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Yet a recent survey shows that they are more than 70,000 to live on what they earn on the internet.

And that these 70,000 people don't even have a website!

People like you, working from home, when they feel like it, whether they live in a village in the countryside, in the bush, or in the heart of a city.

People who had no start-up capital. Their only initial investment: a computer and an internet connection.

Would you also like to get rich in your spare time? Rounding off your end of the month? Maybe even thank your boss and strike out on your own?

How do these people make a living on the internet?

Because of course if you could do the same and keep your current income, you could get really rich...

Here is what I discovered:

1. No need to have start-up capital

Perhaps you think that to earn more on the internet you need a small starting capital. If you have one, keep it.

If you don't have one, build one: I'll show you how.

2. No computer skills needed

If you know html, so much the better.

But if you know how to just send mail and click on a blue link, that's enough.

I've seen grandmothers do better than their grandsons. Myself, a grandfather who has two hyper-competent computer professional sons, I earn more money than them on the internet :)

3. No need to have studied

In my opinion, it is often even a handicap.

On the internet, it is your know-how that counts, not your diplomas.

But precisely, I would like to share with you my know-how and my secrets.

4. No need to have a lot of time

The advantage with the internet is that you "work" (if you can call it work, you'll see it's kind of fun) when you want. While the kids take a nap. In the evening after dinner. A weekend afternoon.

One to 3 hours a week is enough to get your first gains. And the further you go, the easier it gets.

5. No need to have connections

If you have a good address book, you will start faster. But there are plenty of tricks (23 exactly) to contact hundreds, thousands of people and encourage them to send you money.

6. No need to have products

There are products that you can have for next to nothing and resell at a high price. I will explain to you how to do it.

There are great products that you can sell WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY THEM. You take the profit, that's all.

There are plenty of products available with almost 100% profit margin. Unheard of in the entire history of the business.

The Internet is really great when you know how to do it.

I showed some friends and relations how to do all of this. They were so amazed and excited that they asked me to write it all down in a report.

He is named:

How to get rich on the internet

Without Having a Site"

(Those who sell the creation of websites very expensively will hate me.)

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Heinrich M.

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Here is what I reveal to you:

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A little reminder of the advantages of making money on the internet:

1. No starting capital

2. You can work from anywhere and anytime.

3. The profit margin can be maximum when you know how.

4. You can create as many deals as you want. Regular income adds up.

5. No boss on your back, no need to pay employees. Your computer does the work.

6. No stock required. No money tied up. No risk of depreciation.

7. No rent to pay, virtually no monthly fees. Nothing on the back.

8. The French-speaking market starts. There is everything to do! Those who start now will have the best seats tomorrow!