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Healthy weight loss with the Okinawa diet - ebook

Healthy weight loss with the Okinawa diet - ebook

de Azako Domo

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In "Losing Weight Using the Okinawa Method: The Secrets to Healthy Living for 100+ Years" - a book specially designed to go straight to the point and maximize your results - you will discover with delight that you don't necessarily have to mess up your way of eating or exercise iron discipline, worthy of the army to lose weight, reach and maintain your ideal weight and “get in shape”. That's the magic of the Okinawa diet.

By the way, note that the book is mainly about losing weight, less than losing weight. Why?

Well it's very simple: do you prefer to be called thin or skinny? Thin of course! Why? Well, because the word 'thin' indicates a slim waist, a slender figure and a certain tone. On the contrary, the word “lean” evokes fragility, significant efforts and a rather limited energy stock.

In concrete terms, you are one click away from the following revelations:

  • How to refine your figure and protect your health in an incredible and lasting way (PAGE 4),
  • How to escape the terrible yo-yo effect, the fear of all those who seek to lose excess pounds and control their weight (PAGE 4),
  • How to prevent that little too round belly that inevitably occurs with age (PAGE 5),
  • The very simple and very pleasant activity which has a positive impact on your body and also on your morale (PAGE 9),
  • How to reconcile hunger and maintaining leanness (PAGE 10),
  • If you too have a body “programmed” to easily gain weight, here is how to get around the problem permanently (PAGE 11),
  • The ideal food pyramid, with foods to consume without moderation and those that must absolutely be avoided (PAGE 20)
  • The 8 foods to eat without moderation – These foods make up ¾ of the Okinawa island diet (PAGE 20)
  • The 10 foods to consume moderately – Be careful, these are not the same as in the Western food pyramid! (PAGE 20)
  • This food may be new to you – It's healthy, delicious, and you can use it in many preparations without gaining a single gram (PAGE 22)
  • Taking a few capsules of (PAGE 22) every day will provide you with protein, iron and multiple vitamins and trace elements – the benefits for your health are countless!
  • Lovers of new flavors, try this (PAGE 23) – It's low in calories, it calms hunger, and has undeniable nutritional qualities. In addition, it reduces the risk of cancer!

So of course you have the right to be skeptical but honestly... what do you risk trying? Absolutely nothing! You will indeed be able to discover this method in a few seconds, study it and experiment with it at your ease.

You will receive the book in PDF, ePub version for immediate download.

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