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How to Create Bestselling Novel Characters - Paper

How to Create Bestselling Novel Characters - Paper

de Fred Godfrey

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The third book on mastering the craft of novel writing by Fred Godefroy after How to Write Bestselling Novels and How to Come up with Ideas for Bestselling Novels, How to Create Bestselling Novel Characters will put you in the shoes of your characters and in their minds.

After that, they will be the ones who will move your story forward, even if you sometimes manage to take over the reins. But with the techniques and tools that you will discover in this book, you will give flesh to your novels.
Protagonist, antagonist, adversaries, allies, false allies and false adversaries, narrative arc, guardian of the threshold, messenger, mentor: all the knowledge about the different conceptual models of the characters is developed in this practical book filled with exercises and practical sheets to use.

Learn how to create character sheets, develop their personality, give them a voice and characterize them, learn how to avoid the pitfalls of character creation.

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