How to get rid of stress and anxiety

How many hours do you think it took stress and anxiety to sink this
former department manager in a coma ?


Nicolas P. knows that he is stressed and anxious.

Until today, he didn't really pay attention to it, even though everyone told him that it would be good if he "de-stressed" a little.

Let's say he was trying to live more or less well with his stress , and to hear him, he wasn't doing too badly.

But in a few hours, Nicolas will have to reconsider the question...

A true descent into hell

On this morning of May 26, 2007, Nicolas has just woken up, and he discovers with horror that not content with having terrible pain in his lower back, his fingernails and his lips have turned purple, and he realizes above all that it's his whole body, in the end, that hurts like hell!

He shivers like crazy, tries somehow to get up, but the pain is so excruciating that it makes him cry out with every movement.

After 15 minutes of struggle, unable to take it anymore, he calls 115...

It will take him nearly 10 minutes to manage to drag himself to the front door to open for help...

It's not really "nice" to wake up in such pain ...

Noting that your whole body hurts you like hell with every movement isn't really done to cheer you up either...

But when 6 hours later, you are told that you have 2 vertebrae that have become like a sponge , that you have contracted sepsis coupled with meningitis and that we are going to have to put you in a coma to try to save you save, there, you wonder what you did to deserve this...

However, this is what happened to Nicolas, who ended up with a generalized infection caused by a class C streptococcus, a very rare thing that interfered in his body because of... a tooth.

Can things like this really happen?

Oh yes ! It happens, and it even happens very often if we are to believe the doctors.

Well, it's not always as bad as that.

But it doesn't end as well as it did for the sad hero of this story either.

Because after 6 days in a coma, 50 days in the hospital and 5 months of rehabilitation, Nicolas P. is doing well again, but the least we can say is that he was scared to death ...

Especially since the doctors told him that it was 99% due to... stress!

How is it possible ?

Stress is the cause of 80% of diseases,
either directly or indirectly

The state of permanent stress and anxiety that he experienced on a daily basis had weakened his body, impoverished his immune defences, and thus favored any infectious attack.

And yet, Nicolas P. was not the worst of all stressed people...

OK, he had a tendency to bite his nails for hours, sometimes felt like he was choking , freaked out every now and then in the middle of the crowd, moved his leg a little too often, but seeing him like that, du 27 years old, he didn't seem to be sick or even anxious...

But stress does not really prevent when its effects cause irreversible damage to those who are too anxious or too stressed.

He doesn't care about age or sex... Doesn't make a difference between a woman with 3 children and a single young girl... Between a caring husband and a hardened bachelor... Between an active person and a student...

It's also impossible to know when it will happen...

Nicolas P., mentioned above, was perfectly fine the week before his problem.

13 days later, he had lost 22 pounds and was on life support .

So, no doubt: The effects of stress can really be devastating for those who do not know how to react well to it.

Because stress is part of our daily lives.

You must have realized this if you work, or if you have a family, or obligations of all kinds:

Throughout your life, you experience a number of pressures that cause stress.

Learn to manage stress to maintain
good health and well-being

And it's YOUR way of reacting that makes all the difference in maintaining your health and well-being.

You need to understand that even if you can never get rid of stress completely, you can, on the other hand, learn techniques that allow you to manage and transform stress into a much healthier situation for you.

A very recent book offers you to reveal these techniques:

How to get rid of stress and anxiety
How to get rid of stress and anxiety forever

The author of this program suffered for years from terrible anxiety disorders caused by stress.

It had become a real ordeal for him, because it ruined his life for more than 10 years...

He managed it as best he could, but as he had to face new stressful situations every day, he decided one day to really try to get rid of this scourge.

You will therefore find in this program some of his most conclusive experiences combined with real expert advice.

They are tools that will help you overcome stressful situations , in order to regain - and maintain - a healthy life and lasting well-being.

And if I had one piece of advice to give you, it would be to get this guide as soon as possible at my expense - you'll see why later:

YES ! I want to learn how to manage stress effectively
and get rid of anxiety forever

But maybe you're wondering if you really care about stress?

Let's see this:

Do you bite your nails (or the skin around it)?

Are you grinding your teeth ?

Are you shaking your leg for no reason?

Do you touch your hair all day long?

Does your body make you suffer : back pain, digestive disorders, skin problems, migraines ...?

Do you feel moody : anxiety, frustration, irritability , panic, agitation?

Your sleep is disturbed , agitated or tormented?

Do you find it difficult to concentrate on the tasks you have to do?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you are probably already strongly affected by stress, and it is URGENT for you to act quickly.

Some people have funny ways of "dealing" with stress:

They smoke ( it calms them! ), drink alcohol ( it relaxes them! ), eat poorly ( no time! ) and think that physical activity is a waste of time...

But any doctor they talk to about all these “dirty habits” will tell them that they are clear signs of stress and anxiety .

And you? How do you manage
stress in your life?

This question is of paramount importance for you and for your family.

Because it is truly our way of apprehending the worries of everyday life that makes all the difference and that allows us to stay in good health.

And it is in this that the program " How to get rid of stress and anxiety " will be of infinite help to you.

OKAY ! I want to receive this program
to learn how to eliminate stress

This guide is not just a warning about the risks associated with stress.

He is above all the coach of all those who are stressed and anxious!

It reveals all the techniques that will allow you to manage your stress and transform it into a healthier situation for you.

Whether you are stressed, anxious or even depressed, this program will help you find inner peace and protect yourself against the dangers you pose to your health.

A host of tips and tricks to effectively manage your stress and eliminate anxiety

Are you the victim of a stress-related illness – how to recognize and eradicate them? page 5

The unconscious attitude that forbids you to be healthy and free from stress - and the way for you to end it! page 11

The Symptoms of Stress You Need to Take Seriously - and How to Identify Them Immediately! Page 13-14

Medicines – and drugs – that cause anxiety – beware! page 16

The vitamin that limits stress and anxiety, and that you must consume in large quantities every day (where to find it?) - Page 16

How to know instantly if you are suffering from “stress”, “excessive anxiety” or “depression” to better tackle the problem - Page 17

The 9 questions you need to ask yourself right away if you think you are depressed - Page 18

The simple “medical fact” you absolutely need to know to deal with stress and anxiety - Page 30

A super-powerful technique to repel stress and anxiety almost instantly - Page 35

The 'secret' muscle you need to develop - it has the ability to permanently put you in a relaxed and serene state of mind! page 36

A natural and free method – and recognized by medicine – to instantly free yourself from painful feelings! Page 54

3 terrible habits that wreak havoc on your body and mind - and how to get rid of them! page 56

The "magical" form of interaction to instantly calm you down - a method used by some doctors! page 60

How can food help you de-stress easily and quickly? page 61

Ha! There is also absolutely explosive information that you will discover in this program, which will make you wonder if you are not dreaming:

Do you know that there are well-known and widely used ways to fight stress that you absolutely must avoid ?

Indeed, the side effects they have on you are sometimes worse than the worst effects of stress itself!

The author explains which techniques you should not use on page 57.

Find a peaceful sleep...
and repairman

A great exercise if your stress often keeps you from falling asleep - Page 37

A “trick” from the pros to never let stress into your bedroom – and sleep much better - Page 38

The very bad habit that always keeps you from falling asleep and how to get rid of it forever - Page 46

3 proven techniques for taking a REAL break that will relax you as much as a good night's sleep - Page 70

This program addresses the different causes of stress, and offers you solutions adapted to each situation.

One of the biggest causes
stress: Work

For starters, you'll probably agree that the biggest cause of stress in your life is your job.

And it's far from a scoop!

Indeed, according to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work , the statistics are alarming:

Work-related stress is commonplace in the 15 Member States of the European Union:

  • nearly 1 worker out of 3 is affected.

  • More than half of the 160 million workers say they work at hellish speeds (56%) and within very short deadlines (60%).

  • More than a third have no say in the order in which they perform their tasks, and 40% say they perform monotonous tasks .

These work-related "stressors" are probably not unrelated to today's health problems. Indeed, among all working people:

  • 15% complain of headaches ,

  • 23% have neck and shoulder pain,

  • 23% suffer from fatigue ,

  • 33% admit to having back pain .

And you? Among the 4 conditions above, which one(s) concern you, but above all, which one causes you the most concern?

Have you ever considered that it is related to the stressors you experience in your work?

Because chances are you are already dealing with (more or less effectively) the above symptoms, but why not seek to eliminate the CAUSES instead ?

Eh yes ! By learning to better manage the various stressful situations that you encounter in your work, then all the affections normally caused by these situations will no longer even exist: You will therefore not have to treat them!

Especially since it's not just health that's at stake here...

An important factor
professional success

Your professional success also depends on it!

Indeed, in all companies, we see some of our colleagues climbing the ladder at full speed… as if the stress of having new responsibilities had no hold on them.

One could believe in favoritism, or then in luck...

But in reality, the difference between those who succeed and those who stagnate in their work is not a matter of luck or constitution.

Those who succeed and who are completely fulfilled professionally have a secret: They know how to manage their stress and turn it into an asset!

That's why, if you want to be one of those for whom stress is not an obstacle to their professional success, this program will be of great help to you.

You will learn among other things:

The 4 factors of work stress – Find out which one affects you the most and how to get rid of it ! Page 4

The secrets to leading a successful personal life and career without stress! page 21

What you absolutely must do to drastically reduce stress at work - free and very effective! page 40

A brilliant method if you need stimulation after work - feeling of deep relaxation guaranteed! page 42

How to make your stress a very powerful ally – at home and at work! page 50

The "magic" gesture to do in case of stress at work - incredible results! page 52

How to use stress to achieve your goals - the secret of athletes ! page 55

How to easily relax at work - the best tips! Page 71

A "magic" exercise to instantly relax anywhere - even in the office! Page 72

You'll also learn on page 71 that nearly 95% of working people do something "mundane" that INCREASES their stress rather than reducing it, when everyone else believes the opposite.

According to the 2003 SUMER and 2005 “working conditions” surveys carried out by the Ministry of Labor among the working population:

  • 60% of employees surveyed believe that they frequently have to interrupt a task they are doing to start another. In a few words, we are overwhelmed !

  • 48% say they work in a hurry (always or often have to rush)

  • 53% say their work pace is dictated by demand that needs to be met immediately.

  • 1 in 4 employees working in contact with the public suffers verbal attacks .

  • 42% say they experience tense situations with the public

And that's not to mention the pressures that are put on our heads by our hierarchy to set us ever higher goals!

Which does not necessarily start from a bad feeling, because it is this "positive" pressure that makes us move forward, grow and evolve within our work.

This program will tell you how to prevent this positive and necessary pressure in your professional life from turning into negative thoughts , bad stress and anxiety.

Whether you want to evolve in your position to have more responsibilities or whether you want to obtain the recognition necessary for your professional development, the solution is the same: you must know these stress management techniques…

YES ! I want to learn how to manage stress at work
and grow professionally

But unfortunately, it's not just at work that stress is a problem...

A brake on your development
personal, social and family...

Yes, you might think that once the worries of work are behind us, our private life frees us from stress.

Alas… in the majority of cases, the reality is quite different!

Because there are also a host of activities that are a source of intense stress and anxiety...

For example, what could be more stressful than romantic relationships or first dates…?

This man or this woman pleases you enormously, but the simple fact of approaching him puts you in a state of stress not possible.

You wonder what you are going to be able to say and above all how you are going to be able to conceal this stress which could compromise all your chances.

Your heart is pounding, your cheeks are flushing, your palms are sweaty and your voice is shaking.

And here it is: Stress and its manifestations attack you from all sides, and it 's a sure fiasco if you don't know how to stem this sudden rush of adrenaline...

I had the opportunity to meet a woman who has very particular reactions when she finds herself in the company of the opposite sex:

It always turns red ! And this, whether she is in the presence of a stranger or a friend, or even her boss, or even her co-workers (if they are men)!

This reaction of shyness, directly linked to his stress, makes his social life hell...

Difficult indeed to meet people when you blush for a yes or a no... Few friends, almost non-existent relationships, and a lack of self-confidence which decreases day by day...

I therefore advised him to read this program, because whether it is for romantic relationships or friendships, it reveals all the tips that will allow you to face in the best possible conditions the different situations that generally cause stress and anxiety. , For example :

A job interview ,

A gallant date ,

If you need to speak in front of a group, or in a meeting,

A meeting with your in-laws ,

If you have to sing in front of a full house,

If you want to approach a girl , a woman, a man or a boy you like,

If you need to pass on your ideas to your family, or your friends...

Impose yourself on your children

It's a fact: The world we live in is by definition stressful. And no one can pretend to change this truth.

A devastating effect on children

Life is made up of annoyances that pollute our minds with negative thoughts.

The radio, the TV, the newspapers like to maintain this permanent anguish: it seems that this is what makes "sell"!

And it is our children and ourselves who must learn to accept and manage this incessant flow of stressful and distressing information , and try somehow to avoid being invaded by negative thoughts and guilt. .

It is about YOUR health and YOUR social success, just as it is very important for YOUR children that they are also armed against all the bad thoughts that could ruin their existence.

Because children also feel and react to stressful situations with their little means, and the harmful effects on their behavior are just as devastating as in adults, if not more:

Withdrawn into oneself,

Tendency to cry for a yes or a no,

Extreme restlessness, hyperactivity,

Increased thumb sucking,

Increase in the number of "small sores",

Frequent tantrums,

Aggression towards peers

Sleeping troubles,

A little too frequent whims,


All these unpleasant manifestations in children are often the perverse effects of unacknowledged anxiety (they are generally too young to understand what is happening to them), but which should really make you realize that stress also affects your children hard .

OKAY ! I want to learn how to eliminate too
stress and anxiety in my children

It is above all in this that this program is going to be a real boon for you, because it will allow you and your children - the exercises and techniques it contains can be applied as a family! - , to take a POSITIVE turn in life, whatever the level of ambient negativism.

It tells you, among other things:

The word you absolutely must learn to say - it will greatly reduce your stress and that of your children! page 8

The sensation - that you know - that generates intense stress - and the secret to freeing yourself from it for good ! page 9

What are the barriers that prevent you from being in good shape and freeing yourself from stress - and how to get rid of them - Page 10

The 3 blocking behaviors that keep stress going – and what you need to do to banish them from your life and that of your children - Page 11

The secret that keeps you from seeing "la vie en rose " - and it's your mind that produces this poison! page 11

The words that need to disappear from your vocabulary - they make you tense and stressed! page 11

The fatal mindset that keeps you from living free from anxiety that you need to get rid of now! page 11

How your friends can help you release stress and anxiety in a very simple way - Page 11

“Magic” questions if you are naturally stressed – they have the power to generate “zenitude”! page 11

The daily gesture to know absolutely if you often feel stressed! page 12

The way the "anxious" should live their day - to never be anxious again! page 30

How to immediately calm your mind when you're tense – even in a noisy, nerve-wracking environment - Page 34

A great tip for times of intense stress – when you feel like you're going to crumble! page 51

How to relieve any stress – even the worst – in 5 steps? Page 53

13 awesome “tips and tricks” to eradicate stress from your life! Pages 55

The 9 most powerful " stress fighters " - use without moderation! page 59

What most "stressed out" people can't do - and how to learn it easily! Page 63

The extremely unhealthy thought that you need to banish from your head - it keeps you from getting rid of stress and anxiety! Page 64

The permission you need to give yourself now - or the stress will never let you go! page 65

The mentality you absolutely must break free from - and your stress will melt away! page 67

The secret motto of ex-stressed winners - incredible efficiency! Page 75

OKAY ! I want to receive this program for
learn to eliminate stress and anxiety

What women absolutely must
know how to deal with stress

If you are a woman, you must be even more sensitive to this notion of permanent stress...

Because between work, children and worries of the house… women suffer from stress and anxiety almost twice as much as men .

Because after the day's work, you have to pick up the little ones from the nanny, make them take a bath, prepare dinner, make them do their homework before tackling the cleaning and ironing, and a whole host of tasks that s pile up one after the other, and that in the end, the only desire that remains after all that is... to sleep...

It's not easy to have a fulfilling life with all that!

And it must be recognized that a little hour of respite in all these activities would undoubtedly do you the greatest good...

Yes but here it is! How to do ? How do you find time with all these tasks that overwhelm you? And how to reconcile a busy family life with a stressful job...

There are secrets...

Techniques that some lucky women know and apply every day to free up time to "find" themselves...

Time at the office, time on the way home, time at home...

"Lightning" exercises that have as much effect as a yoga session and that allow you to evacuate tensions and anxieties in a few minutes.

In Chapter 10, you will find 27 techniques that will allow you to do this and more. It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you best, and that fit most easily into your schedule.

For example technique number 4, which you can practice anywhere and at any time of the day (or night), will calm you down, wherever you are, in a few minutes.

Number 9 will teach you how to relax in 6 times 18 seconds. Ideal when you have little time and need to find a little "zenittude".

Or you can try n°15 which will allow you to fight effectively and while having fun against stress and pressure. and you can even practice this with your children.

But you will also discover:

Why women are breaking all stress records - and what they absolutely need to do to end it once and for all - Page 8

The signals that women with children should pay 10 times more attention to than others! page 15

What to do immediately when you feel depressed to feel 10 times better! page 19

There is also another very dramatic aspect of stress which you may have already experienced and which is called: The panic attack.

Do you know this phenomenon? Perhaps you have already had the sad experience of it yourself?

You know that feeling of feeling your throat tighten, your mind slowly detaching from your body, until it suffocates... As if you were going to die, or faint...

If you've ever experienced this, then you know what the effects of a panic attack are.

It's actually a reaction to an overdose of stress, and no one is immune to having one when under intense stress.

How to effectively manage a panic attack?

In this case too, there are good expert techniques, which make it possible to overcome this kind of scourge...

The program " How to get rid of stress and anxiety " deals with this problem at length, and tells you step by step how to get rid of this burden forever.

You will first learn to recognize the 13 warning signs of a panic attack... This simple advice can allow you to act BEFORE it is too late.

Then, it's a festival of actions, practical advice, proven techniques that await you in this program:

The most effective techniques to deal with a panic attack right from the start! Page 26

How do you deal with the horrible feeling of “disconnection” just before a panic attack? Page 28

A super amazing specialist "trick" to easily deal with a panic attack! page 29

What you need to do every morning to never have panic attacks again - Page 30

A great "trick" to immediately reduce panic! page 30

The simple and quick "list" that you absolutely must know to calm your panic attacks quickly - Page 32

How can a simple wall – yes, a wall – help you stop a panic attack instantly ? page 31

5 brilliant tips to free yourself from the feeling of panic immediately! page 31

The “homemade” massage oil to always have with you in case of a panic attack - Page 32

How to Instantly Calm Yourself --- Techniques from the Pros - Page 33

A great way to eliminate feelings of deep anxiety - Page 34

The method – to have under the elbow – when your mind is invaded by frightening and anxious thoughts ! page 34

How do you find "your peaceful place" - the one that has the power to calm you down in the blink of an eye? page 37

It is possible to set you free
stress – even intense –
in a few minutes

A trick that works wonders to alleviate any stress - Page 39

A "trick" 100 times more effective than therapeutic relaxation alone! page 40

The “magic” bath to free yourself from excess stress --- without a bathtub and without water… Page 41

The secret to becoming an expert in self-relaxation in 10 minutes a day! page 43

A proven technique to teach you how to relax instantly! page 45

The "Hollywood" technique finally unveiled for ultra-deep relaxation! Page 47

OKAY ! I want to receive this program to learn how to manage and
remove panic attacks once and for all

With this program, you are ready to really start a merciless fight against stress and anxiety.

Especially since I have planned for you a little gift that will make your life much easier.

Indeed, we have less and less time these days, and it is sometimes good to be able to use the "low moments" of your day, such as a car trip, or in a room or a queue. to take advantage of all the good advice that makes you feel better.

So I thought of something very practical for you:

The Power of Audio Persuasion

Our brain is very easily influenced.

Seductive images, remarks from those around us, advertisements influence us without our knowledge.

How can you use this power for YOUR benefit to learn how to better manage stress and anxiety and thus find a healthy and fulfilled life?

The program " How to get rid of stress and anxiety " has been read by a professional, and has therefore been supplemented by 15 audio support sessions .

You can listen to them on your computer, on your MP3 player, your Ipod or on an audio CD in your car or at home, and thus take advantage of all his advice even if you are unable to read.

Every sentence will stick in your mind, and instead of reading -- and forgetting, you'll listen, and it will stick in your mind.

And as what is in your mind automatically turns into action, you will gradually form the right habits that will allow you to free yourself from stress and anxiety.

This program is the best asset you can have up your sleeve to accompany you throughout your life, so that you can go through it in better health, in a more fulfilled way, but above all knowing how to face the countless stressful situations that you will be brought to meet.

Its price is 27 € . Why such a reasonable price?

Because it was fixed as part of an anti-stress campaign.

Compare that price to the few thousand dollars you may spend each year on doctors, physiotherapists, painkillers, and drugs of all kinds because of the effects of stress and anxiety.

Especially since the techniques included in this program MUST work for you .

I am so certain of this that I hereby make the following formal guarantee:

Read and calmly apply the advice of this program... Let yourself be guided by the voice that you will be able to listen to on the audios which are provided with...

Start to feel better , until you come to be completely fulfilled...

And if you change your mind, or if, at the end of your experience, you are not satisfied with the results obtained, then ask for a FULL refund of what you have paid...

I will then return your money to you immediately and without question . It seems perfectly normal to me that this program gives you complete satisfaction, otherwise, what is the point of having purchased it?

So be perfectly calm, you risk absolutely nothing to try: It works for you, or it will have cost you nothing!

Now, how long do you have to try?

7 days ?

1 month ?

3 months ?

6 months ?

NOPE ! You have 365 days of free trial without obligation.

You read that right, you have a long year to feel confident that stress and anxiety are completely gone from your life for good.

OKAY ! I want to receive this program for
learn to eliminate stress and anxiety

You have the right to have a more fulfilling life and you have the right not to let stress and anxiety play with your health.

Nowadays, there are many more ways to deal with this scourge. You just have to find someone who explains to you which techniques are the most effective and the fastest to work for you.

This is what the author of this program did: It gives you the keys to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

I hope you will be able to take this outstretched hand!



PS: One day I discovered an extraordinary device.

It was a luminous panel which acted on the cerebral rhythms to cause a state of meditation by a simple mechanical effect.

The effects were prodigious: Peace and serenity within minutes.
Great to use with relaxing music.

But this device had a BIG disadvantage: it was worth more than 500 euros.

I bought one. I used it in my seminars, and many of my participants got it too.

One day, I had the following idea: There is a screen even more powerful than this device: the screen of a computer.

So I had the BRAIN-RELAX developed, to turn any computer into a brain synchronizer.

Even better, I have integrated the possibility of embedding a "positive" sentence which is automatically engraved in the brain:

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Brain-Relax can be set to the main brain rhythms:
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Brain-Relax acts by a reflex effect of "habituation".
Only precaution: it should not be used if you are epileptic.

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