 37 euros (the price of a good bottle of wine swallowed in an evening with friends). This gesture is necessary to demonstrate your real desire to learn and to commit yourself personally.

The “pro” is that you risk nothing except seeing your bank account gradually improve.

You can therefore test these secrets if only out of simple curiosity since it is technically impossible for you to lose your money!

On the other hand, if your blog does not generate good income as promised, it is I who will lose money... but I don't care! This method is proven and it is a sure fact that it can work for you. To show you all my good faith, I therefore have absolutely no embarrassment in making you a totally crazy offer!

But why such an offer? Quite simply because the blog is finally a simple and effective way to allow you to put an end to your money worries once and for all.

So obviously, since you will not be asked any questions if you ask for your refund, you could very well abuse the guarantee offered to you. You could indeed claim your full refund even if you earn a nice income thanks to the method offered to you... but... I know you will be so happy to see how easily your blog can generate cash that you don't do that "shot" to me...

You see, I have the weakness to believe that this is your best proof of my good faith.

Act now, before you move on, before you forget and then regret it later. You are thus certain to receive your first euros from your blog shortly.

Very Important: Due to the special nature of this offer, the guarantee and bonus gift offered below are only valid if you act before midnight tonight.

After this time, you no longer have the guarantee that this proposal will still be available.

Remember that your blog will produce its first dollars of income in just a few days. Even if you've never had a website, even if you're a “complete stranger” and even if you don't think you know anything about computers.

If your blog does not produce an income that satisfies you within 365 days, a simple email will trigger a reimbursement of 37 euros. This without discussion, without any questions being asked.

Take advantage now and discover:

  1. A blogger's nightmare -- and the only way to avoid it: PAGE 21
  2. 4 reliable hosts with very good prices - They are highly recommended! PAGE 22
  3. The 4 vital things you need to pay special attention to when choosing your web host: PAGE 21
  4. The golden rules for choosing the "look" of your blog , depending on what you offer there - without asking for help from a designer at 5000 €!
    PAGE 24
  5. The 9 steps to setting up your blog theme -- for free and without the help of a pro! PAGE 26
  6. The list of 10 "plugins" that could be useful to you -- and how to install and use them easily : PAGE 37

I'm ordering now and I understand your money back guarantee. I also take advantage of your special offer and agree to receive the following bonus gift:

BONUS GIFT: “8 Google Tips”
value: 47€

A precise report to understand and control
how Google works

You don't want to miss this chance! Because yes, it is indeed a sacred chance in question!

Judge for yourself: can you imagine the number of circumstances that had to be met for you to read this letter at this precise moment? Honestly, you could have surfed the internet for another 50 years and never discovered any of this.

And precisely, what exactly are you going to discover in the “How to Turn Your Blog into a Cash Machine” method ?

See instead:

  1. The 3 questions you MUST ask yourself before creating your blog (PAGE 5)

  2. How to create your blog in less than 5 minutes! (PAGE 6)

  3. The secrets of interesting and dynamic blogs (PAGE 7)

  4. How to insert sound, images and even video in your blog by being bad at computers (PAGE 8)

  5. The unsuspected power of a blog. Master it and go 'BINGO'! (PAGE 9)

  6. The “little trick” to have a lot of readers (PAGE 11)

  7. 1 simple trick to find ideas even if you have no passion, hobby or special talent! (PAGE 15)

To your success!

Cyril Godefroy

PS don't forget that you risk absolutely nothing and that you can even test this method OUT OF CURIOSITY in complete peace of mind. Your “Satisfied or refunded” guarantee is unconditional!

I want to make money too
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PPS let's admit that your blog generates “ONLY” 250€ per month... That makes 3,000€ per year the 1st year... Your investment will therefore have had a phenomenal return of... 1,111%! And let's not even talk about the fact that you are bound to improve in the second year... Then the third... And so on... And what will your income do while you get better? Hehehehe...

I want to start slowly but surely and see
my earnings follow the curve of my experience!

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PPPS Are you really curious and want to know MORE? See below a more developed list of the secrets that you will discover in the method “How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine” :

  1. Hosts to avoid at all costs ! -- By following these tips, you will avoid many unpleasant surprises! PAGE 21
  2. "The ... is also an important factor to take into account in the choice of your host" -- The speed of access to your blog depends on it ! PAGE 21
  3. Everything you need to know about "RSS Feeds" and how they work -- and how to use them to make your blog successful -- PAGE 29!

  1. "When you write, remember these few basic principles. They will make your articles more pleasant to read , even if you do not have a "pro" pen: PAGE 41
  2. 3 tips from the "pro" to make your articles even more fascinating: PAGE 41
  3. How to stimulate the imagination of your readers so that they project themselves into what you say, and that they literally feel transported ! PAGE 42
  4. The different ways to use video on a blog -- and use it to deepen the relationship between you and your readers ! PAGE 43
  5. If you know how to do this (PAGE 44) with videos, " internet users will come and come back to your blog "!
  6. How you can use videos to make products or services sell themselves on your blog! PAGE 44
  7. A surefire way to give credit to your videos -- " Your readers will see that you're serious and professional , and won't hesitate to trust you": PAGE 45

  1. When you're about to shoot your video, do this (PAGE 46) to make sure you don't forget anything, and don't get confused!
  2. Software, very easy to use , which you can use for editing and editing your videos: PAGE 46
  3. What you need to pay special attention to to captivate your readers with audio recordings: PAGE 47
  4. How to properly prepare to make a recording -- What you need to do to your voice : PAGE 47
  5. A great way to deliver real-time exercises to your readers -- It's interactive, exciting, and your readers just have to be guided! PAGE 48
  6. "In this way, you are sure that your recording will be listened to with genuine interest , and not with a distracted ear": PAGE 49
  7. The "killer mistake" when recording audio -- and the one and only way to avoid it!! PAGE 50
  8. "Also use this little trick that teleoperators are taught. It may seem stupid but it's very effective ": PAGE 50
  9. The 3 questions you need to ask yourself to be sure to reach your audience: PAGE 50
  10. The technique to make your blog lively and attractive -- and make your readers "always curious to see what you are going to offer them in the next article": PAGE 50
  11. Ways to "monetize" your blog -- PAGE 52
  12. "The best way to ensure that your readers will actually buy the affiliate products you offer on your blog" -- PAGE 53
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  1. How to use an autoresponder that will nurture your relationships with your readers, and generate sales, without you having to lift a finger ! PAGE 88
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