How to publish a paper book - paper
How to publish a paper book - paper

How to publish a paper book - paper

Cyril Godefroy

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Prepare your book and distribute it (on Amazon and elsewhere)

Self-publishing or self-publishing is great! Today, you can prepare, print and sell your books directly in an economically viable way and without leaving your pants, and why not make it a full-time activity.

But if you can publish yourself, with that great power comes a great responsibility: to create a book that is perfect in form as well as substance for your readers. And there, it's much less fun than telling stories: you have to have your book spelled and formatted, prepare the cover, and above all, above all, find outlets for this book.

No need to become a pro in layout and DTP software, or spend days in a print shop, however. This book puts you on your feet to take the essential steps and do what might otherwise be painful with ease. We even go back to the roots of the technique so that you know the origin of all these bizarre rules that make paper books special.

In this book, which complements his other books on self-publishing and digital books, Cyril Godefroy explains absolutely everything about printing on demand, from creating your print files to receiving your author copies, and on the different distribution and sales solutions that will allow you to deliver your books to your readers.