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How to have a spelling that leads to success - ebook

How to have a spelling that leads to success - ebook

de Professor Robert Tocquet

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With this precise and effective guide, you will no longer have any doubts. You will be able to get to work in the most professional way possible, easily and without wasting time.

  • Do you find the “quirks” of the French language very annoying? – Right from the introduction, you'll start to love them!
  • There are words we are always in doubt about – With this detailed list, you will never be wrong again
  • This is one of the biggest difficulties of French – but from now on, it won't be a problem for you!
  • Incredible: These tips aren't in most textbooks – Get a head start
  • Here are simple and easy to remember rules to answer all your doubts and questions
  • The most common conjugation mistakes – And how to avoid repeating them
  • A short and fun test to find out your spelling level – And progress more efficiently
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